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The Bure kinship (Swedish: Bureätten) is a Swedish kinship which originates from Skellefteå area, today's Bureå. Lineages go back fairly reliably to the beginning of the 16th century, although they still have also been extended even back to the beginning of the 13th or 12th century, before modern critical approach. The earliest genealogy was written in the beginning of the 17th century by Johannes Bureus in his manuscript Om Bura namn och ätt. He included all descendants also by female lineage and despite of social standing or legitimacy. Thus many sort of families can trace their ancestry back to Bure kinship. Some family lines and individuals have bore the names Bure, Burman and Burensköld. The manuscript is located at Riksarkivet, and also at the Uppsala University Library (number X36 and X37).[1] The history of the kinship is complemented by Nils Burman (1705–1750), who wrote about the family-history until the middle of the 18th century.[2] About the cultural importance of the Bure genealogy in Sweden tells, that the The Knight Templar novel trilogy by Jan Guillou partly compares with the early, fictional, Bure ancestry. Recently there has been genetic research about a connection of the Sjögren–Larsson syndrome to the Bure lineage[3] See also Burestenen Genealogia Sursilliana References ^ Hans Gillingstam, "Genealogiska manuskript från vasatiden och stormaktstiden som källor för svensk medeltidsforskning och äldre arkivhistoria", Personhistorisk tidskrift årgång 70, häfte 3-4 1974, utgiven av Personhistoriska samfundet ^ Carl Henrik Carlsson, "Släkten Burman i svenskt biografiskt lexikon - en släkt eller två? - Eller tre?", Individ och Historia - Studier tillägnade Hans Gillingstam, Stockholm 1989 ^ Från runsten till gen. Orsaken till Sjögren-Larssons syndrom ringas in, Landstingets i Gävleborgs projektdatabas 1995.