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This article is part of the series: Islam Beliefs Oneness of God Prophets · Revealed books Angels · Predestination Day of Resurrection Practices Profession of faith · Prayer Fasting · Charity · Pilgrimage Texts & laws Quran · Sunnah · Hadith Fiqh · Sharia · Kalam Sufism History & leaders Timeline · Muhammad Ahl al-Bayt · Sahaba Sunni · Shia · Others Rashidun · Imamate Caliphate · Spread of Islam Culture & society Academics · Animals · Art Calendar · Children Dawah · Demographics Festivals · Mosques Philosophy · Politics Science · Women See also Other religions · Glossary Islam portal This box: view · talk · edit Job is considered a prophet in Islam and is mentioned in the Qur'an as having been a devoted follower of God.[1] Although the Qur'an mentions Job's narrative, it does so in a concise manner. Job's narrative and character was greatly embellished upon in Islamic literature, as well as in the various collections of Stories of the Prophets. Ancestry Job's lineage was an important field of study for many of the early Islamic scholars. A prevalent belief among early commentators was that Job descended from the line of Esau, the son of Isaac. Although the various commentators gave different genealogies relating to Job, all of them traced his ancestry to Abraham through Isaac's son Esau.[2] Those scholars who traced Job's lineage back to Abraham did so by using the following Qur'anic verse as the basis for their view: "That was the reasoning about Us which We gave to Abraham (to use) against his people. We raise whom We will degree after degree, for thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge. We gave him [Abraham] Isaac and Jacob, all (three) We guided; and before him We guided Noah and among his progeny David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron. Thus do We reward those who do good."[3] Job's character This section requires expansion. Islamic theological study greatly embellished upon the nature of Job's character, which, according to the Qur'an was one of pure faith and righteousness. References ^ Qurán XXXVIII: 41-43 ^ Ibn Kathir states in Stories of the Prophets: "Ibn Ishaaq stated that he was a man of Rum. His name was Job, son of Mose, son of Razeh, son of Esau, son of Isaac, son of Abraham." ^ Qur'an VI: 83-84