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Axe Lake Swamp State Nature Preserve is a 458-acre (1.9 km2) nature reserve located near Barlow, Kentucky in Ballard County in an area known locally as "the Barlow bottoms", a wetland created by periodic flooding along the mouth of the Ohio River. Originally, Axe Lake consisted of 146 acres (0.6 km2) of the main lake and about 120 lots on the dryer portions of the property. These lots, the gate and an access road were maintained by a member/share-holder organization which agreed to the lake's dedication as a nature reserve on February 20, 1991. An additional 312 acres (1.3 km2) was dedicated on December 11, 2001.[citation needed] The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission with assistance from The Nature Conservancy have identified Axe Lake as the centerpiece of an expanded long-term project to protect 3,000 acres (12 km²) of Bald cypress/tupelo swamp lands which is to be called the Axe Lake Swamp wetlands complex. This protected area is known to support at least eight rare plant and animal species. The site has been recognized as a priority wetland in the North American Waterfowl Management Plan.[1] Wildlife Wetlands species of interest: Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) Great blue heron (Ardea herodias) Great egret (Casmerodius albus) Wood duck (Aix sponsa) References ^ <Axe Lake Swamp State Nature Preserve web site URL accessed on 20 August 2006. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2008) v • d • e Protected Areas of Kentucky Federal National Parks Mammoth Cave National Park National Historic Parks & Sites Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site • Cumberland Gap National Historical Park • Fort Donelson National Battlefield National Forests Daniel Boone • Jefferson National Wildlife Refuges Clarks River • Ohio River Islands • Reelfoot National Recreation Areas Big South Fork • Land Between the Lakes State State Resort Parks Barren River Lake • Benham-Lynch • Buckhorn Lake • Carter Caves • Cumberland Falls • General Butler • Grayson Lake • Green River Lake • Greenbo Lake • Jenny Wiley • Kenlake • Kentucky Dam Village • Lake Barkley • Lake Cumberland • Natural Bridge • Pennyrile Forest • Pine Mountain • Rough River Dam State Historic Sites Boone Station • Constitution Square • Dr. Thomas Walker • Isaac Shelby Cemetery • Jefferson Davis • Old Mulkey Meetinghouse • Perryville Battlefield • Waveland • White Hall • Wickliffe Mounds • William Whitley House State Recreation Parks Blue Licks Battlefield • Big Bone Lick • Carr Creek • Columbus-Belmont • Dale Hollow Lake • E. P. "Tom" Sawyer • Fishtrap Lake • Fort Boonesborough • General Burnside • John James Audubon • Kincaid Lake • Kingdom Come • Lake Malone • Levi Jackson Wilderness Road • Lincoln Homestead • Mineral Mound • My Old Kentucky Home • Nolin Lake • Old Fort Harrod • Paintsville Lake • Pine Mountain Trail • Taylorsville Lake • Yatesville Lake State Forests Dewey Lake • Kentenia • Kentucky Ridge • Knobs • Olympia • Pennyrile • Tygarts State Nature Preserves Axe Lake Swamp • Bad Branch Falls • Brigadoon • Bat Cave and Cascade Caverns• Beargrass Creek • Blackacre • Blue Licks • Jesse Stuart • Natural Bridge • Six Mile Island • Tom Dorman Other Breaks Interstate Park • Kentucky Horse Park Kentucky Department of Parks (web)