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Ships of the United States Navy A–B • C • D–F • G–H I–K • L • M • N–O • P Q–R • S • T–V • W–Z Aircraft carriers Airships Amphibious warfare ships Auxiliaries Battleships Cruisers Destroyers Destroyer escorts Escort carriers Frigates Mine warfare vessels Monitors Patrol vessels Sailing frigates Steam frigates Steam gunboats Ships of the line Sloops of war Submarines Torpedo boats This section of the list of United States Navy ships contains all ships of the United States Navy with names beginning with R. For a list exclusively of currently commissioned ships, see the list of US Navy ships currently in commission. For ships with unique names, "USS Shipname" redirects to the ship article. For reused names, "USS Shipname" is an index page for the ships of that name; the links after the name lead to the specific ship pages. Contents 1 Q 2 R 2.1 Ra 2.2 Re 2.3 Rh–Ri 2.4 Roa–Roe 2.5 Rog–Roy 2.6 Ru–Ry 3 External links Q USS Quail (AM-15, AM-377) USS Quaker City (1854) USS Quapaw (AT-110) USS Quartz (IX-150) USS Quastinet (AOG-39) USS Queen (1863) USS Queen Charlotte (1813) USS Queen City (1863) USS Queen of France (1777) USS Queen of the West (1854) USS Queenfish (SS-393, SSN-651) USS Queens (APA-103) USS Quest (SP-171, AM-281) USS Quevilly (1918) USS Qui Vive (SP-1004) USS Quick (DD-490) USS Quicksilver (SP-281) USS Quileute (YTB-540) USS Quillback (SS-424) USS Quincy (AK-10, CA-39, CA-71) USS Quinnapin (YT-286) USS Quinnebaug (1866, 1875, SP-1687, SP-2478, AOG-71) USS Quinsigamond (1864) USS Quirinus (ARL-39) USS Quiros (PG-40, IX-140) USS Quonset (YFB-40) R USS R-1 (SS-78) USS R-2 (SS-79) USS R-3 (SS-80) USS R-4 (SS-81) USS R-5 (SS-82) USS R-6 (SS-83) USS R-7 (SS-84) USS R-8 (SS-85) USS R-9 (SS-86) USS R-10 (SS-87) USS R-11 (SS-88) USS R-12 (SS-89) USS R-13 (SS-90) USS R-14 (SS-91) USS R-15 (SS-92) USS R-16 (SS-93) USS R-17 (SS-94) USS R-18 (SS-95) USS R-19 (SS-96) USS R-20 (SS-97) USS R-21 (SS-98) USS R-22 (SS-99) USS R-23 (SS-100) USS R-24 (SS-101) USS R-25 (SS-102) USS R-26 (SS-103) USS R-27 (SS-104) USS R. B. Forbes (1845) USS R. E. & A. H. Watson (1859) USS R. E. Lee (1863) USS R. R. Cuyler (1860) USS R. W. Wilmot (SP-604) Ra USS Raazoo (SP-508) USS Rabaul (CVE-121) USS Raboco (SP-310) USS Raby (DE-698) USS Raccoon (SP-506, IX-127) USS Raccoon River (LSM(R)-520) USS Racehorse (1775) USS Racer (1861, IX-100) USS Rachel Seaman (1861) USS Racine (PF-100, LST-1191) USS Radcliffe (T-AG-188) USS Radford (DD-120, DD-446) USS Radiant (ID-1324, AMc-99) USS Radnor (ID-3023) USS Raeo (SP-588) USS Rail (AM-26, AMCU-37) USS Rainbow (AS-7) USS Rainier (1917, AE-5, T-AOE-7) USS Rainy River (LSM(R)-521) USS Raleigh (1776, C-8, CL-7, LPD-1) USS Rall (DE-304) USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390) USS Ramage (DDG-61) USS Ramapo (AO-12) USS Rambler (SP-211) USS Ramona (IX-76) USS Rampart (AM-282) USS Ramsay (DD-124) USS Ramsden (DE-382) USS Ramsey (FFG-2) USS Randall (APA-224) USS Randolph (1776, CV-15) USS Randwijk (ID-2546) USS Range Recoverer (T-AG-161) USS Range Sentinel (AGM-22) USS Range Tracker (T-AGM-1) USS Ranger (1777, 1814, 1814, 1876, SP-237, SP-369, CC-4, CV-4, CVA-61) USS Rankin (LKA-103) USS Ransom (AM-283) USS Ransom B. Fuller (1902) USS Rapidan (AO-18) USS Rapido (1891) USS Rappahannock (AF-6, AOG-2, T-AO-204) USS Raritan (1843, WYT-93, LSM-540) USS