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Oldfield White-bellied Rat Conservation status Near Threatened (IUCN 2.3) Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Muridae Genus: Niviventer Species: N. culturatus Binomial name Niviventer culturatus (Thomas, 1917) The Oldfield White-bellied Rat (Niviventer culturatus) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae. It is found only in Taiwan. References Baillie, J. 1996. Niviventer culturatus. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 9 July 2007. Musser, Guy G.; Carleton, Michael D. (16 November 2005). "Superfamily Muroidea (pp. 894-1531)". In Wilson, Don E., and Reeder, DeeAnn M., eds. Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed.). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2 vols. (2142 pp.). ISBN 978-0-8018-8221-0. OCLC 62265494.  v · d · eExtant species of subfamily Murinae Kingdom: Animalia · Phylum: Chordata · Class: Mammalia · Superorder: Euarchontoglires · Order: Rodentia · Family: Muridae  Aethomys, Apodemus, Arvicanthis, Chrotomys divisions Aethomys Division Aethomys (Bush rats) Bocage's Rock Rat (A. bocagei) · Red Rock Rat (A. chrysophilus) · Grant's Rock Rat (A. (Micaelamys) granti) · Hinde's Rock Rat (A. hindei) · Tete Veld Aethomys (A. ineptus) · Kaiser's Rock Rat (A. kaiseri) · Namaqua Rock Rat (A. (Micaelamys) namaquensis) · Nyika Rock Rat (A. nyikae) · Silinda Rock Rat (A. silindensis) · Tinfields Rock Rat (A. stannarius) · Thomas's Rock Rat (A. thomasi) Apodemus Division Apodemus (Old world field mice) Striped Field Mouse (A. agrarius) · Alpine Field Mouse (A. alpicola) · Small Japanese Field Mouse (A. argenteus) · A. avicennicus · Chevrier's Field Mouse (A. chevrieri) · South China Field Mouse (A. draco) · Yellow-necked Mouse (A. flavicollis) · Himalayan Field Mouse (A. gurkha) · Caucasus Field Mouse (A. hyrcanicus) · Sichuan Field Mouse (A. latronum) · Pygmy Field Mouse (A. microps) · Broad-toothed Field Mouse (A. mystacinus) · Western Broad-toothed Field Mouse (A. (mystacinus) epimelas) · Ward's Field Mouse (A. pallipes) · Korean Field Mouse (A. peninsulae) · Black Sea Field Mouse (A. ponticus) · Kashmir Field Mouse (A. rusiges) · Taiwan Field Mouse (A. semotus) · Large Japanese Field Mouse (A. speciosus) · Wood Mouse (A. sylvaticus) · Ural Field Mouse (A. uralensis ) · Steppe Field Mouse (A. witherbyi) Tokudaia (Ryukyu spiny rats) Muennink's Spiny Rat (T. muenninki) · Ryukyu Spiny Rat (T. osimensis) · Tokunoshima Spiny Rat (T. tokunoshimensis) Arvicanthis Division Arvicanthis (Unstriped grass mice) Abyssinian Grass Rat (A. abyssinicus) · Sudanian Grass Rat (A. ansorgei) · Blick's Grass Rat (A. blicki) · Nairobi Grass Rat (A. nairobae) · Neumann's Grass Rat (A. neumanni) · African Grass Rat (A. niloticus) · Guinean Grass Rat (A. rufinus) Desmomys Harrington's Rat (D. harringtoni) · Yalden's Rat (D. yaldeni) Lemniscomys (Striped grass mice) Barbary Striped Grass Mouse (L. barbarus) · Bellier's Striped Grass Mouse (L. bellieri) · Griselda's Striped Grass Mouse (L. griselda) · Hoogstral's Striped Grass Mouse (L. hoogstraali) · Senegal One-striped Grass Mouse (L. linulus) · Buffoon Striped Grass Mouse (L. macculus) · Mittendorf's Striped Grass Mouse (L. mittendorfi) · Single-striped Grass Mouse (L. rosalia) · Rosevear's Striped Grass Mouse (L. roseveari) · Typical Striped Grass Mouse (L. striatus) · Heuglin's Striped Grass Mouse (L. zebra) Mylomys African Groove-toothed Rat (M. dybowskii) · M. rex Pelomys (Groove-toothed creek rats) Bell Groove-toothed Swamp Rat (P. campanae) · Creek