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Medal record Estil in 2006 Men's cross country skiing Competitor for  Norway Olympic Games Gold 2002 Salt Lake City 10 km + 10 km combined pursuit Gold 2002 Salt Lake City 4 x 10 km Silver 2002 Salt Lake City 15 km Silver 2006 Turin 15 km + 15 km double pursuit World Championships Gold 2001 Lahti 4 x 10 km Gold 2003 Val di Fiemme 4 x 10 km Gold 2005 Oberstdorf 50 km Gold 2005 Oberstdorf 4 x 10 km Silver 2001 Lahti 30 km Silver 2007 Sapporo 50 km Bronze 2003 Val di Fiemme 15 km Bronze 2003 Val di Fiemme 30 km Bronze 2005 Obersdorf 15 km + 15 km double pursuit Frode Estil (born May 31, 1972 in Lierne in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway) is a retired Norwegian cross-country skier. He currently lives in Meråker with his wife Grete whom he married in the summer of 2001. They have two sons, Bernhard, born in August 2002, and Konrad. Estil was classical specialist and also a specialist at succeeding in World Championships and Olympics. While Estil only won four World Cup races, he won one individual Olympic Gold and one individual World Championship gold. In addition, he won three team events in the World Championships and another team gold in the Olympics. Contents 1 World Cup 2 World championships 3 Olympics 4 Trivia 5 Notes and references 6 External links // World Cup Estil's first World Cup victory was in 1999 in the 30 km event at Davos.[1] His best standing at the end of a season was during 2001/02 when he finished 5th. Estil has been competing in the World Cup since 1995/96, in which he finished the season in 42nd place, and in 1996/97 he finished 63rd. The year after however he jumped up to 12th. The following two years he finished 19th and 12th. Finally in the 2000/01 season he finished inside the top ten of the world, finishing 8th. The next season (2001/02) was even better for Estil, not only did he get married in the summer but he finished in 5th place overall, his ever highest overall ranking. The next two seasons he finished in 6th. After the 2002/03 season he stopped competing in the sprint events after finishing the season in 58th, he had finished the sprint seasons in 48th (1996/97), 18th (1997/98), 18th (1998/99), 32nd (1999/00), and 39th in 2001/02. In 2003/04 he finished 3rd in the distance standings. 2004/05 was a poor season, finishing 14th in the distance, and 25th in the overall. Estil finished the 2005/06 season in 9th place in the FIS World Cup standings, 456 points behind winner Tobias Angerer. Estil finished 4th in the distance, 420 points behind Angerer, and again did not compete in the sprints. Estil has had 18 World Cup podium finishes. Four of them in 1st place, six in 2nd place and eight in 3rd place. His wins came in 1999/00, 2002/03 and two in 2003/04. The most podium finishes he has had in a single season was in 2002/03, where he had four (one win, two 2nd, and one 3rd). He had three podiums in the seasons either side of that season. All of his wins have been in the classic style, except one double pursuit (in which the first half of the race is in the classical technique). The 15 km is his most successful event in terms of numbers of podium finishes. Through the years he has had one win, three second places and three third places. His most successful event in terms of wins is the 30 km, where he has had three victories (also one second and one third). World championships Estil's first gold medal in an international championship was in the relay in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2001 in Lahti, where he also took silver in the 30 km. At the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2003, held in Val di Fiemme, Estil won a gold in the 4 x 10 km relay and bronze in the 15 km and 30 km. At the 2005 