Rasher (SS-269) USS Rathburne (DD-113, FF-1057) USS Raton (AGSS-270) USS Rattler (1862) USS Rattlesnake (1813) USS Raven (1813, AM-49, AM-55, MHC-61) USS Raven III (SP-103) USS Rawlins (APA-226) USS Ray (SS-271, SSN-653) USS Ray K. Edwards (DE-237/APD-96) USS Raymon W. Herndon (DE-688/APD-121) USS Raymond (ID-2057, DE-341) USS Raymond J. Anderton (SP-530) USS Razorback (SS-394) Re USS Reading (PF-66) USS Ready (PG-67, PG-87) USS Reaper (AMc-96, MSO-467) USS Reasoner (FF-1063) USS Rebecca Sims (1801) USS Rebel (AM-284) USS Reclaimer (ARS-42) USS Recovery (ARS-43) USS Recruit (AM-285, TDE-1) USNS Red Cloud (T-AKR-313) USS Red Oak Victory (AK-235) USS Red River (LFR-522) USS Red Rover (1859) USS Redbud (WLB-398/AKL-398/T-AKL-398) USS Redfin (SS-272) USS Redfish (SS-395, SSN-680) USS Redhead (AMS-34, AM-409) USS Redmil (DE-89) USS Rednour (DE-592/APD-102) USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) USS Redstart (AM-378) USS Redstone (T-AO-114) USS Redwing (AM-48, AMS-200, YTB-783) USS Redwood (AN-30) USS Reedbird (AMc-30, YMS-291) USS Reefer (1846) USS Reeves (DE-156/APD-52, CG-24) USS Reform (AM-286) USS Refresh (AM-287) USS Refuge (AH-11) USS Regis II (SP-1083) USS Register (DE-308, DE-233/APD-92) USS Regulus (AF-57, T-AKR-292) USS Rehoboth (SP-384, AVP-50) USS Reid (DD-21, DD-292, DD-369, FFG-30) USS Reign (AM-288) USS Reina Mercedes (IX-25) USS Reindeer (1863, YT-115, ATA-189) USS Release (1855) USS Relentless (T-AGOS-18) USS Reliable (SP-352, AMc-100) USS Reliance (1860, WSC-150) USS Relief (1836, 1896, YP-2, SP-2170, 1904, AH-1) USS Remey (DD-688) USS Remlik (SP-157) USS Remora (SS-487) USS Remus (ARL-40) USS Renate (AKA-36, AKL-42) USS Rendova (CVE-114) USS Reno (DD-303, CL-96) USS Renshaw (1862, DD-176, DD-499) USS Rentz (FFG-46) USS Renville (APA-227) USS Report (AM-289) USS Repose (AH-16) USS Reposo II (SP-198) USS Reprisal (1776, CV-30, CV-35) USS Reproof (AM-290) USS Republic (AP-33) USS Republican River (LSM(R)-523) USS Repulse (1775) USS Requin (SS-481) USS Requisite (AM-109) USS Resaca (1865) USS Rescue (1850, 1861, SP-3209, AH-18) USS Rescuer (ARS-18) USS Resistance (1776) USS Resolute (1860, 1894, SP-1309, SP-3218, SP-3003, YT-458, JHSV-5) USS Restless (1861, 1887, PG-66) USS Restorer (ARS-17) USS Retaliation (1778, 1798) USS Retort (PYc-49) USS Retriever (ARS-44) USS Reuben James (DD-245, DE-153, FFG-57) USS Revenge (1776, 1777, 1806, 1813, 1822, AM-110) USS Rexburg (PCER-855) USS Reybold (DE-275, DE-177) USS Reyner and Son (SP-869) USS Reynolds (DE-42, DE-91) Rh–Ri USS Rhea (AMc-58, AMS-52) USS Rhebal (SP-1195) USS Rhind (DD-404) USS Rhode Island (1861, BB-17, SSBN-740) USS Rhodes (DE-384) USS Rhododendron (WAGL-267) USS Rhodolite (PYc-19) USS Rice County (LST-1089) USS Rich (DE-695, DD-820) USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786) USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) USS Richard Bulkeley (1917) USS Richard Caswell (1900) USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23, T-AKE-4) USS Richard E. Kraus (DD-849) USS Richard G. Matthiesen (T-AOT-1124) USS Richard L. Page (FFG-5) USS Richard M. Rowell (DE-403) USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664) USS Richard Peck (IX-96) USS Richard Rush (1874) USS Richard S. Bull (DE-402) USS Richard S. Edwards (DD-950) USS Richard Vaux (1864) USS Richard W. Suesens (DE-342) USS