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Paper Toss Paper Toss App Store Icon Developer(s) Backflip Studios Publisher(s) Backflip Studios Distributor(s) App Store and Android Market Platform(s) iOS and Android Genre(s) Casual Mode(s) Single-player Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone OFLC: G PEGI: 3+ USK: Without age restrictions Apple: 4+ Media/distribution Digital distribution Paper Toss is a game for the iPhone/iPod Touch developed by Backflip Studios.[1][2][3]It has since been ported to the Android operating system.[4] The game is available as a free ad-supported version as well as a paid ad-free version.[5] Gameplay The basement level of Paper Toss. Paper Toss is set in an office and players are challenged to flick a piece of paper into a bin. There is a fan in the office meaning wind direction and wind speed have to be accounted to make the game more challenging. Players are scored on how many times they manage to toss the paper into the bin until they miss. There are online leaderboards and 8 different levels: 3 office levels with small, medium and large distances away from the bin, an airport level to promote the sequel to Paper Toss, Paper Toss: World Tour,[6][7] as well as a basement level and a restroom level, which are also in the office. There is also a pub level and a street level, both of which take place away from the office. References ^ Paper Toss iTunes ^ app store hq paper toss ^ Paper Toss App Shopper ^ Android and Me Paper Toss for Android ^ ^ Paper toss world tour announced ^ appmondo paper toss review External links Official Website