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Alice In... Founded 1992 Founder Frank D'Angelo Distributor(s) Nova Media Distribution Genre Gothic Darkwave Industrial Electronic body music Country of origin GER Location Hesse Official Website Alice In... is an indie industrial-oriented record label based in Hesse, Germany. Contents 1 History 2 Notable artists (past and present) 3 See also 4 External links History Alice In... was founded in the early nineties by Frank D'Angelo. Its first signings were in 1995 with the bands The Hall of Souls, Misantrophe, No Critics, and Babylon Will Fall. Parallel to the publications of German Newcomer, Alice In... had made a narrow collaboration with English record labels, like Resurrection Records and Grave News. Inkubus Sukkubus, Sensorium, and This Burning Effigy, among others were also signed to Alice In... The first official Alice In... release, was No Critics' Prayers Behind the Door. Then, the label released Misantrophe's "Der Tod zerfraƟ die Kindlichkeit". Alice In..., as well as Schwarzrock, SCANNER and ProNoize are sub-labels of Dark Dimensions label group. Later releases include work by Stillste Stund and by Bloody Dead And Sexy. In 1997, the label signed a distribution deal with Nova Media Distribution. Notable artists (past and present) Astrovamps Bloody Dead And Sexy Corpus Delicti Diva Destruction Empyrean Hatesex Inkubus Sukkubus Kiss The Blade Mephisto Walz Mondsucht Monica Richards Nekromantik Relatives Menschsein Sensorium Shadow Project Stillste Stund Sunshine Blind Suspiria The Last Days Of Jesus See also Category:Alice In... albums List of record labels External links Official site {in German only) Alice In... {on MySpace}