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Susitha R. Fernando is a journalist and the film critic for a Sri Lankan English-language daily newspaper the Daily Mirror and its Sunday weekly edition, The Sunday Times, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.[1] Contents 1 Education and training 2 Controversy 3 Notes 4 External links Education and training Fernando is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2005, at the age of 27, while an undergraduate studying English literature/communications and methodology, he attended the 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), taking part in its training program for young film critics, for which he anticipated writing an account for the website of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) on the festival's Tiger Cub Competition, the new installed competition for short films that brought forward three winners: Nuuk [cf. Nuuk] by German director Thomas Koener, Interlude by Dutch director Joost van Veen and Veere by Dutch director David Lammers."[1] At that time he introduced himself as the film critic for the Daily Mirror, an English daily newspaper in Sri Lanka.[1] Since then, he has written many more film reviews, film-related interviews, and reports about other film festivals, as well as reported on various other news stories for the Sri Lanka Daily Mirror and its weekly Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Times.[2] He also reports on other news for these newspapers. Controversy One of his news accounts, entitled "Officers Suffer from NGO-backed Offenders' False Accusation" and published in the Daily Mirror on 8 November 2006, became the subject of a press release and letter to the editor submitted by the Asian Human Rights Commission on the same day.[3][4] Notes ^ a b c "Rotterdam 2005: Young Film Critics at the 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam" (Web). Festival Reports. FIPRESCI: The International Federation of Film Critics. 2005 (archive). Retrieved 2009-02-18.  ^ .See "Articles by Susitha R. Fernando (Results)". Retrieved on 18 February 2009. ^ Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) (2006-11-08). "SRI LANKA: The AHRC Protests Sushita (sic) R. Fernando's Unfair and Biased Report Published in the Daily Mirror". Press release. Retrieved 2009-02-18.  [Sushita in the title is a typographical error; the intended name is Susitha. The author of the article is Susitha R. Fernando, as stated elsewhere in the press release, letter to the editor, and accompanying documents in the PDF case file, cited below. ^ "News Reports on Palitha Case" (PDF). Retrieved 2009-02-18.  See 19–22, which includes reproduction of the article by Susitha R. Fernando and letter from AHRC Executive Director Basil Fernando. External links Articles by Susitha R. Fernando (Results) published in the Sri Lanka Sunday Times. (Search facility) Daily Mirror – Home page (search facility). FIPRESCI: The International Federation of Film Critics – Official Website