Groove-toothed Swamp Rat (P. fallax) · Hopkins's Groove-toothed Swamp Rat (P. hopkinsi) · Issel's Groove-toothed Swamp Rat (P. isseli) · Least Groove-toothed Swamp Rat (P. minor) Rhabdomys R. dilectus · Four-Striped Grass Mouse (R. pumilio) Chrotomys Division Apomys Luzon Cordillera Forest Mouse (A. abrae) · Camiguin Forest Mouse (A. camiguinensis) · Luzon Montane Forest Mouse (A. datae) · Large Mindoro Forest Mouse (A. gracilirostris) · Mount Apo Forest Mouse (A. hylocoetes) · Mindanao Montane Forest Mouse (A. insignis) · Mindanao Lowland Forest Mouse (A. littoralis) · Small Luzon Forest Mouse (A. microdon) · Least Forest Mouse (A. musculus) · Long-nosed Luzon Forest Mouse (A. sacobianus) Archboldomys (Mount Isarog shrew rats) Mount Isarog Shrew Mouse (A. luzonensis) · Sierra Madre Shrew Mouse (A. musseri) · Cordillera Shrew-mouse (A. kalinga) Chrotomys (Luzon striped rats) Luzon Striped Rat (C. whiteheadi) · Mindoro Striped Rat (C. mindorensis) · Isarog Striped Shrew-Rat (C. gonzalesi) · Blazed Luzon Shrew Rat (C. silaceus) · Sibuyan Striped Shrew Rat (C. sibuyanensis) Rhynchomys (Shrewlike rats) Banahao Shrew Rat (R. banahao) · Isarog Shrewlike Rat (R. isarogensis) · Mount Data Shrew Rat (R. soricoides) · Tapulao Shrew Rat (R. tapulao)  Colomys, Crunomys, Dacnomys, Dasymys, Dasymys, Echiothrix, Golunda divisions Colomys Division Colomys African Wading Rat (C. goslingi) Nilopegamys Ethiopian Amphibious Rat (N. plumbeus) Zelotomys (Stink mice) Hildegarde's Broad-Headed Mouse (Z. hildegardeae) · Woosnam's Broad-Headed Mouse (Z. woosnami) Crunomys Division Crunomys Celebes Shrew Rat (C. celebensis) · Northern Luzon Shrew Rat (C. fallax) · Mindanao Shrew Rat (C. melanius) · Katanglad Shrew Mouse (C. suncoides) Sommeromys Sommer’s Sulawesi Rat (S. macrorhinos) Dacnomys Division Anonymomys Mindoro Climbing Rat (A. mindorensis) Chiromyscus Fea's Tree Rat (C. chiropus) Dacnomys Millard's Rat (D. millardi) Leopoldamys (Long-tailed giant rats) Sundaic Mountain Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. ciliatus) · Edwards's Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. edwardsi) · Millet's Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. milleti) · Neill's Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. neilli) · Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. sabanus) · Mentawai Long-tailed Giant Rat (L. siporanus) Niviventer (White-bellied rats) Anderson's White-bellied Rat (N. andersoni) · Brahma White-bellied Rat (N. brahma) · Cameron Highlands White-bellied Rat (N. cameroni) · Chinese White-bellied Rat (N. confucianus) · Coxing's White-bellied Rat (N. coninga) · Dark-tailed Tree Rat (N. cremoriventer) · Oldfield White-bellied Rat (N. culturatus) · Smoke-bellied Rat (N. eha) · Large White-bellied Rat (N. excelsior) · Montane Sumatran White-bellied Rat (N. fraternus) · Chestnut White-bellied Rat (N. fulvescens) · Limestone Rat (N. hinpoon) · Lang Bian White-bellied Rat (N. langbianis) · Narrow-tailed White-bellied Rat (N. lepturus) · Hainan White-bellied Rat (N. lotipes) · White-bellied Rat (N. niviventer) · Long-tailed Mountain Rat (N. rapit) · Tenasserim White-bellied Rat (N. tenaster) Saxatilomys Paulina’s Limestone Rat (S. paulinae) Srilankamys Ohiya Rat (S. ohiensis) Tonkinomys Daovantien’s Limestone Rat (T. daovantieni) Dasymys Division Dasymys (Shaggy swamp rats) Glover Allen's Shaggy Rat (D. alleni) · Crawford-Cabral's Shaggy Rat (D. cabrali) · Fox's Shaggy Rat (D. foxi) · African Marsh Rat (D. incomtus) · Montane Shaggy Rat (D. montanus) · Angolan Marsh Rat (D. nudipes) · Robert's