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The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature winners in the year 2006 (rank, title of winning entry, name of author). English division Short story First Prize: Mahogany Water by Socorro Villanueva Second Prize: Sink or Swim by Myrza Sison Third Prize: Trips by Ma. Celeste Flores-Coscolluela Futuristic fiction First Prize: No winner Second Prize: Suman by Corinna Esperanza A. Nuqui Third Prize: A Monumental Race by Arturo Ilano Short story for children First Prize: Cut by Ma. Celeste Flores-Coscolluela Second Prize: Big Brother by Grace Dacanay Chong Third Prize: How Rosang Taba Won a Race by Dean Francis Alfar Poetry First Prize: The Highest Hiding Place by Lawrence L. Ypil Second Prize: Building a House, and other Poems by Sid G. Hildawa Third Prize: Illuminations and Sonorities by Raymundo T. Pandan Jr. Essay First Prize: Fungibility, Dead Souls and OCWs by Jose Edmundo O. Reyes Second Prize: Hometown Stories and Footnotes to Childhood’s End by Edgardo B. Maranan Third Prize: He’d Rather be Relevant by Martin V. Villanueva One-Act Play First Prize: Ming Ming by Steven Prince C. Fernandez Second Prize: Gabrielle by Joachim Emilio B. Antonio Third Prize: Life After Beth by Nikki Alfar Full-length Play First Prize: The Death of Memory by Glenn S. Mas Second Prize: Chinchina and the Five Mountains by Amelia L. Bonifacio Third Prize: Ask Me Again When I’m Thirty by Maria Clarissa Estuar Filipino division Short story First Prize: Si Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino by Eros S. Atalia Second Prize: Langaw by Kristian Sendon Cordero Third Prize: Buwan at Lupa by Edgardo B. Maranan Futuristic fiction First Prize: Tala-Huli/Huling Tala: Si Manong, Sa Dyip, Ang Drayber at Ako, Ako Lang Naman, Ang Kanyang Pasahero by Michael Francis C. Andrada Second Prize: De-Lata by Enrique C. Villasis Third Prize: Lunes, Alas Diyes ng Umaga by Vladimeir B. Gonzales Short story for children First Prize: Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin by Bernadette V. Neri Second Prize: Taguan-Pung by Maynard G. Manasala Third Prize: Ang Regalo ng Taong Ibon by Allan Alberto N. Derain Poetry First Prize: Sa Tanda ng Pagsisimula ng Buhay by Rebecca T. Añonuevo Second Prize: Salit-salitang mga Tula ng Pagsulyap, Pakikibaka at Paglingap by Maria Josephine C. Barrios Third Prize: Salamangka ng Santelmo by Emmanuel V. Dumlao Essay First Prize: Batang Tundo by Rosario Torres-Yu Second Prize: Talambalay by Elyrah L. Salanga Third Prize: Alingawngaw ng mga Kuliglig, Kalansing ng mga Tansan by Ramon M. Bernardo One-Act Play First Prize: The Palanca in My Mind by Job A. Pagsibigan Second Prize: Aba Ginoong Mag-asawa by Joel V. Almazan Third Prize: Dyip by Christian U. Tordecillas Full-length Play First Prize: Gabriela by Ma. Josephine C. Barrios Second Prize: Teatro Porvenir by Timothy Dacanay Third Prize: ’Nay Isa by Liza Magtoto Teleplay First Prize: Milagroso by Rodolfo R. Lana Jr. Second Prize: Pulo by Jose Dennis C. Teodosio Third Prize: Negatibo by Bonifacio P. Ilagan Screenplay First Prize: Kusina by Cenon O. Palomares Second Prize: Tribu by Jim Diamond M. Libiran Third Prize: Ang Mundo ay Iisa at Marami by Carlos A. Arejola Iloko Short Story First Prize: Nabungon Iti Lawag by Bernardo D. Tabbada Second Prize: Tugot by Danilo B. Antalan Third Prize: Ni Ina Baket Gimma, Ti Aso, ken Ti Atang by Arnold P. Jose Cebuano Short Story First Prize: Ang Ungo sa San Pilar by Lamberto Ceballos Second Prize: Dayaspora by Richel G. Dorotan Third Prize: Mata sa Bagyo by Eleazar T. Acampado Hiligaynon Short Story First Prize: Duta para sa mga Iskolar sang Banwa by Leoncio P. Deriada Second Prize: Ang Kapid by Peter Solis Nery Third Prize: Sagal-i by Bryan Mari Argos Kabataan Essay Essay First Prize: Restructuring Idealism by Katrina G. Gomez Second Prize: Home by Ryan Edward L. Chua Third Prize: Coming Home by Hannah L. Co Sanaysay (Filipino) First Prize: No winner Second Prize: Ang Pangako kay Asterz by Allan Jay. T. Allonar Jr. Third Prize: No winner References "The Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature | Winners 2006". Archived from the original on 2009-10-24.  v · d · ePalanca Awards 2010 · 2009 · 2008 · 2007 · 2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · 2001 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1997 · 1996 · 1995 · 1994 · 1993 · 1992 · 1991 1990 · 1989 · 1988 · 1987 · 1986 · 1985 · 1984 · 1983 · 1982 · 1981 1980 · 1979 · 1978 · 1977 · 1976 · 1975 · 1974 · 1973 · 1972 · 1971 1970 · 1969 · 1968 · 1967 · 1966 · 1965 · 1964 · 1963 · 1962 · 1961 1960 · 1959 · 1958 · 1957 · 1956 · 1955 · 1954 · 1953 · 1952 · 1951