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf, Estil won gold in the 50 km race, and the 4 x 10 km relay. In the 50 km race he won in a time of 2:30:10.1,[2] beating Anders Aukland by 0.7 seconds, and Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset came third making it a Norwegian sweep. A characteristic of Estil is to start slow and then come through the pack towards the end of the race, he was 23rd after 12.5 km, and 11th after 27.5 km, but by 42.5 km he was 3rd, and came through to win. In the relay, Norway (Hjelmeset, Estil, biathlete Lars Berger, and Tore Ruud Hofstad) won, with Germany second and Russia third.[3] Norway finished 17.7 seconds ahead of the Germans, with Estil skiing Norway's second fastest leg (behind Berger). He also won a bronze medal in the 15 km + 15 km double pursuit,[4] in a time of 1:19:21.3, 0.8 seconds behind winner Vincent Vittoz, and losing silver to Giorgio Di Centa in a photo finish. At the 2007 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Sapporo, Estil won only one medal. He lost the gold at the finish line of the 50 km event to fellow Norwegian Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset. Estil has nine World Championship medals as of the Sapporo championships with four gold, two silver, and three bronze. Olympics Estil has competed in two Winter Olympics. In the 2002 Games Estil won golds in the 10 km + 10 km combined pursuit, and the 4 x 10 km relay; and won a silver in the 15 km. In the 2006 Olympics he won a silver medal in the 15 km + 15 km double pursuit. In the 10 km + 10 km combined pursuit, Estil tied with fellow Norwegian Thomas Alsgaard for second place, with Johann Mühlegg winning the race. However Mühlegg was found guilty of doping and disqualified by the IOC in February 2004, therefore upgrading Estil and Alsgaard to joint gold medalists. Alsgaard and Estil clocked times of 49:48.9, 4 seconds ahead of Per Elofsson.[5] In the same Olympic Games, he also won a silver medal in the 15 km Classic race, and a gold medal in the 4 x 10 km relay together with Alsgaard, Kristen Skjeldal and Anders Aukland. Estil finished the 15 km race in 37:43.4, 36 seconds behind Andrus Veerpalu of Estonia, and 7.4 seconds ahead of Jaak Mae also of Estonia.[6] Estil also took part in the 50 km classic, but finished ninth, in a time of 2:10:44.8, 4:22.0 behind winner Mikhail Ivanov of Russia.[7] At the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy, Estil won the silver medal in the men's 15 km + 15 km double pursuit competition despite taking a fall and breaking a ski at the start of the race which put him in last place. Eugeni Dementiev of Russia won the race, 1.6 seconds ahead of Estil, who finished the race in 1:17:01.8, 0.3 seconds ahead of Pietro Piller Cottrer who came third.[8] In the same Games Estil also took part in the 15 km classical, and the 50 km freestyle mass start, but finished 17th and 28th respectively. Estil's results mirrored those of the Norwegian cross-country team who failed to win a single Gold medal in Turin, owing to stomach illness and waxing mistakes made by Norway's eight man strong service team. Estil's Olympic medals include two golds and two silvers.. Trivia Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (April 2010) Estil has a high hemoglobin level, and has received a blood-certificate by the FIS, so that when his blood is tested the maximum hemoglobin allowed to race is 17.5 grams hemoglobin per 100 ml of blood, compared to 17 grams for men and 16 grams per 100 ml for athletes without this certificate. Frode enjoys hunting and is also a huge fan of Leeds United. Frode's mother, Berna, works in a school; his father, Kjell, is a carpenter. Jens Petter Estil, who is also an active cross-country skier, is not from the same Estil