Richey (DE-385) USS Richfield (T-AK-253) USS Richland (AK-207, AFDM-8) USS Richmond (1798, 1860, CL-9) USS Richmond K. Turner (CG-20) USS Ricketts (DE-254) USS Rickwood (SP-597) USS Riddle (DE-185) USS Ridgway (PC-1193) USS Riette (SP-107) USS Rigel (AD-13, AF-58) USS Right (AM-110) USS Rijndam (ID-2505) USS Rijnland (ID-2718) USS Riley (DE-579) USS Rin Tin Tin (1883) USS Rincon (AOG-77) USS Rinehart (DE-196) USS Ringgold (DD-89, DD-500) USS Ringness (DE-590/APD-100/LPR-100) USS Rio Bravo (1875) USS Rio de la Plata (AVG-30) USS Rio Grande (AOG-3) USS Ripley (PC-808) USS Ripple (ID-2439) USS Risk (AM-291) USS Rival (AM-292, MSO-468) USS Rivalen (SP-63) USS Rivera (YFB-685) USS Riverhead (PC-567) USS Riverside (1890, APA-102) USS Rixey (APH-3) USS Rizal (DD-174) USS Rizzi (DE-537) Roa–Roe USS Road Runner (AMc-35) USS Roamer (SP-1047, AF-19) USS Roanoke (1814, 1855, ID-1695, PG-201/PF-93, CL-114, CL-145, T-AO-155, AOR-7) USS Roark (FF-1053) USS Robalo (SS-273) USS Robert A. Owens (DD-827) USS Robert Brazier (DE-345) USS Robert Center (YX-17) USS Robert D. Conrad (T-AGOR-3) USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) USS Robert E. Peary (DE-132, FF-1073, T-AKE-5) USS Robert F. Keller (DE-419) USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG-49) USS Robert H. McCard (DD-822) USS Robert H. McCurdy (ID-3157) USS Robert H. Smith (DM-23) USS Robert I. Paine (DE-578) USS Robert K. Huntington (DD-781) USS Robert L. Barnes (AO-14) USS Robert L. Wilson (DD-847) USS Robert M. Thompson (ID-3319) USS Robert Smith (DD-324) USS Roberts (DE-749) USS Robin (temporary name for HMS Victorious in 1943, MHC-54, AMS-53, AM-3) USS Robin Hood (1861) USS Robinson (DD-88, DD-562) USS Robison (DDG-12) USS Rochambeau (AP-63) USS Roche (DE-197) USS Rochester (CA-2, CA-73, CA-124) USS Rock (SS-274) USS Rockaway (AVP-29) USS Rockbridge (APA-228) USS Rockdale (AK-208) USS Rocket (1862, YT-22, AMc-101) USS Rockford (PF-48) USS Rockingham (LPA-229) USS Rockport (1876, SP-738) USS Rockville (PCER-851) USS Rockwall (APA-230) USS Rocky Mount (AGC-3) USS Rod (SP-3114) USS Rodgers (1879, TB-4, DD-254) USS Rodman (DD-456) USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) USS Rodolph (1863) USS Roe (DD-24, DD-418) USS Roebuck (1856) USS Roepat (ID-2536) Rog–Roy USS Rogday (ID-3583) RV Roger Revelle (AGOR-24) (Operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography) USS Rogers (DD-876) USS Rogers Blood (DE-605/APD-115) USS Roi (CVE-103) USS Rolette (AKA-99) USS Rolf (DE-362) USS Rolla (PC-483) USS Roller (AMc-52) USS Rolling Wave (1860s) USS Rollins (T-AG-189) USS Romain (IX-89) USS Roman (1835) USS Rombach (DE-364) USS Romeo (1862) USS Rommel (DDG-30) USS Romulus (ARL-22) USS Ronaki (IX-94) USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) USS Roncador (AGSS-301) USS Rondo (SP-90, ID-2488) USS Rondout (ID-3200) USS Ronquil (SS-396) USS Rooks (DD-804) USS Roosevelt (1905, DDG-80) USS Roper (DD-147/APD-20) USS Roque (AG-137) USS Rosa (SP-757) USS Rosal (YFB-681) USS Rosalie (1863) USS Rose (1863, 1916) USS Rose Knot (T-AGM-14) USS Rose Mary (SP-1216) USS Rosedale (SP-3079) USS Roselle (SP-350, MSF-379) USS Rosewood (YN-26) USS Ross (DD-563, DDG-71) USS Rotanin (AK-108) USS Rotary (YO-148) USS Roustabout (YO-53) USS Rowan (TB-8, DD-64, DD-405, DD-782) USS Rowe (DD-564) USS Roxane (AKA-37) USS Roy O. Hale (DER-336) USS