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10th Armoured Division Active 1 August 1941–15 June 1944[1] 1956-57 Country United Kingdom Branch British Army Type Armoured division Size Second World War 13,225-14,964 men[2] 186 tanks[nb 1][nb 2] Garrison/HQ Western Desert Tripoli Engagements North African Campaign The 10th Armoured Division was a British Army Second World War armoured division. It was formed from the 1st Cavalry Division, a 1st Line Yeomanry unit. Contents 1 History 1.1 General Officer Commanding 2 Component Units 2.1 8th Armoured Brigade 2.2 9th Armoured Brigade 2.3 Support Units 3 See also 4 Notes 5 References 6 External links History Formed from the 1st Cavalry Division on 1 August 1941 which was serving in Palestine as cavalry. The 10th Armoured Division fought at the Battles of Alam Halfa and El Alamein. It was disbanded on 15 June 1944 in Egypt. The divisional sign was a fox's mask, representing the hunting tradition of the formation's cavalry and Yeomanry units. 10th Armoured was also briefly active after the war ended in Libya in the 1950s, incorporating 25th Armoured Brigade,[4] but was disbanded in July 1957.[5] The 25th Armd Bde was formed in 1952 to provide an operational HQ for the troops in Libya. In May and June 1956 the brigade was hastily expanded to division status as 10th Armd Div, with the intention of invading Egypt from the west during the Suez Canal Crisis. Planning was halted when it was found that such an invasion was banned under the terms of Britain's treaty with Libya. The Armoured Brigade Signals Squadron was expanded to 10th Armd Div Signals in May-June 1956, based in Tripoli. It began to wind up in April 1957, and disbanded completely in September 1957. (The Royal Corps of Signals, By Cliff Lord, Graham Watson, 2004, p. 47) General Officer Commanding Four men served as the General Officer Commanding of the division during the Second World War. Appointed General Officer Commanding 1 August 1941[1] Major-General John Clark[nb 3] 26 June 1942 Major-General A.H. Gatehouse[1] 18 December 1942 Major-General Charles Norman[1] 12 January 1943 Major-General H.L. Birks[1] Component Units 8th Armoured Brigade Main article: 8th Armoured Brigade 3rd Royal Tank Regiment Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) The Staffordshire Yeomanry 9th Armoured Brigade Main article: 9th Armoured Brigade Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry The Warwickshire Yeomanry Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry 11th Bn. The King's Royal Rifle Corps later removed for use as an Independent Brigade Support Units 1st Household Cavalry Regiment 2nd The Derbyshire Regiment 1st Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery 104th (Essex Yeomanry) Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery 84th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 53rd (The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) Light Anti-Aircraft Regt. Royal Artillery 101st Light Anti-Aircraft Regt. Royal Artillery 10th Armoured Division Signal Regiment See also World War II portal United Kingdom portal British Armoured formations of the Second World War Notes Footnotes ^ 164 Mr Shermans, 8 cruisers, and 14 anti-aircraft tanks.[3] ^ These figures are the war establishment, the on-paper strength, of the division for 1942-1944; for information on how divisional sizes changed over the war please see British Army during the Second World War and British Armoured formations of the Second World War. ^ Joslen states a Major-General C.G.W. Clark was the division's first General Officer Commanding whereas Mead informs the reader that John Clark retrained control of the division after it was reformed as a armoured division.[1][6] Citations ^ a b c d e f Joslen, p. 25 ^ Joslen, p. 129 ^ Joslen, p. 7 ^ [1] ^ Hansard, March 1958 ^ Mead, p. 101 References Joslen, Lieutenant-Colonel H.F (1960) [1960]. Orders Of Battle Second World War 1939-1945. Naval & Military Press Ltd. ISBN 978-1-84342-474-1.  Mead, Richard (2007). Churchill's Lions: A biographical guide to the key British generals of World War II. Stroud (UK): Spellmount. ISBN 978-1-86227-431-0.  External links 10th Armoured Division at Orders of British Regiments v · d · e British Divisions in Second World War Airborne 1st Airborne Division · 2nd Airborne Division · 4th Airborne Division · 5th Airborne Division · 6th Airborne Division Armoured Guards Armoured Division  · 1st Armoured Division · 2nd Armoured Division · 6th Armoured Division · 7th Armoured Division · 8th Armoured Division · 9th Armoured Division · 10th Armoured Division · 11th Armoured Division · 42nd Armoured Division · 79th Armoured Division Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division Infantry Guards Division · 1st Infantry Division · 2nd Infantry Division · 3rd Infantry Division · 4th Infantry Division · 5th Infantry Division · 6th Infantry Division · 7th Infantry Division · 8th Infantry Division · 9th (Highland) Infantry Division · 12th (Eastern) Infantry Division · 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division · 18th Infantry Division · 23rd (Northumbrian) Infantry Division · 36th Infantry Division · 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division · 42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division · 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division · 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division · 45th Infantry Division · 46th Infantry Division · 2nd (London) Infantry Division · 48th (South Midland) Infantry Division · 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division · 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division · 51st (Highland) Infantry Division · 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division · 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division · 54th (East Anglian) Infantry Division · 55th (West Lancashire) Infantry Division · 56th (London) Infantry Division · 58th Infantry Division · 59th (Staffordshire) Infantry Division · 61st (South Midland) Infantry Division · 66th Infantry Division · 70th Infantry Division · 76th Infantry Division · 77th Infantry Division · 78th Infantry Division · 80th Infantry (Reserve) Division Mountain 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division Home Defence Devon and Cornwall County Division · Dorset County Division · Durham and North Riding County Division · Essex County Division · Hampshire County Division · Lincolnshire County Division · Norfolk County Division · Northumberland County Division · West Sussex County Division · Yorkshire County Division Anti-Aircraft 1st Anti-Aircraft Division · 2nd Anti-Aircraft Division · 3rd Anti-Aircraft Division · 4th Anti-Aircraft Division · 5th Anti-Aircraft Division · 6th Anti-Aircraft Division · 7th Anti-Aircraft Division · 8th Anti-Aircraft Division · 9th Anti-Aircraft Division · 10th Anti-Aircraft Division · 11th Anti-Aircraft Division · 12th Anti-Aircraft Division African 1st (African) Division · 2nd (African) Division · 11th (East Africa) Division · 81st (West Africa) Division · 82nd (West Africa) Division