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Doctor Who book Short Trips: Dalek Empire Series Big Finish Short Trips Release number 19 Writer Nicholas Briggs with Simon Guerrier Publisher Big Finish Productions ISBN ISBN 1-84435-150-5 Release date December 2006 Preceded by Short Trips: Time Signature Followed by Short Trips: Destination Prague Short Trips: Dalek Empire is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Nicholas Briggs with Simon Guerrier and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection explores characters and events from the Dalek Empire audio series. As with all Doctor Who spin-off media, its relationship to the televised serials is open to interpretation. Stories Title Author Doctor Featuring Kalendorf Nicholas Briggs Kalendorf Natalie's Diary: Part One Joseph Lidster 7th Ace, Hex Alby Sharon Gosling Alby Brooks Private Investigations Ian Farrington 7th Natalie's Diary: Part Two Joseph Lidster Ace, Hex Suz Sharon Gosling Susan Mendes The Best Joke I Ever Told Simon Guerrier 6th Mel Natalie's Diary: Part Three Joseph Lidster Hex Hide and Seek Ian Farrington 3rd Jo The Eighth Wonder of the World Simon Guerrier 6th Evelyn Mutually Assured Survival Justin Richards Natalie's Diary: Part Four Joseph Lidster Hex Museum Peace James Swallow 8th Kalendorf Return of the Daleks (Script) Nicholas Briggs 7th Suz, Kalendorf Why Are Daleks Supreme? Nicholas Briggs Notes External links Big Finish Productions - Short Trips: Dalek Empire Short Trips: Dalek Empire at the Doctor Who Reference Guide v • d • e Novels and novelisations featuring Daleks First Doctor Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks (Frederick Muller, 1964) • The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Target, 1977) • The Chase (Target, 1989) • Mission to the Unknown (Target, 1989) • The Mutation of Time (Target, 1989) Second Doctor The Power of the Daleks (Target, 1993) • Evil of the Daleks (Target, 1993) Third Doctor Day of the Daleks (Target, 1974) • Doctor Who and the Space War (Target, 1976) • Planet of the Daleks (Target, 1976) • Death to the Daleks (Target, 1978) Fourth Doctor Genesis of the Daleks (Target, 1976) • Destiny of the Daleks (Target, 1979) Fifth Doctor Resurrection of the Daleks (TSV Books, 2000) Sixth Doctor Revelation of the Daleks (TSV Books, 1992) Seventh Doctor Remembrance of the Daleks (Target, 1990) Eighth Doctor War of the Daleks (BBC Books, 1997) • Legacy of the Daleks (BBC Books, 1998) Tenth Doctor I am a Dalek (BBC Books, 2006) • Prisoner of the Daleks (BBC Books, 2009) Unspecified Doctor The Dalek Factor (Telos, 2004) Collections Short Trips: Dalek Empire (Big Finish, 2006) This Doctor Who-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e