Shaggy Rat (D. robertsii) · West African Shaggy Rat (D. rufulus) · Rwandan Shaggy Rat (D. rwandae) · D. shortridgei · Tanzanian Shaggy Rat (D. sua) Echiothrix Division Echiothrix Central Sulawesi Spiny Rat (E. centrosa) · Sulawesi Spiny Rat (E. leucura) Golunda Division Golunda Indian Bush Rat (G. ellioti)  Hadromys, Hybomys, Hydromys, Lorentzimys, Malacomys, Maxomys divisions Hadromys Division Hadromys (Manipur Bush Rat) Manipur Bush Rat (H. humei) · H. loujacobsi · Yunnan Bush Rat (H. yunnanensis) Hybomys Division Dephomys (Defua rats) Defua Rat (D. defua) · Ivory Coast Rat (D. eburneae) Hybomys (Hump-nosed mice) Eisentraut's Striped Mouse (H. badius) · Father Basilio's Striped Mouse (H. basilii) · Moon Striped Mouse (H. lunaris) · Miller's Striped Mouse (H. planifrons) · Temminck's Striped Mouse (H. trivirgatus) · Peters's Striped Mouse (H. univittatus) Stochomys Target Rat (S. longicaudatus) Hydromys Division Baiyankamys Mountain Water Rat (B. habbema) · Shaw Mayer's Water Rat (B. shawmayeri) Crossomys Earless Water Rat (C. moncktoni) Hydromys (Water rats) Rakali (H. chrysogaster) · Western Water Rat (H. hussoni) · New Britain Water Rat (H. neobrittanicus) · Ziegler's Water Rat (H. ziegleri) Microhydromys Southern Groove-toothed Shrew Mouse (M. argenteus) · Northern Groove-toothed Shrew Mouse (M. richardsoni) Parahydromys New Guinea Waterside Rat (P. asper) Paraleptomys Northern Water Rat (P. rufilatus) · Short-haired Water Rat (P. wilhelmina) Lorentzimys Division Lorentzimys New Guinean Jumping Mouse (L. nouhuysi) Malacomys Division Malacomys (Big-eared swamp rats) Cansdale's Swamp Rat (M. cansdalei) · Edward's Swamp Rat (M. edwardsi) · Big-eared Swamp Rat (M. longipes) Maxomys Division Maxomys (Rajah rats) Mountain Spiny Rat (M. alticola) · Small Spiny Rat (M. baeodon) · Bartels's Spiny Rat (M. bartelsii) · Dollman's Spiny Rat (M. dollmani) · Hellwald's Spiny Rat (M. hellwaldii) · Sumatran Spiny Rat (M. hylomyoides) · Malayan Mountain Spiny Rat (M. inas) · Fat-Nosed Spiny Rat (M. inflatus) · Mo's Spiny Rat (M. moi) · Musschenbroek's Spiny Rat (M. musschenbroekii) · Chestnut-Bellied Spiny Rat (M. ochraceiventer) · Pagai Spiny Rat (M. pagensis) · Palawan Spiny Rat (M. panglima) · Rajah Spiny Rat (M. rajah) · Red Spiny Rat (M. surifer) · Watts's Spiny Rat (M. wattsi) · Whitehead's Spiny Rat (M. whiteheadi)  Melasmothrix, Micromys, Millardia, Mus divisions Melasmothrix Division Melasmothrix Sulawesian Shrew Rat (M. naso) Tateomys (Greater Sulawesian shrew rats) Long-tailed Shrew Rat (T. macrocercus) · Tate's Shrew Rat (T. rhinogradoides) Micromys Division Chiropodomys (Pencil-tailed tree mice) Palawan Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. calamianensis) · Indomalayan Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. gliroides) · Koopman's Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. karlkoopmani) · Large Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. major) · Gray-bellied Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. muroides) · Small Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse (C. pusillus) Haeromys (Pygmy tree mice) Ranee Mouse (H. margarettae) · Minahassa Ranee Mouse (H. minahassae) · Lesser Ranee Mouse (H. pusillus) Hapalomys (Marmoset rats) Delacour's Marmoset Rat (H. delacouri) · Marmoset Rat (H. longicaudatus) Micromys Harvest Mouse (M. minutus) Vandeleuria (Long-tailed climbing mice) Nilgiri Long-tailed Tree Mouse (V. nilagirica) · Nolthenius's Long-tailed Climbing Mouse (V. nolthenii) · Asiatic Long-tailed Climbing Mouse (V. oleracea) Vernaya