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Destroy Independent Music! (cover) Destroy Independent Music! is a free music sampler, featuring various artists from record label Temporary Residence Limited that was released in the spring of 2007. Track listing "Easy Magic" by Prints - 4:58 "I Hate You Rob Crow" by Rob Crow - 2:10 "Cut Out Shape" by Sybarite - 3:51 "Dead Vine Blues" by Grails - 4:42 "Are You There" by Mono - 10:24 "Empathy on a Stick" by The Ladies - 1:11 "The Unbearable Lightness of a Farm Tractor" by Miss Violetta Beauregarde - 1:36 "Eyelids" by Fridge - 2:47 "Prelude to Time Feelers" by Eluvium - 5:51 "A Warm Room" by Envy - 7:17 "Welcome Ghosts" by Explosions in the Sky - 5:44 "Winter" by Caroline - 4:41 "You do This. I'll do That" by Tarentel - 6:58 "The World Outside" by Maserati- 5:41 External links Temporary Residence Limited official website