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Trilinos Developer(s) Sandia National Laboratories. Stable release 10.6 Operating system Cross-platform Available in C++ License GNU Lesser General Public License Website Trilinos is a collection of open source software libraries, called packages, intended to be used as building blocks for the development of scientific applications. This library was developed at Sandia National Laboratories from a core group of existing algorithms, and utilizes the functionality of well-known packages such as BLAS and LAPACK.[1] Trilinos contains packages for: Constructing and using sparse and dense matrices, graphs and vectors. Iterative and direct solution of linear systems. Parallel multilevel and algebraic preconditioning. Solution of non-linear, eigenvalue and time-dependent problems. PDE-constrained optimization problem. Partitioning and load balancing of distributed data structures. Automatic differentiation. PDE-discretizations. Most Trilinos packages are written in C++ with Fortran kernels used for performance-sensitive computations. Python bindings are provided using SWIG. Trilinos software is available as Open Source via the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The BLAS, and LAPACK libraries are required dependencies. The current version of Trilinos is 10.6.[1] See also Free software portal BLAS LAPACK List of numerical analysis software Sandia National Laboratories References ^ a b "The Trilinos Project". Sandia National Laboratories. Retrieved 2010-10-03.  External links Official website