Red Climbing Mouse (V. fulva) Millardia Division Cremnomys Cutch Rat (C. cutchicus) · Elvira Rat (C. elvira) Diomys Crump's Mouse (D. crumpi) Madromys Blanford's Rat (M. blanfordi) Millardia (Asian soft-furred rats) Sand-colored Soft-furred Rat (M. gleadowi) · Miss Ryley's Soft-furred Rat (M. kathleenae) · Kondana Soft-furred Rat (M. kondana) · Soft-furred Rat (M. meltada) Mus Division Muriculus Ethiopian Striped Mouse (M. imberbis) Mus (Typical mice) Subgenus Coelomys: Sumatran Shrewlike Mouse (M. crociduroides) · Mayor's Mouse (M. mayori) · Gairdner's Shrewmouse (M. pahari) · Volcano Mouse (M. vulcani) M. lepidoides group: M. lepidoides Subgenus Mus: Little Indian Field Mouse (M. booduga) · Ryukyu Mouse (M. caroli) · Fawn-colored Mouse (M. cervicolor) · Cook's Mouse (M. cookii) · Cypriot Mouse (M. cypriacus) · Servant Mouse (M. famulus) · Sheath-tailed Mouse (M. fragilicauda) · Macedonian Mouse (M. macedonicus) · House mouse (M. musculus) · Shiny Little House Mouse of Pegu (M. nitidulus) · Steppe Mouse (M. spicilegus) · Algerian Mouse (M. spretus) · Earth-colored Mouse (M. terricolor) Subgenus Nannomys: Baoule's Mouse (M. baoulei) · Toad Mouse (M. bufo) · Callewaert's Mouse (M. callewaerti) · Gounda Mouse (M. goundae) · Hausa Mouse (M. haussa) · Desert Pygmy Mouse (M. indutus) · Mahomet Mouse (M. mahomet) · Matthey's Mouse (M. mattheyi) · African Pygmy Mouse (M. minutoides) · Temminck's Mouse (M. musculoides) · Neave's Mouse (M. neavei) · Free State Pygmy Mouse (M. orangiae) · Oubangui Mouse (M. oubanguii) · Peters's Mouse (M. setulosus) · Setzer's Pygmy Mouse (M. setzeri) · Thomas's Pygmy Mouse (M. sorella) · Delicate Mouse (M. tenellus) · Gray-Bellied Pygmy Mouse (M. triton) Subgenus Pyromys: Ceylon Spiny Mouse (M. fernandoni) · Phillips's Mouse (M. phillipsi) · Flat-Haired Mouse (M. platythrix) · Rock-loving Mouse (M. saxicola) · Shortridge's Mouse (M. shortridgei)  Oenomys, Phloeomys, Pithecheir divisions Oenomys Division Grammomys Arid Thicket Rat (G. aridulus) · G. brevirostris · Bunting's Thicket Rat (G. buntingi) · Gray-Headed Thicket Rat (G. caniceps) · Mozambique Thicket Rat (G. cometes) · Woodland Thicket Rat (G. dolichurus) · Forest Thicket Rat (G. dryas) · Giant Thicket Rat (G. gigas) · Ruwenzori Thicket Rat (G. ibeanus) · Eastern Rainforest Thicket Rat (G. kuru) · Macmillan's Thicket Rat (G. macmillani) · Ethiopian Thicket Rat (G. minnae) · Shining Thicket Rat (G. poensis) Lamottemys Mount Oku Rat (L. okuensis) Oenomys (Rufous-nosed rats) Common Rufous-nosed Rat (O. hypoxanthus) · Ghana Rufous-nosed Rat (O. ornatus) Thallomys (Acacia rats) Loring's Rat (T. loringi) · Black-Tailed Tree Rat (T. nigricauda) · Acacia Rat (T. paedulcus) · Shortridge's Rat (T. shortridgei) Thamnomys (Thicket rats) Kemp's Thicket Rat (T. kempi) · Hatt's Thicket Rat (T. major) · Charming Thicket Rat (T. venustus) Phloeomys Division Batomys (Luzon and Mindanao forest rats) Large-toothed Hairy-tailed Rat (B. dentatus) · Luzon Hairy-tailed Rat (B. granti) · Hamiguitan Hairy-tailed Rat (B. hamiguitan) · Dinagat Hairy-tailed Rat (B. russatus) · Mindanao Hairy-tailed Rat (B. salomonseni) Carpomys (Luzon rats) Short-footed Luzon Tree Rat (C. melanurus) · White-bellied Luzon Tree Rat (C. phaeurus) Crateromys (Cloudrunners) Dinagat Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat (C. australis) · Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat (C. schadenbergi) · Panay Cloudrunner (C. heaneyi) · Ilin Island Cloudrunner (C. paulus) Phloeomys (Slender-tailed cloud rats) Southern Giant Slender-Tailed Cloud Rat (P. cumingi) · Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat (P. pallidus) Pithecheir Division Eropeplus Sulawesi Soft-furred Rat (E. canus) Lenomys Trefoil-toothed Giant Rat (L. meyeri) Lenothrix Gray Tree Rat (L. canus) Margaretamys (Margareta's rats) Beccari's Margareta Rat (M. beccarii) · Elegant Margareta Rat (M. elegans) · Little Margareta Rat (M. parvus) Pithecheir (Monkey-footed rats) Red Tree Rat (P. melanurus) · Malayan Tree Rat (P. parvus) Pithecheirops Little-eared Tree Rat (P. otion)  Pogonomys, Pseudomys divisions Pogonomys Division Abeomelomys Highland Brush Mouse (A. sevia) Anisomys Squirrel-toothed Rat (A. imitator) Chiruromys Greater Tree Mouse (C. forbesi) · Lamia (C. lamia) · Lesser Tree Mouse (C. vates) Coccymys White-Toothed Brush Mouse (C. albidens) · C. kirrhos · Rümmler's Brush Mouse (C. ruemmleri) · C. shawmayeri Hyomys (White-eared rats) Western White-eared Giant Rat (H. dammermani) · Eastern White-eared Giant Rat (H. goliath) Macruromys (New Guinean rats) Lesser Small-toothed Rat (M. elegans) · Eastern Small-toothed Rat (M. major) Mallomys (Giant tree rats) De Vis's Woolly Rat (M. aroaensis) · Alpine Woolly Rat (M. gunung) · Subalpine Woolly Rat (M. istapantap) · Rothschild's Woolly Rat (M. rothschildi) · Bosavi Woolly Rat (M. sp. nov.) · Arfak Woolly Rat (M. sp. nov.) · Foja Woolly Rat (M. sp. nov.) Mammelomys Large-scaled Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. lanosus) · Large Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. rattoides) Pogonomelomys (Rummler's mosaic tailed rats) Lowland Brush Mouse (P. bruijni) · Shaw Mayer's Brush Mouse (P. mayeri) Pogonomys (Prehensile-tailed rats) Champion's Tree Mouse (P. championi) · D'Entrecasteaux Archipelago Tree Mouse (P. fergussoniensis) · Large Tree Mouse (P. loriae) · Chestnut Tree Mouse (P. macrourus) · Prehensile-tailed Rat (P. mollipilosus) · Gray-bellied Tree Mouse (P. sylvestris) Xenuromys Mimic Tree-Rat (X. barbatus) Pseudomys Division Conilurus Brush-Tailed Rabbit Rat (C. penicillatus) Leggadina Forrest's Mouse (L. forresti) · Lakeland Downs Mouse (L. lakedownensis) Leporillus (Australian stick-nest rats) Lesser Stick-nest Rat (L. apicalis) · Greater Stick-Nest Rat (L. conditor) Mastacomys Broad-toothed Mouse (M. fuscus) Mesembriomys (Tree rats) Black-footed Tree-rat (M. gouldii) · Golden-Backed Tree Rat (M. macrurus) Notomys (Australian hopping mice) Spinifex Hopping Mouse (N. alexis) · Northern Hopping Mouse (N. aquilo) · Fawn Hopping Mouse (N. cervinus) · Dusky Hopping Mouse (N. fuscus) · Mitchell's Hopping Mouse (N. mitchellii) Pseudomys (Australian native mice) Ash-grey Mouse (P. albocinereus) · Silky Mouse (P. apodemoides) · Plains Rat (P. australis) · Bolam's Mouse (P. bolami) · Kakadu Pebble-mound Mouse (P. calabyi) · Western Pebble-mound Mouse (P. chapmani) · Little Native Mouse (P. delicatulus) · Desert Mouse (P. desertor) · Shark Bay Mouse (P. fieldi) · Smoky Mouse (P. fumeus) · Eastern Chestnut Mouse (P. gracilicaudatus) · Sandy Inland Mouse (P. hermannsburgensis) · Long-tailed Mouse (P. higginsi) · Central Pebble-mound Mouse (P. johnsoni) · Western Chestnut Mouse (P. nanus) · New Holland Mouse (P. novaehollandiae) · Western Mouse (P. occidentalis) · Hastings River Mouse (P. oralis) · Country Mouse (P. patrius) · Pilliga Mouse (P. pilligaensis) · Heath Mouse (P. shortridgei) Zyzomys (Thick-tailed rats) Common Rock Rat (Z. argurus) · Arnhem Land Rock Rat (Z. maini) · Carpentarian Rock Rat (Z. palatilis) · Central Rock Rat (Z. pedunculatus) · Kimberley Rock Rat (Z. woodwardi)  Rattus division