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Echizen-Shinbo Station 越前新保駅 Echizen-Shinbo Station Location Prefecture Fukui (See other stations in Fukui) City Fukui Neighborhood etc. 2 Shinbo Postal Code 910-0833 (in Japanese) 福井県福井市新保2 History Year opened 1916 Rail services Operator(s) Echizen Railway Line(s) Katsuyama Eiheiji Line There is a bus stop near this station Echizen-Shinbo Station (越前新保駅, Echizen-shinbo-eki?) is an Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line railway station located in Fukui, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Contents 1 Station 2 Surrounding area 3 History 4 Adjacent stations // Station All Katsuyama Eiheiji Line trains serve Echizen-Shinbo Station. Two tracks serve a single island platform, and the station is staffed at all times. Trains pass one another at this station. Surrounding area The station is surrounded by apartment buildings, houses, and shops. Other points of interest include: National Route 8 - Fukui Bypass National Route 416 Fukui Prefectural Fukui Nōrin Senior High School Fukui Circulatory Hospital Fukui Aiiku Hospital History April 17, 1916: Echizen-Shinbo Station opens. June 25, 2001: Operations halted due to accident on the Echizen Main Line. July 20, 2003: Station reopens as an Echizen Railway station. Adjacent stations v • d • e Stations of the Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line Fukui - Shin-Fukui - Fukuiguchi - Echizen-Kaihotsu - Echizen-Shinbo - Oiwakeguchi - Higashi-Fujishima - Echizen-Shimabashi - Kannonmachi - Matsuoka - Shiizakai - Eiheijiguchi - Shimoshii - Kōmyōji - Domeki - Echizen-Nonaka - Sannō - Echizen-Takehara - Kobunato - Hota - Hossaka - Hishima - Katsuyama Coordinates: 36°04′50″N 136°15′05″E / 36.080494°N 136.251293°E / 36.080494; 136.251293 This Fukui Prefecture railroad station-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e