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Scouting and Guiding in the United Kingdom is served by several different organisations: The Scout Association, member of World Organization of the Scout Movement Girlguiding UK, member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Trefoil Guild, corporate member of Girlguiding UK[1] and member of International Scout and Guide Fellowship Baden-Powell Scouts' Association, member of World Federation of Independent Scouts Pathfinder Scouts Association and Rover Explorer Scouts Association European Scout Federation (British Association), member of Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme The British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Association, (BBS & BGS) member of Order of World Scouts Plast-Ukrainian Scouting in Great Britain Boys' Brigade Girls' Brigade Royal Rangers in The United Kingdom Pathfinders, a youth organisation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, member of Pathfinders International[2][3] British Camp Fire Girls' Association Adult Scout Alliance ,which includes B-P Scout Guild Scotland and Baden-Powell Guild of Great Britain , member of International Scout and Guide Fellowship Student Scout and Guide Organisation Scout and Guide Graduate Association Independent British Scout organisations usually follow more traditional Scouting methods practiced by Baden-Powell. Examples include the Baden-Powell Scouts[4] (formed in 1970), Pathfinder Scouts Association (formed in 2003) and the Rover Explorer Scouts Association, which uses Scouting based on Christian values.[5] Other Scout organisations in the United Kingdom include independent branches of the Polish Scout Association, the Hungarian Scout Association[5], the Lithuanian Scouts Association[6] and a chapter of Homenetmen in London[7]. The roots of these emigré organisations are the Second World War and the Cold War when refugees fled their countries and international communities in the UK wishing to maintain their home culture of Scouting rather than following the British Scouting Programme. See also Scouting portal Scouting in displaced persons camps Notes ^ "History". Trefoil Guild. Archived from the original on 2008-05-13. Retrieved 2008-10-24.  ^ "SEC Pathfinders". SEC Pathfinders.  ^ "BUC Camporee 2008". BUC.  ^ "Independent Scouts in the United Kingdom". Scout History Association. Retrieved 2007-08-18.  ^ a b "Non-aligned Scouting Associations". Adventure! Troop 97. Retrieved 2007-08-19.  ^ "Lietuviu Skautu Sajunga-Europa Gelezinio Vilko Draugove Pietu Anglia". Lithuanian Scouts Association. Retrieved 2008-10-24.  ^ "Welcome to Homenetmen London". Homenetmen's London chapter. Retrieved 2008-10-24.  v • d • e Scouting and Guiding in Europe Sovereign states Albania · Andorra · Armenia1 · Austria · Azerbaijan2 · Belarus · Belgium · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Bulgaria · Croatia · Cyprus1 · Czech Republic · Denmark · Estonia · Finland · France · Georgia2 · Germany · Greece · Hungary · Iceland · Ireland · Italy · Kazakhstan3 · Latvia · Liechtenstein · Lithuania · Luxembourg · Republic of Macedonia · Malta · Moldova · Monaco · Montenegro · Netherlands · Norway · Poland · Portugal · Romania · Russia3 · San Marino · Serbia · Slovakia · Slovenia · Spain · Sweden · Switzerland · Turkey3 · Ukraine · United Kingdom  · Vatican City Dependencies and other territories Abkhazia 2 · Adjara1 · Adygea · Akrotiri and Dhekelia · Åland · Azores · Bashkortostan · Catalonia · Chechnya · Chuvashia · Crimea · Dagestan · Faroe Islands · Gagauzia · Gibraltar · Guernsey · Ingushetia · Jan Mayen · Jersey · Kabardino-Balkaria · Kalmykia · Karachay-Cherkessia · Republic of Karelia · Komi Republic · Kosovo · Madeira · Isle of Man · Mari El · Mordovia · Nagorno-Karabakh1 · Nakhchivan1 · North Ossetia-Alania · Northern Cyprus1 · South Ossetia 2 · Svalbard · Tatarstan · Transnistria · Udmurtia · Vojvodina Italics indicates an unrecognised or partially recognised country.  1 Entirely in Asia, but historically considered European.  2 Partially or entirely in Asia, depending on the border definitions.  3 Has the majority of its territory in Asia This United Kingdom-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e This Scouting or Guiding article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e