Royal (AMc-102) USS Royal Palm (AN-50) USS Royal Savage (1775) USS Royone (IX-235) USS Royston (YFB-44) Ru–Ry USS Ruby (PY-21) USS Ruchamkin (DE-228/APD-89/LPR-89) USS Rudderow (DE-224) USS Ruddy (AM-380) USS Rudolph Blumberg (ID-3008) USS Rudyerd Bay (CVE-81) USS Ruff (AMc-59, AMS-54) USS Runels (DE-793/APD-85) USS Runner (SS-275, SS-476) USS Rupertus (DD-851) USS Rush (SP-712, WSC-151) USS Rushmore (LSD-14, LSD-47) USS Rushville (PCS-1380) USS Russ (SP-1151) USS Russell (DD-414, DDG-59) USS Russell County (LST-1090) USS Russell M. Cox (DE-774) USS Rutilicus (AK-113) USS Rutland (APA-192) USS Rutoma (SP-78) USS Ryer (AG-138) External links List of homeports and their ships Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships Naval Vessel Register v · d · e United States Navy Portal: United States Navy  · Category:United States Navy Leadership Secretary of the Navy · Under Secretary of the Navy · Chief of Naval Operations · Vice Chief of Naval Operations · Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy · 4-star admirals · House Subcommittee on Seapower and Expeditionary Forces · Senate Subcommittee on Seapower Structure Navy · Navy Reserve · Fleet Marine Force · Expeditionary Combat Command · Merchant Marine Major commands Fleet Forces Command · Naval Forces Europe · Pacific Fleet · Naval Forces Central Command · Naval Forces Southern Command · Military Sealift Command · Naval Special Warfare Command Numbered fleets Second Fleet · Third Fleet · Fourth Fleet · Fifth Fleet · Sixth Fleet · Seventh Fleet · Tenth Fleet Structure The Pentagon · Units · Aircraft wings · Aircraft squadrons · Installations · Naval Observatory Ships A–B · C · D–F · G–H · I–K · L · M · N–O · P · Q–R · S · T–V · W–Z Aircraft carriers · Airships · Amphibious warfare ships · Auxiliaries · Battleships · Cruisers · Destroyers · Destroyer escorts · Escort carriers · Frigates · Mine warfare vessels · Monitors · Patrol vessels · Sailing frigates · Steam frigates · Steam gunboats · Ships of the line · Sloops of war · Submarines · Torpedo boats Personnel and training People · Officers: Officer insignia / Designators · Enlisted: Enlisted insignia / Ratings / Classification Personnel: Chaplain Corps (Chief of Chaplains)  · United States Navy EOD · Medical Corps · Dental Corps · Nurse Corps · Medical Service Corps · Supply Corps · Civil Engineer Corps · JAG Corps (JAG) · NCIS · Hospital Corpsman · Naval Aviator · SEALs · Seabees · SWCCs · Hispanic sailors Training: Recruit training · United States Naval Academy · Officer Candidate School · STA-21 · NROTC · BESS · BFTT · CNATT · COMPTUEX · NAWCTSD · Naval Chaplaincy School · Naval Hospital Corps School · Naval Justice School · Naval Postgraduate School · Navy School of Music · Navy Senior Enlisted Academy · Navy Supply Corps School · Naval War College · Nuclear Power School · JMTC · TOPGUN · USNTPS · Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Equipment Uniforms · Awards · Badges · Current fleet · Reserve fleet · Aircraft · Weapons · Naval reactors History and traditions History · "Anchors Aweigh" · Blue Angels · Continental Navy · Ensign · Fleet bands · Fleet Week · Jack · Line-crossing ceremony · National Museum · Navy Band · Navy Flag · Navy Hymn · Navy Memorial · Navy service numbers · Sailor's Creed · Ship commissioning · Ship decommissioning · USS Constitution  · Wetting-down