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Entorrhizomycetes Scientific classification Kingdom: Fungi Subkingdom: Dikarya Phylum: Basidiomycota Subphylum: Ustilaginomycotina Class: Entorrhizomycetes Begerow, Stoll & R. Bauer[1] Order: Entorrhizales R. Bauer & Oberw.[2] Family: Entorhizaceae R. Bauer & Oberw. Genera Entorrhiza Talbotiomyces The Entorrhizomycetes are a class of fungi in the Basidiomycota phylum. It contains the single order Entorrhizales, which in turn contains the single family Entorhizaceae, a small group of teliosporic root parasites that form galls on plants in the Juncaceae (rush) and Cyperaceae (sedge) families. References ^ Begerow D, Stoll M, Bauer R. (2006). "A phylogenetic hypothesis of Ustilaginomycotina based on multiple gene analyses and morphological data". Mycologia 98 (6): 906–16. doi:10.3852/mycologia.98.6.906. PMID 17486967.  ^ Bauer R, Oberwinkler F, Vanky K. (1997). "Ultrastructural markers and systematics in smut fungi and allied taxa". Canadian Journal of Botany 75 (8): 1273–314. doi:10.1139/b97-842.  This Ustilaginomycotina-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e