Abditomys Luzon Broad-toothed Rat (A. latidens) Bandicota (Bandicoot rats) Lesser Bandicoot Rat (B. bengalensis) · Greater Bandicoot Rat (B. indica) · Savile's Bandicoot Rat (B. savilei) Berylmys (White-toothed rats) Small White-toothed Rat (B. berdmorei) · Bower's White-toothed Rat (B. bowersi) · Kenneth's White-toothed Rat (B. mackenziei) · Manipur White-toothed Rat (B. manipulus) Bullimus Bagobo Rat (B. bagobus) · Camiguin Forest Rat (B. gamay) · Lagre Luzon Forest Rat (B. luzonicus) Bunomys Andrew's Hill Rat (B. andrewsi) · Yellow-Haired Hill Rat (B. chrysocomus) · Heavenly Hill Rat (B. coelestis) · Fraternal Hill Rat (B. fratrorum) · Heinrich's Hill Rat (B. heinrichi) · Inland Hill Rat (B. penitus) · Long-Headed Hill Rat (B. prolatus) Diplothrix Ryukyu Long-tailed Giant Rat (D. legatus) Kadarsanomys Sody's Tree Rat (K. sodyi) Komodomys Komodo Rat (K. rintjanus) Limnomys Gray-bellied Mountain Rat (L. bryophilus) · Mindanao Mountain Rat (L. sibuanus) Nesokia Bunn's Short-tailed Bandicoot Rat (N. bunnii) · Short-tailed Bandicoot Rat (N. indica) Nesoromys Ceram Rat (N. ceramicus) Palawanomys Palawan Soft-Furred Mountain Rat (P. furvus) Papagomys Flores Giant Rat (P. armandvillei) Paruromys Sulawesi Giant Rat (P. dominator) Paulamys Flores Long-nosed Rat (P. naso) Rattus (Typical rats) Annandale's Rat (R. annandalei) · Enggano Rat (R. enganus) · Philippine Forest Rat (R. everetti) · Polynesian Rat (R. exulans) · Hainald's Rat (R. hainaldi) · Hoogerwerf's Rat (R. hoogerwerfi) · Korinch's Rat (R. korinchi) · Nillu Rat (R. montanus) · Molaccan Prehensile-tailed Rat (R. morotaiensis) · Kerala Rat (R. ranjiniae) · New Ireland Rat (R. sanila) · Andaman Rat (R. stoicus) · Timor Rat (R. timorensis) R. norvegicus group: Himalayan Field Rat (R. nitidus) · Brown Rat (R. norvegicus) · Turkestan Rat (R. pyctoris) R. rattus group: Sunburned Rat (R. adustus) · Sikkim Rat (R. andamanensis) · Rice-field Rat (R. argentiventer) · Summit Rat (R. baluensis) · Aceh Rat (R. blangorum) · Nonsense Rat (R. burrus) · Hoffmann's Rat (R. hoffmanni) · Koopman's Rat (R. koopmani) · Lesser Rice-field Rat (R. losea) · Mentawai Rat (R. lugens) · Mindoro Black Rat (R. mindorensis) · Little Soft-furred Rat (R. mollicomulus) · Osgood's Rat (R. osgoodi) · Palm Rat (R. palmarum) · Black Rat (R. rattus) · Sahyadris Forest Rat (R. satarae) · Simalur Rat (R. simalurensis) · Tanezumi Rat (R. tanezumi) · Tawi-Tawi Forest Rat (R. tawitawiensis) · Malayan Field Rat (R. tiomanicus) R. xanthurus group: Bonthain Rat (R. bontanus) · Opossum Rat (R. marmosurus) · Peleng Rat (R. pelurus) · R. salocco · Yellow-tailed Rat (R. xanthurus) R. leucopus group: Arfak Rat (R. arfakiensis) · Western New Guinea Mountain Rat (R. arrogans) · Sula Rat (R. elaphinus) · Spiny Ceram Rat (R. feliceus) · Giluwe Rat (R. giluwensis) · Japen Rat (R. jobiensis) · Cape York Rat (R. leucopus) · Eastern Rat (R. mordax) · Moss-forest Rat (R. niobe) · New Guinean Rat (R. novaeguineae) · Arianus's Rat (R. omichlodes) · Pocock’s Highland Rat (R. pococki) · Spiny Rat (R. praetor) · Glacier Rat (R. richardsoni) · Stein's Rat (R. steini) · Van Deusen's Rat (R. vandeuseni) · Slender Rat (R. verecundus) R. fuscipes group: Dusky Rat (R. collettia) · Bush Rat (R. fuscipes) · Australian Swamp Rat (R. lutreolus) · Dusky Field Rat (R. sordidus) · Pale Field Rat (R. tunneyi) · Long-haired Rat (R. villosissimus) Sundamys (Giant Sunda rats) Mountain Giant Sunda Rat (S. infraluteus) · Bartels's Rat (S. maxi) · Müller's Giant Sunda Rat (S. muelleri) Taeromys Salokko Rat (T. arcuatus) · Lovely-Haired Rat (T. callitrichus) · Celebes Rat (T. celebensis) · Sulawesi Montane Rat (T. hamatus) · Small-eared Rat (T. microbullatus) · Sulawesi Forest Rat (T. punicans) · Tondano Rat (T. taerae) Tarsomys Long-footed Rat (T. apoensis) · Spiny Long-footed Rat (T. echinatus) Tryphomys Luzon Short-nosed Rat (T. adustus)  Stenocephalomys, Uromys, Xeromys divisions Stenocephalomys Division Heimyscus African Smoky Mouse (H. fumosus) Hylomyscus (African wood mice) H. aeta group: Beaded Wood Mouse (H. aeta) · H. grandis H. alleni group: Allen's Wood Mouse (H. alleni) · Angolan Wood Mouse (H. carillus) · Stella Wood Mouse (H. stella) · Walter Verheyeni's Mouse (H. walterverheyeni) H. anselli group: Ansell's Wood Mouse (H. anselli) · Arc Mountain Wood Mouse (H. arcimontensis) H. baeri group: Baer's Wood Mouse (H. baeri) H. denniae group: Montane Wood Mouse (H. denniae) · Small-footed Forest Mouse (H. endorobae) · H. vulcanorum H. parvus group: Little Wood Mouse (H. parvus) Mastomys (Multimammate rats) Awash Multimammate Mouse (M. awashensis) · Southern Multimammate Mouse (M. coucha) · Guinea Multimammate Mouse (M. erythroleucus) · Hubert's Multimammate Mouse (M. huberti) · Verheyen's Multimammate Mouse (M. kollmannspergeri) · Natal Multimammate Mouse (M. natalensis) · Dwarf Multimammate Mouse (M. pernanus) · Shortridge's Multimammate Mouse (M. shortridgei) Myomyscus (Multimammate rats) Angolan Multimammate Mouse (M. angolensis) · Brockman's Rock Mouse (M. brockmani) · Verreaux's Mouse (M. verreauxii) · Yemeni Mouse (M. yemeni) Praomys (African soft-furred rats) P. coetzeei · Dalton's Mouse (P. daltoni) · De Graaff's Soft-furred Mouse (P. degraaffi) · Delectable Soft-furred Mouse (P. delectorum) · Deroo's Mouse (P. derooi) · Hartwig's Soft-furred Mouse (P. hartwigi) · Jackson's Soft-furred Mouse (P. jacksoni) · Lukolela Swamp Rat (P. lukolelae) · Least Soft-furred Mouse (P. minor) · Misonne's Soft-furred Mouse (P. misonnei) · Cameroon Soft-furred Mouse (P. morio) · Muton's Soft-furred Mouse (P. mutoni) · Gotel Mountain Soft-furred Mouse (P. obscurus) · Peter's Soft-furred Mouse (P. petteri) · Forest Soft-furred Mouse (P. rostratus) · Tullberg's Soft-furred Mouse (P. tullbergi) · Verschuren's Swamp Rat (P. verschureni) Stenocephalemys (Ethiopian narrow-headed rats) Ethiopian White-footed Mouse (S. albipes) · Ethiopian Narrow-headed Rat (S. albocaudata) · Gray-tailed Narrow-headed Rat (S. griseicauda) · Rupp's Mouse (S. ruppi) Uromys Division Melomys (Banana rats) Dusky Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. aerosus) · Rossel Island Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. arcium) · Bannister's Rat (M. bannisteri) · Bougainville Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. bougainville) · Grassland Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. burtoni) · Cape York Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. capensis) · Short-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. caurinus) · Fawn-footed Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. cervinipes) · Yamdena Island Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. cooperae) · Dollman's Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. dollmani) · Manusela Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. fraterculus) · Snow Mountains Grassland Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. frigicola) · Seram Long-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. fulgens) · Riama Island Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. howi) · White-bellied Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. leucogaster) · Papua