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D314 state road Route information Length: 2.9 km (1.8 mi) Major junctions From: D2 near Orahovica To: Orahovica Location Counties: Virovitica-Podravina Highway system State roads in Croatia Orahovica, at the southern terminus of the D314 road D314 branches off to the south from D2 between Čačinci and Feričanci towards the city of Orahovica. The road is 2.9 km (1.8 mi) long.[1] The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, state owned company.[2] Road junctions and populated areas D417 junctions/populated areas Type Slip roads/Notes D2 to Slatina and Virovitica (to the west) and to Našice and Osijek (to the east). The northern terminus of the road. Orahovica Ž4070 to the Ž4030 within the city and then via the Ž4030 Zdenci and to Kutjevo and Pleternica (D38). The southern terminus of the road. Sources ^ "Decision on categorization of public roads as state roads, county roads and local roads" (in Croatian). Narodne novine. February 17, 2010.  ^ "Public Roads Act" (in Croatian). Narodne novine. December 14, 2004.  See also State roads in Croatia Hrvatske ceste