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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2008) Siu yuk Sliced Roasted Pig Chinese 燒肉 Cantonese Jyutping siu1 yuk6 Hanyu Pinyin shāo ròu Literal meaning roasted meat Transcriptions Mandarin - Hanyu Pinyin shāo ròu Cantonese - Jyutping siu1 yuk6 Roasted pig is a variety of siu mei, or roasted meat dishes, within Cantonese cuisine. It is made by roasting an entire pig with seasoning in a charcoal furnace at high temperature. Roasted pigs of high quality have crisp skin and juicy and tender meat. Usually the meat is served plain, but it is sometimes served with soy sauce or hoisin sauce. Contents 1 Terminology 2 Regional 2.1 Southern China 2.2 Overseas Chinatowns 3 See also Terminology When individual pieces are served, it is known as "roasted pork" or "roasted meat" (Chinese: 燒肉). When the entire pig is served, the dish is known as "roasted pig" (Chinese: 燒豬, roasted pig). In most cases it is referred to by the former term, since it is always consumed in small quantities. Regional Southern China Another dish of roasted pork The style of cooking is nearly identical between the different parts of mainland China and Hong Kong. Sometimes the entire pig is purchased for the sake of special family affairs, business openings, or as a ritualistic spiritual offering. For example, in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, one tradition is to offer one or several whole roast pigs to the Jade Emperor to celebrate a film's opening with a roast pig; the pig is sacrificed to ward off evils in return to pray for the film's success. One garnish used to make the dish look more appealing is topping the roast pig with circular slices of pineapple and cherries for eyes. The roast pig is often presented in red wrapping paper and a red box for luck. Overseas Chinatowns Within overseas Chinatowns, the cooking style is identical to that found in Southern China.[citation needed] See also Suckling pig Siu mei Char siu v · d · eCantonese cuisine Main dishes Bao yu • Beef chow fun • Bird's nest soup • Buddha's delight • Cantonese seafood soup • Chinese steamed eggs • Congee • Crispy fried chicken • Dragon tiger phoenix • Hot pot • Seafood birdsnest • Shark fin soup • Snake bite chicken • Soy sauce chicken • Subgum • Sweet and sour pork • White boiled shrimp • White cut chicken • Wonton noodle • Yeung Chow fried rice Dim sum / Yum cha Almond jelly • Cha siu baau • Chicken feet • Coconut bar • Egg tart • Har gow • Jau gok • Jiaozi • Jin deui • Lo mai gai • Mango pudding • Nian gao • Nuomici • Ox-tongue pastry • Rice noodle roll • Shaomai • Spring roll • Steamed meatball • Swiss Wing • Taro cake • Taro dumpling • Tendon (meal) • Tofu skin roll • Turnip cake • Water chestnut cake • You tiao • Zhaliang Siu laap Char siu • Chinese sausage • Lou mei • Orange cuttlefish • Roast goose • Siu mei • Siu yuk Desserts / Pastry Almond biscuit • Beef bun • Biscuit roll • Cocktail bun • Cream bun • Curry beef triangle • Deuk Deuk Tong • Douhua • Eggette • Ginger milk curd • Ham and egg bun • Mooncake • Paper wrapped cake • Peanut butter bun • Pineapple bun • Red bean soup • Sausage bun • Tong sui • White sugar sponge cake Condiments / Spices Fermented bean curd • Five-spice powder • XO sauce Ingredients Beef ball • Black bean paste • Chenpi • Fermented black beans • Fish ball • Fish slice • Frog legs • Garland chrysanthemum • Kai-lan • Mantis shrimp • Pig's ear (food) • Prawn ball • Rapeseed • Saang mein • Sea cucumber (food) • Shahe fen • Shrimp roe noodles • Spare ribs • Suan cai • Tofu skin • Wonton • Yi mein • Zha cai Others Chinese herb tea • Cart noodle • Dried shredded squid Hong Kong cuisine  · Macanese cuisine  · Chinese cuisine  · History of Chinese cuisine  · Cantonese restaurant v · d · eHong Kong cuisine Food Almond biscuit · Almond jelly · Bakkwa · Banana roll · Bao yu · Beef ball · Beef bun · Beef chow fun · Bird's nest soup · Biscuit roll · Buddha's delight · Cart noodle · Cha siu baau · Char siu · Chinese herb tea · Chinese sausage · Cocktail bun · Coconut bar · Congee · Cream bun · Crispy fried chicken · Deuk Deuk Tong · Dim sum · Douhua · Dried shredded squid · Egg tart · Fish ball · Fish slice · Flame on the iceberg · Garland chrysanthemum · Got fan · Ham and egg bun · Haw flakes · Hong Kong-style milk tea · Hot pot · Jerky · Jin deui · Kai-lan · Lai fun · Mango pudding · Mister Softee · Nuomici · Paper wrapped cake · Peanut butter bun · Pineapple bun · Poon choi · Put chai ko · Rapeseed · Red bean ice · Rice noodle roll · Rice roll · Roast goose · Roasted pig · Rousong · Saang mein · Sausage bun · Sea cucumber · Seafood birdsnest · Shahe fen · Singapore style noodles · Siu mei · Steamed meatball · Steamed rice roll · Stinky tofu · Sweetheart cake · Swiss Wing · Taro cake · Taro dumpling · Tea egg · Tofu skin roll · Water caltrop · Water chestnut cake · White boiled shrimp · White cut chicken · White sugar sponge cake · Wonton · Wonton noodle · XO sauce · Yeung Chow fried rice · Yi mein · Yuanyang · Zha cai · Shrimp roe noodles Movies The Banquet (1991) · The Chinese Feast (1995) · The God of Cookery (1996) · Kung Fu Chefs (2009) Culture Table sharing · Caffeine culture in Hong Kong · Siu yeh · One bowl with two pieces · Speakeasy · Yum cha Places Cha chaan teng · Dai pai dong Cantonese cuisine · Cantonese restaurant · Chinese cuisine · History of Chinese cuisine This meat-related article is a stub. 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