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Or אור Leader Yaron Yadan Founded July 2008 Headquarters - Ideology Centrism, Secularism International affiliation - Election symbol אר Website Politics of Israel Political parties Elections Or (Hebrew: אור‎, lit. Light) is a political party in Israel. It describes itself as centrist and advocating the principles of humanism, freedom and equality. The primary ideology of the party focuses on the separation of religion and state. Contents 1 Platform 2 Leaders of Or 3 References 4 External links Platform Separation between state and religious institutions Implantation within the Basic Laws both the freedom of religion and freedom from religion. The Book of Laws should not include religious law, except that which facilitates the freedom of belief. Empowerment of individual freedom. Establishing a basic core curriculum for all schools (including Ultra-orthodox Jewish schools). Strengthening higher education. Equal rights and obligations between different sectors of Israeli society, including the conscription to the IDF. Supporting a free economy. Changing the structure of child allowances, to reduce the dependence of families on public money. Formulation of a constitution based the French constitution model. Leaders of Or Yaron Yadan (2008–present) References External links Official website (Hebrew) Or (political party) on Facebook[dead link] v · d · eParliamentary political parties in Israel Kadima • Likud • Yisrael Beiteinu • Shas • Labor • Independence • United Torah Judaism (Agudat Yisrael, Degel HaTorah) • United Arab List-Ta'al • National Union (Eretz Yisrael Shelanu • Moledet • Hatikva • Tkuma) • Hadash (Maki) • New Movement-Meretz • The Jewish Home • Balad • Whole Nation Portal:Politics • List of political parties • Politics of Israel