family. Estil has had a hill in Soldier Hollow, Utah, United States of America (where the cross country skiing and biathlon events of the 2002 Winter Olympics took place) named after him after his three medals. Frode Estil was named Norwegian sportsman of the year in 2001. Norwegian men have to spend a year in the military, but Estil only served for three months because he was an athlete. Although he does now have to serve five days a year as part of Norway's version of the National Guard, his 2005 service was excused though because it coincided with the World Championships in Oberstdorf. Estil can speak Norwegian, English, German, and Swedish Estil received the Holmenkollen medal in 2007 (Shared with Simon Ammann, Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, King Harald V, and Queen Sonja). Notes and references ^ [1] FIS World Cup results ^ [2] 2005 World Championship Gold ^ [3] 2005 World Championship relay Gold ^ [4] 2005 World Championship bronze ^ [5] 2002 Olympic Gold ^ [6] 2002 Olympic Silver ^ [7] 2002 Olympic 9th ^ [8] 2006 Olympic Silver External links Frode Estil at the International Ski Federation Frode Estil's official website (Norwegian)& (English) Holmenkollen medal presented to Estil and Hjelmeset - Accessed March 21, 2007 (Norwegian) 2007 Holmenkollen medalists announced - Accessed March 18, 2007. (Norwegian) Short video of Frode being wished good luck by the Leeds manager (Norwegian) v • d • e Olympic champions in men's cross-country combined/double pursuit 10 km + 15 km combined 1992: Bjørn Dæhlie (NOR) * 1994: Bjørn Dæhlie (NOR) * 1998: Thomas Alsgaard (NOR) 10 km + 10 km combined 2002: Thomas Alsgaard (NOR) & Frode Estil (NOR) 15 km + 15 km double 2006: Yevgeny Dementyev (RUS) * 2010: Marcus Hellner (SWE) v • d • e Olympic champions in men's 4 x 10 km cross-country relay 1936: Finland (Sulo Nurmela, Klaes Karppinen, Matti Lähde & Kalle Jalkanen) * 1948: Sweden (Nils Östensson, Nils Täpp, Gunnar Eriksson & Martin Lundström) * 1952: Finland (Heikki Hasu, Paavo Lonkila, Urpo Korhonen & Tapio Mäkelä) * 1956: Soviet Union (Fyodor Terentyev, Pavel Kolchin, Nikolay Anikin & Vladimir Kuzin) * 1960: Finland (Toimi Alatalo, Eero Mäntyranta, Väinö Huhtala & Veikko Hakulinen) * 1964: Sweden (Karl-Åke Asph, Sixten Jernberg, Janne Stefansson & Assar Rönnlund) * 1968: Norway (Odd Martinsen, Pål Tyldum, Harald Grønningen & Ole Ellefsæter) * 1972: Soviet Union (Vladimir Voronkov, Yuri Skobov, Fyodor Simashev & Vyacheslav Vedenin) * 1976: Finland (Matti Pitkänen, Juha Mieto, Pertti Teurajärvi & Arto Koivisto) * 1980: Soviet Union (Vasily Rochev, Nikolay Bazhukov, Yevgeny Belyayev & Nikolay Zimyatov) * 1984: Sweden (Thomas Wassberg, Benny Kohlberg, Jan Ottosson & Gunde Svan) * 1988: Sweden (Jan Ottosson, Thomas Wassberg, Gunde Svan & Torgny Mogren) * 1992: Norway (Terje Langli, Vegard Ulvang, Kristen Skjeldal & Bjørn Dæhlie) * 1994: Italy (Maurilio De Zolt, Marco Albarello, Giorgio Vanzetta & Silvio Fauner) * 1998: Norway (Sture Sivertsen, Erling Jevne, Bjørn Dæhlie & Thomas Alsgaard) * 2002: Norway (Anders Aukland, Frode Estil, Kristen Skjeldal & Thomas Alsgaard) * 2006: Italy (Fulvio Valbusa, Giorgio Di Centa, Pietro Piller Cottrer & Cristian Zorzi) * 2010: Sweden (Daniel Rickardsson, Johan Olsson, Anders Södergren & Marcus Hellner) v • d • e World champions in men's 50 km cross-country skiing 1925: František Donth (TCH) • 1926: Matti Raivio (FIN) • 1927: John Lindgren (SWE) • 1929: Anselm Knuuttila (FIN) • 1930: Sven Utterström (SWE) • 1931: Ole Stenen (NOR)  • 1933: Veli Saarinen (FIN)  • 1934: Elis Wiklund (SWE)  • 1935: Nils-Joel Englund (SWE)  • 1937: Pekka Niemi (FIN)  • 1938: Kalle Jalkanen (FIN)  • 1939: Lars Bergendahl (NOR)  • 1950: Gunnar Eriksson (SWE)  • 1954: Vladimir Kuzin (URS)  • 1958: Sixten Jernberg (SWE)  • 1962: Sixten Jernberg (SWE)  • 1966: Gjermund Eggen (NOR)  • 1970: Kalevi Oikarainen (FIN)  • 1974: Gerhard Grimmer (GDR)  • 1978: Sven-Åke Lundbäck (SWE)  • 1982: Thomas Wassberg (SWE)  • 1985: Gunde Svan (SWE)  • 1987: Maurilio De Zolt (ITA)  • 1989: Gunde Svan (SWE)  • 1991: Torgny Mogren (SWE)  • 1993: Torgny Mogren (SWE)  • 1995: Silvio Fauner (ITA)  • 1997: Mika Myllylä (FIN)  • 1999: Mika Myllylä (FIN)  • 2001: Johann Mühlegg (ESP)  • 2003: Martin Koukal (CZE)  • 2005: Frode Estil (NOR)  • 2007: Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset (NOR)  • 2009: Petter Northug (NOR) v • d • e World champions in men's 4 x 10 km cross-country relay 1933: Sweden (Per-Erik Hedlund, Sven Utterström, Nils-Joel Englund & Hjalmar Bergström) * 1934: Finland (Sulo Nurmela, Klaes Karppinen, Martti Lappalainen & Veli Saarinen) * 1935: Finland (Mikko Husu, Klaes Karppinen, Väinö Liikkanen & Sulo Nurmela) * 1937: Norway (Annar Ryen, Oskar Fredriksen, Sigurd Røen & Lars Bergendahl) * 1938: Finland (Juho 'Jussi' Kurikkala, Martti Lauronen, Pauli Pitkänen & Klaes Karppinen) * 1939: Finland (Pauli Pitkänen, Olavi Alakulppi, Eino Olkinuora & Klaes Karppinen) * 1950: Sweden (Nils Täpp, Karl-Erik Åström, Martin Lundström & Enar Josefsson) * 1954: Finland (August Kiuru, Tapio Mäkelä, Arvo Viitanen & Veikko Hakulinen) * 1958: Sweden (Sixten Jernberg, Lennart Larsson, Sture Grahn & Per-Erik Larsson) * 1962: Sweden (Lars Olsson, Sture Grahn, Sixten Jernberg & Assar Rönnlund) * 1966: Norway: (Odd Martinsen, Harald Grønningen, Ole Ellefsæter & Gjermund Eggen) * 1970: Soviet Union: (Vladimir Voronkov, Valery Tarakanov, Fyodor Simashev & Vyacheslav Vedenin) * 1974: East Germany (Gerd Hessler, Dieter Meinel, Gerhard Grimmer & Gert-Dietmar Klause) * 1978: Sweden (Sven-Åke Lundbäck, Christer Johansson, Tommy Limby & Thomas Magnusson) * 1982: Norway (Lars-Erik Eriksen, Ove Aunli, Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass & Oddvar Brå) and Soviet Union (Vladimir Nikitin, Alexander Batyuk, Yuriy Burlakov & Alexander Zavyalov) * 1985: Norway (Arild Monsen, Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass, Tor Håkon Holte & Ove Aunli) * 1987: Sweden (Erik Östlund, Gunde Svan, Thomas Wassberg & Torgny Mogren) * 1989: Sweden (Christer Majbäck, Gunde Svan, Lars Håland & Torgny Mogren) * 1991: Norway (Øyvind Skaanes, Terje Langli, Vegard Ulvang & Bjørn Dæhlie) * 1993: Norway (Sture Sivertsen, Vegard Ulvang, Terje Langli & Bjørn Dæhlie) * 1995: Norway (Sture Sivertsen, Erling Jevne, Bjørn Dæhlie & Thomas Alsgaard) * 1997: Norway (Sture Sivertsen, Erling Jevne, Bjørn Dæhlie & Thomas Alsgaard) * 1999: Austria (Markus Gandler, Alois Stadlober, Mikhail Botvinov & Christian Hoffmann) * 2001: Norway (Frode Estil, Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Thomas Alsgaard & Tor Arne Hetland) * 2003: Norway (Anders Aukland, Frode Estil, Tore Ruud Hofstad & Thomas Alsgaard) * 2005: Norway: (Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Frode Estil, Lars Berger & Tore Ruud Hofstad) * 2007: Norway (Eldar Rønning, Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Lars Berger & Petter Northug) * 2009: Norway: (Eldar Rønning, Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Tore Ruud Hofstad & Petter Northug) v • d • e Holmenkollen Medal 1895: Viktor Thorn (NOR) * 1897: Asbjørn Nilssen (NOR) * 1899: Paul Braaten (NOR), Robert Pehrson (NOR) * 1901: Askel Refstad (NOR) * 1903: Karl Hovelsen (NOR) * 1904: Harald Smith (NOR) * 1905: Jonas Holmen (NOR) * 1907: Per Bakken * 1908: Einar Kristiansen (NOR) * 1909: Thorvald Hansen * 1910: Lauritz Bergendahl * 1911: Otto Tangen (NOR), Knut Holst (NOR) * 1912: Olav Bjaaland (NOR) * 1914: Johan Kristoffersen (NOR) * 1915: Sverre Østbye (NOR) 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