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"Dla R. (Nieważne dziś jest)" Single by Virgin from the album Ficca Released October 24, 2005 (Poland) Format CD Recorded 2005 Genre Rock/Pop Label Universal Music (Poland) Virgin singles chronology "Dla R. (Nieważne dziś jest)" (2005) "Inni Przyjaciele" (2005) "Dla R. (Nieważne dziś jest)" (English: For R. (Today is unimportant)) is the sixth single released from Virgin third album, Ficca. v · d · eDoda Discography · Awards Albums Diamond Bitch · The Seven Temptations/"Siedem Pokus Głównych" Singles "Katharsis"  · "To jest to"  · "Nie Daj Się"  · "Rany"  · "Dziękuję"  · "Bad Girls"  · "Fuck It (feat. Fokus)" Tours "Diamond Tour"  · "Rock'n'Roll Palace Tour"  · "The Seven Temptations Tour" Related articles Virgin (band) This 2000s pop single-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e