Grassland Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. lutillus) · Manus Island Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. matambuai) · Obi Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. obiensis) · Pavel's Seram Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. paveli) · Bramble Cay Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. rubicola) · Black-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. rufescens) · Buka Island Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. spechti) · Long-tailed Talaud Mosaic-tailed Rat (M. talaudium) Paramelomys Gressit's Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. gressitti) · Long-nosed Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. levipes) · Lorentz's Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. lorentzii) · Thomas's Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. mollis) · Moncton's Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. moncktoni) · P. naso · Lowland Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. platyops) · Mountain Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. rubex) · P. steini Protochromys Red-bellied Mosaic-tailed Rat (P. fellowsi) Solomys (Naked-tailed rats) Poncelet's Giant Rat (S. ponceleti) · Florida Naked-tailed Rat (S. salamonis) · Bougainville Naked-tailed Rat (S. salebrosus) · Isabel Naked-tailed Rat (S. sapientis) · Buka Island Naked-tailed Rat (S. spriggsarum) Uromys (Giant naked-tailed rats) Giant Naked-tailed Rat (U. anak) · Biak Giant Rat (U. boeadii) · Giant White-tailed Rat (U. caudimaculatus) · Emma's Giant Rat (U. emmae) · Masked White-tailed Rat (U. hadrourus) · Bismarck Giant Rat (U. neobritanicus) · King Rat (U. rex) · Great Key Island Giant Rat (U. siebersi) Xeromys Division Leptomys L. arfakensis · Long-footed Water Rat (L. elegans) · Ernst Mayr's Water Rat (L. ernstmayri) · L. paulus · Fly River Water Rat (L. signatus) Pseudohydromys (New Guinea false water rats) Bishop moss-mouse (P. berniceae) · Huon Smalltoothed Moss-mouse (P. carlae) · Laurie’s Moss-mouse (P. eleanorae) · One-toothed Shrew-mouse (P. ellermani) · Mottled-tailed Shrew Mouse (P. fuscus) · German' s One-toothed Moss Mouse (P. germani) · Eastern Shrew Mouse (P. murinus) · Musser's Shrew Mouse (P. musseri) · Western Shrew Mouse (P. occidentalis) · Woolley’s Moss-mouse (P. patriciae) · Southern Small-toothed Moss-mouse (P. pumehanae) · White-bellied Moss-mouse (P. sandrae) Xeromys False Water Rat (X. myoides)  Otomys division Myotomys (African karoo rats) Sloggett's Vlei Rat (M. sloggetti) · Bush Vlei Rat (M. unisulcatus) Otomys (Vlei rats) Angolan Vlei Rat (O. anchietae) · Angoni Vlei Rat (O. angoniensis) · Barbour's Vlei Rat (O. barbouri) · Burton's Vlei Rat (O. burtoni) · Cuanza Vlei Rat (O. cuanzensis) · Ruwenzori Vlei Rat (O. dartmouthi) · Dent's Vlei Rat (O. denti) · Dollman's Vlei Rat (O. dollmani) · Southern African Vlei Rat (O. irroratus) · Mount Elgon Vlei Rat (O. jacksoni) · Tanzanian Vlei Rat (O. lacustris) · Laminate Vlei Rat (O. laminatus) · Large Vlei Rat (O. maximus) · Western Vlei Rat (O. occidentalis) · Afroalpine Vlei Rat (O. orestes) · Saunder's Vlei Rat (O. saundersiae) · Tropical Vlei Rat (O. tropicalis) · Typical Vlei Rat (O. typus) · Uzungwe Vlei Rat (O. uzungwensis) Parotomys (Whistling rats) Brants's Whistling Rat (P. brantsii) · Littledale's Whistling Rat (P. littledalei)  Others Mirzamys Mirza’s Western Moss Rat (M. louiseae) · Mirza’s Eastern Moss Rat 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