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Andrew Kenneth Pawley (born 1941), MA, PhD (Auckland), FRSNZ, FAHA, is Emeritus Professor at the School of Culture, History & Language of the College of Asia & the Pacific at the Australian National University. Pawley was born in Sydney but moved to New Zealand at the age of 12. Contents 1 Career highlights 2 Current projects 3 Research interests 4 Key publications 5 External links Career highlights Pawley taught linguistics in the Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland from 1965-1989, with periods at the University of Papua New Guinea (1969) and the University of Hawaii (1973-78). He moved to the Australian National University in 1990. Taught at the Linguistic Society of America's Summer Institute in 1977 and 1985. Sabbaticals at Berkeley (1983), Frankfurt (1994) and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (2001). Current projects Collaborating with Malcolm Ross and Meredith Osmond on a six volume series using lexical comparisons to reconstruct the culture and environment of Proto Oceanic speakers; completing dictionaries of Kalam (Papua New Guinea) and Wayan (Western Fiji); collaborating with Ian Saem Majnep on a book on Kalam ethnobotany. Research interests Austronesian and Papuan languages and cultures, the prehistory of Pacific Island peoples, folk taxonomies and ethnobiology, lexicography, phraseology and idiomaticity. Key publications • Samoan Phrase Structure: the Morphology-Syntax of a Western Polynesian Language. Bloomington: Indiana University Archives of Languages of the World, 1966. • 'On the internal relationships of Eastern Oceanic languages', in R.C. Green & M. Kelly (eds), Studies in Oceanic Culture History, vol. 3, pp. 1-142. Honolulu: Bishop Museum, 1972. • 'Some problems in Proto-Oceanic grammar', Oceanic Linguistics 12, pp. 103-188, 1973. • (with Frances Syder) 'Two puzzles for linguistic theory: Nativelike selection and nativelike competence', in J.C. Richards and R.W. Schmidt (eds), Language and Communication, pp. 191-227. London: Longman, 1983. • 'Encoding events in Kalam and English: different logics for reporting experience', in R. Tomlin (ed.), Coherence and Grounding in Discourse, pp. 329-360. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1987. • 'A language which defies description by ordinary means', in W. Foley (ed.), The Role of Theory in Language Description, pp. 87-129, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1993. • (with Malcolm Ross and Meredith Osmond, eds) The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic. The Culture and Environment of Ancestral Oceanic Society, vol. 1 (1998) Material Culture; vol. 2 The Physical Environnment. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. • (with Frances Syder) 'The one clause at a time hypothesis', in Heidi Riggenbach (ed.), Perspectives on Fluency, pp. 163-191. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2000. External links v · d · eEthnobiology Primary subdisciplines Ethnobotany · Ethnozoology · Ethnoecology Other subdisciplines Ethnoentomology · Ethnoherpetology · Ethnolichenology · Ethnomycology · Ethnoornithology Correlated fields Cultural ecology · Ecological anthropology · Ethnoarchaeology · Ethnomedicine · Historical ecology · Human ecology · Paleoethnobotany · Zooarchaeology Notable ethnobiologists William Balée · Brent Berlin · Harold Conklin · Wade Davis · Roy Ellen · Gary P. Nabhan · Andrew Pawley · Darrell Posey · Richard E. Schultes · Manuel Torres · Nancy Turner Category · Project Persondata Name Pawley, Andrew Kenneth Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death This article on a linguist is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e