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Harbiye (Classical Daphne) is a town in Hatay Province, Turkey Contents 1 Geography 2 History 3 Economy 4 References // Geography Midtown Harbiye is about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of Antakya, the administrative center of Hatay Province at 36°07′50″N 36°08′40″E / 36.13056°N 36.14444°E / 36.13056; 36.14444. It is situated in the valley of Asi (classical Orontes) with an average altitude of 240 metres (790 ft) The population is 24222 (as of 2009) and it is higher than most other towns.[1] History Daphne was a resort town during Seleucid Empire , famous for waterfalls, daphnes, and residence buildings. However, it was also famous for earthquakes and the ancients buildings were demolished during big earthquakes.[2] Economy Main economic activity is domestic tourism; hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. The town is proud of the Daphne mitology. There is also a minor silk industry. On the other hand, owing to closeness some Harbiye residents work in Antakya. References ^ Statistical Institute pge ^ A page from the mayor of Antakya (Turkish)