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Nung Spoken in Vietnam Total speakers 856,000 (1999 census) Language family Kradai Tai Central Nung Language codes ISO 639-3 nut Note: This page may contain IPA phonetic symbols in Unicode. Nung (Nùng in Vietnamese) is a Tai-Kadai language spoken mostly in Cao Bằng, and Lang Son provinces in Vietnam. It is also known as Bu-Nong, Highland Nung, Nong, Tai Nung, Tay, and Tày Nùng. It should be confused with neither the Tibeto-Burman language also called Nung nor with Yue Chinese, also sometimes called Nung. In the 1999 census, it had about 850,000 speakers. External links Ethnologue report on "Nung a language of Vietnam" References Ethnologue, "Nung a language of Vietnam". v · d · eTai-Kadai languages Kra (Proto-Kra) • Laha • Gelao • Lachi • Paha • Buyang • En • Qabiao Kam-Sui Mulam • Dong • Then • Maonan • Chadong • Sui • Mak • Ai-Cham • Biao • Lakkja Hlai (Proto-Hlai) • Hlai • Jiamao Ong Be Ong Be Tai (Proto-Tai) Northern and Central Zhuang • Bouyei • Saek • E Southwestern Northwestern Shan • Khun • Tai Dam • Tai Lü • Tai Nüa • Ahom • Turung Lao-Phutai Lao • Isan Chiang Saen Thai • Northern Thai • Southern Thai