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al-Qarara Arabic القرارة Governorate Khan Yunis Government Municipality Also spelled al-Qrara (officially) el-Qarara (unofficially) Population 16,900 (2006) Head of Municipality Eid al-Abdullah al-Qarara (Arabic: القرارة)‎ is a Palestinian town located north of Khan Yunis, in the Khan Yunis Governorate of the southern Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, al-Qarara had a population of over 16,900 inhabitants in mid-year 2006,[1] mostly adherents of Islam. References ^ Projected Mid -Year Population for Khan Yunis Governorate by Locality 2004- 2006 v • d • e Khan Yunis Governorate Cities Abasan al-Kabera · Bani Suheila · Khan Yunis Municipalities Abasan al-Saghira · Khuza'a · al-Qarara Village councils al-Fukhari · Qa' al-Kharaba · Qa' al-Qurein · Qizan an-Najjar · Umm Kameil · Umm al-Kilab Coordinates: 31°22′23.25″N 34°19′59.20″E / 31.373125°N 34.333111°E / 31.373125; 34.333111 This geography of Palestine article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e