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Xiagu Danxin   Author Liang Yusheng Country China Language Chinese Genre(s) Wuxia Publisher Sin Wan Pao Publication date 5 October 1967 – 20 June 1969 Media type Print ISBN 7805216495 Preceded by Yunhai Yugong Yuan Xiagu Danxin Traditional Chinese 俠骨丹心 Simplified Chinese 侠骨丹心 Literal meaning Chivalrous Bones and Loyal Heart Transliterations Mandarin - Hanyu Pinyin Xiá Gǔ Dān Xīn Cantonese - Jyutping Hap6 Gwat1 Daan1 Sam1 Xiagu Danxin is wuxia novel by Liang Yusheng. It was serialized by Liang Yusheng in the Hong Kong Sin Wan Pao newspaper between 5 October 1967 and 20 June 1969. The story is a sequel to Yunhai Yugong Yuan, another wuxia novel by Liang Yusheng. Contents 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Adaptations 4 External links // Plot The story follows the adventures of Jin Zhuliu, son of Jin Shiyi and Gu Zhihua, the protagonists of Yunhai Yugong Yuan. At the age of 20, Jin leaves the island he was raised on, and travels to the Chinese mainland alone in search of adventure. He roams the Jianghu as a wandering swordsman, by upholding justice and helping the poor. At that time, China is in the late Ming Dynasty and the Han Chinese face the threat of invaders from Manchuria in the north. Jin performs a series of heroic acts that propel him to fame overnight. Jin meets Shi Hongying, the younger sister of Shi Baidu, the evil leader of the Six Harmonies Sect, and falls in love with her. At the same time, he also meets Li Nanxing, the nephew of Li Shengnan, and becomes sworn brothers with him. Meanwhile, Shi Baidu pledges allegiance to the Manchu aristocrat Safuding and aims to help Safuding in conquering Ming China. Jin Zhuliu, Li Nanxing and other righteous pugilists combine forces to disrupt Safuding's birthday party and rob him of several precious gifts. Shi Baidu intends to marry his sister to the Manchu general Meng Xiong, but actually he wants to use her to lure Li Nanxing into a trap and kill Li. Li is wounded in a battle and is saved by Gongsun Hong of the Red Tassel Society. Li strikes up a romantic relationship with Gongsun's daughter, Gongsun Yan, later. Shi Baidu is dissatisfied and tries to coerce his sister to marry Meng Xiong but Jin, Li and other pugilists disrupt the wedding and seize control of Meng's city. Shi is defeated and dies in humiliation. Shi Hongying succeeds her brother as leader of the Six Harmonies Society and they join a volunteer army, formed by pugilists who have sworn to defend Ming China from the Manchus. At one point, Li Nanxing falls off a cliff and is presumed to be dead. During his absence, some Jianghu lowlifes reestablish the evil Heaven Demons' Cult once more and commit evil in his name. Jin is surprised to hear that his sworn brother is still alive and has become a villain. He investigates the case and meets Li, who has survived, by coincidence, and they defeat the villains together, clearing Li's name. Jin, Li and the righteous pugilists combine forces to foil the Manchus' plot to trick some tribal peoples from Qinghai to attack China. The story ends on a happy note for the protagonists, who receive their blessings from the Wulin, as Jin Zhuliu is happily married to Shi Hongying while Li Nanxing is married to Gongsun Yan. Characters Jin Zhuliu (金逐流) Li Nanxing (厲南星) Shi Hongying (史紅英) Gongsun Yan (公孫燕) Shi Baidu (史白都) Safuding (薩福鼎) Jin Shiyi (金拾遺) Gu Zhihua (谷之華) Li Shengnan (厲勝男) Li Fusheng (厲復生) Meng Xiong (孟雄) Gongsun Hong (公孫宏) Yuchi Tong (尉遲烔) Jiang Haitian (江海天) Wen Daozhuang (文道莊) Qin Yuanhao (秦元浩) Yang Hao (陽浩) Adaptations In 2006, the novel is adapted into a Chinese TV series titled The Patriotic Knights, starring Chen Long as Jin Zhuliu, Stephanie Hsiao as Shi Hongying, Wallace Chung as Li Nanxing and He Meitian as Gongsun Yan (renamed to Zhong Yanyan in the series). External links Baidu Baike (Chinese) v · d · eLiang Yusheng's Wuxia novels Novels Longhu Dou Jinghua (龍虎鬥京華) • Caomang Longshe Zhuan (草莽龍蛇傳) • Saiwai Qixia Zhuan (塞外奇俠傳) • Qijian Xia Tianshan (七劍下天山) (characters) • Jianghu San Nüxia (江湖三女俠) • Baifa Monü Zhuan (白髮魔女傳) (characters) • Pingzong Xiaying Lu (萍蹤俠影錄) • Bingchuan Tiannü Zhuan (冰川天女傳) • Huanjian Qi Qingyuan (還劍奇情錄) • Sanhua Nüxia (散花女俠) • Nüdi Qiying Zhuan (女帝奇英傳) • Lianjian Fengyun Lu (聯劍風雲錄) • Yunhai Yugong Yuan (雲海玉弓緣) • Bingpo Hanguang Jian (冰魄寒光劍) • Datang Youxia Zhuan (大唐遊俠傳) • Binghe Xijian Lu (冰河洗劍錄) • Longfeng Baocha Yuan (龍鳳寶釵緣) • Kuangxia Tianjiao Monü (狂俠天驕魔女) • Fenglei Zhen Jiuzhou (風雷震九州) • Huijian Xinmo (慧劍心魔) • Feifeng Qianlong (飛鳳潛龍) • Xiagu Danxin (俠骨丹心) • Hanhai Xiongfeng (瀚海雄風) • Mingdi Fengyun Lu (鳴鏑風雲錄) • Youjian Jianghu (游劍江湖) • Fengyun Leidian (風雲雷電) • Muye Liuxing (牧野流星) • Guangling Jian (廣陵劍) • Wulin Sanjue (武林三絕) • Juesai Chuanfeng Lu (絕塞傳烽錄) • Jianwang Chensi (劍網塵絲) • Tanzhi Jinglei (彈指驚雷) • Wulin Tianjiao (武林天驕) • Huanjian Lingqi (幻劍靈旗) • Wudang Yijian (武當一劍)