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Seán McCaughey Seán Mac Eachaidh Paramilitary organisation Irish Republican Army (1922-1969) Born 1915 Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone Died 11 May 1946 Strike began 19 April 1946 Days on strike 23 v · d · e Seán McCaughey (Irish: Seán Mac Eóchaidh[1]) (born c. 8 June 1915–11 May 1946) was an Irish Republican Army leader in the 1930s and 1940s, and hunger striker. Born in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, McCaughey was Adjutant-General of the IRA and Officer Commanding (O/C) of its Northern Command. In September 1941 he was found guilty by a Dublin court of having detained and assaulted Stephen Hayes, IRA Chief of Staff and sentenced to death by firing squad. His sentence was commuted to life. Imprisoned in Portlaoise Prison, McCaughey refused to wear prison clothes and spent nearly five years naked except for a blanket. He commenced a hunger strike on 19 April 1946. After 16 days, he stopped taking water and died on 11 May, the 23rd day of his protest. He was buried in a family grave which is under the care of the National Graves Association, Belfast in Milltown Cemetery. He was the last person to die on hunger strike in the Republic of Ireland. Sources "McCaughey's Doom". Time Magazine. 1941-09-29.,9171,766147,00.html. Retrieved 2008-08-14. , Time Magazine, 29 September 1941. National Graves Association Sean McCaughey song SEAN McCAUGHEY mp3 References ^ Meehan, Mairtin Óg (2006). Finely Tempered Steel: Sean McCaughey and the IRA. Republican Publications. p. 63. ISBN 0-05429463-7.  Persondata Name Maccaughey, Sean Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1915 Place of birth Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone Date of death 11 May 1946 Place of death