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The following is a list of famous people born in Ohio, and people who spent significant periods of their lives living in Ohio. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Contents 1 Journalists, photojournalists, writers, cartoonists, poets, authors, playwrights, screenwriters, film directors, film producers, critics, etc. 2 Politicians, public servants, public officeholders, etc. 3 Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, etc. 4 Actors, models, and miscellaneous performers 5 Miscellaneous celebrities 6 Singers, musicians, composers, songwriters, conductors, etc. 7 Soldiers, sailors, etc. 8 Architects, inventors, explorers, adventurers, astronauts, aviators, spies, etc. 9 Athletes, coaches, etc. 10 Businesspeople, entrepreneurs, etc. 11 Publishers, media moguls, etc. 12 Activists, philanthropists, public agitators, advocates, lawyers, etc. 13 Criminals 14 Scholars, scientists, historians, theorists, philosophers, opinionists, etc. 15 Educators, religious leaders, lecturers, motivational speakers, self-help gurus, etc. 16 See also 17 References Journalists, photojournalists, writers, cartoonists, poets, authors, playwrights, screenwriters, film directors, film producers, critics, etc. Berenice Abbott (journalist, photographer) (Springfield) Karen Ackerman (author) (Cincinnati) Sherwood Anderson (author) (Camden/Clyde) R.W. Apple, Jr. (journalist and author) (Akron) Brian Azzarello (comic book writer) (Cleveland) Natalie Barney (author) (Dayton) Billy Bass (radio host, program director) (Cleveland) Brian Michael Bendis (comic book writer) (Cleveland) Greg Berg (character actor-voce talent) (Cleveland/Akron) Ambrose Bierce (author) (Meigs County) Hanne Blank (author) (Cleveland) Erma Bombeck (newspaper columnist, author) (Dayton) Louis Bromfield (author) (Mansfield) Raymond Buckland (author) (Warren) Michael Buckley (author) (Akron) Milton Caniff (cartoonist) (Dayton) Vincent J. Cardinal (playwright & director) (Kent) Alice Cary (poet) (Cincinnati) Charles Chesnutt (writer) (Cleveland) Chris Columbus (film director) (Warren) Ian Corrigan (author, liturgist) (Warren) Jerome Corsi (author) (East Cleveland) Carol Costello (CNN correspondent) (Minerva) Hart Crane (poet) (Garrettsville) Wes Craven (film director) (Cleveland) Michael Cunningham (author) (Cincinnati) William H. Daniels (cinematographer) (Cleveland) Khashyar Darvich (film producer, director)(Oxford, Cleveland) Stephen Donaldson (author) (Cleveland) Rita Dove (poet) (Akron) Paul Laurence Dunbar (poet) (Dayton) Harlan Ellison (author) (Cincinnati) Mel Epstein (film producer) (Dayton) Joe Eszterhas (screenwriter) (Cleveland) Paul Gilger (playwright, set designer, architect) (Mansfield) Bob Greene (newspaper columnist) (Columbus) Zane Grey (author) (Zanesville) Cathy Guisewite (cartoonist) (Dayton) Stephen Gyllenhaal (film director, poet) (Cleveland) Virginia Hamilton (children's author) (Yellow Springs) Benjamin Hanby (writer, composer) (Rushville, Westerville) Bill Hemmer (news anchor for Fox News) (Cincinnati) William Dean Howells (author, critic) Langston Hughes (poet) (Cleveland) Jim Jarmusch (film director) (Akron) Joe Kernen (CNBC news anchor) (Cincinnati) Katharine Kerr (sci-fi/fantasy author) (Cleveland) Jerome Lawrence (writer) (Cleveland) Robert Edwin Lee (writer) (Elyria) Brett Leonard (film director) (Toledo) Mark L. Lester (film director) (Cleveland) Dwight H. Little (director) (Cleveland) Sorche Nic Leodhas – (writer, recipient of Newbery Honor and Caldecott Medal) (Youngstown) Bryan Malessa (author) (Chagrin Falls) Robin Meade (CNN news anchor) (New London) Nick G. Miller (screenwriter, film producer, film director) (Dayton)\ Christopher Moore (Author) (Toledo)\ Toni Morrison (author) (Lorain) Nema (author, liturgist) (Logan) Dudley Nichols (screenwriter) (Wapakoneta) Andre Norton (author) (Cleveland) Frederick Burr Opper (cartoonist, creator of Happy Hooligan) (Madison) P. J. O'Rourke (political satirist, author) (Toledo) Paul Palnik {artist,cartoonist} (Cleveland) Harvey Pekar (author) (Cleveland) Bob Peterson (animator, director) (Wooster/Dover) Dav Pilkey (author) (Cleveland) David Pogue (columnist) (Shaker Heights) Ted Rall (editorial cartoonist) (Kettering) Terry Ryan (author) (Defiance) wrote The Prize Winning Mother from Defiance, Ohio, later made into a film Bill Sammon (Fox News Washington Managing Editor) (Cleveland) Martin Savidge (television journalist) (Rocky River) Dominic Sena (film director) (Niles) Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of Superman (Cleveland) Marisa Silver (film director) (Shaker Heights) David C. Smith (novelist) (Youngstown) Jeff Smith (cartoonist) (Columbus) Al Snow (professional wrestler) (Lima) Tony Snow (news anchor) (Cincinnati) Stephen Sommers (film director, screenwriter) (Dayton) Steven Spielberg (film director, film producer) (Cincinnati) R. L. Stine (author) (Columbus) Harriet Beecher Stowe (author) (Cincinnati) Lowell Thomas (commentator/author) (Woodington) James Thurber (author, cartoonist) (Columbus) George Trendle (radio/TV producer) (Norwalk) Lee Unkrich (film director and editor) (Cleveland) Michael Wadleigh (film director) (Akron) Paula Wagner (film producer) (Youngstown) Brad Warner (author) (Akron) Jack Warner (movie mogul) (Youngstown) Harvey Wasserman (author, political activist) (Columbus) Lew Wasserman (studio executive) (Cleveland) Daniel Waters (screenwriter) (Cleveland) Bill Watterson (cartoonist) David Whitney (author) (Youngstown) Gerri Willis (news anchor for Fox Business Network) (Cincinnati) Politicians, public servants, public officeholders, etc. See also: List of Ohio politicians Charles Anderson (Ohio governor) (Dayton) Frank J. Battisti (judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio) (Youngstown) Albert J. Beveridge (political leader) (Highland) Ken Blackwell (politician) (Cincinnati) Blue Jacket (Shawnee Indian Chief) (presently known as Ross County) William Jennings Bryan (U.S. presidential candidate) (Salem) Henry Lawrence Burnett – (prosecutor in trial for Abraham Lincoln assassination) (Youngstown) Prescott Bush (U.S. Senator, businessman) (Columbus) William Case (Cleveland) Steve Chabot (politician, former U.S. representative) (Cincinnati) James M. Cox (Governor, Presidential candidate, Media mogul) (Dayton) Charles G. Dawes (politician) William R. Day (US Supreme Court Justice) (Ravenna/Canton) John Dean (White House Counsel to President Nixon) (Akron) R. Michael DeWine (politician, U.S. Senator) (Cedarville) Steve Driehaus (politician, U.S. representative) (Cincinnati) James A. Garfield (Civil War general, U.S. president) James Rudolph Garfield (U.S. Interior Secretary) John J. Gilligan (politician, Ohio Governor) Bill Gradison (politician, U.S. representative) Ulysses S. Grant (soldier, politician, U.S. president) (Point Pleasant) Warren G. Harding (U.S. president) (Blooming Grove/Caledonia) Andrew L. Harris (Civil War general, U.S. Commissioner, Ohio Governor) Benjamin Harrison (soldier, politician, U.S. president) (North Bend) Dave Hobson (politician, U.S. representative) (Springfield) Rutherford B. Hayes (politician, U.S. president) (Delaware) Nathaniel R. Jones (judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit) (Youngstown) Michael J. Kirwan (politician, U.S. representative) (Youngstown) Dennis Kucinich (politician) Kenesaw Mountain Landis (federal judge, baseball commissioner) (Millville) Frank Lausche (Ohio Senator and Governor) Neil H. McElroy (businessman666, cabinet secretary) William McKinley (U.S. president) (Niles) Arthur Ernest Morgan (college president, hydraulic engineer, TVA administrator) Chief Pontiac (Ottawa Indian Chief) James A. Rhodes (politician, Ohio Governor) (Jackson) Christina Romer (chair of Council of Economic Advisers) (Canton) William Saxbe (U.S. Senator, U.S. Attorney General, Ambassador to India) Kathleen Sebelius (U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, former Governor of Kansas) (Cincinnati) Donna Edna Shalala (U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, 1993–2001) Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary) (Cincinnati) William Howard Taft (politician, jurist, U.S. president, chief justice) (Cincinnati) Robert A. Taft I (politician) (Cincinnati) Robert Taft (Jr.) Robert A. Taft II (politician, Ohio governor) Charles Phelps Taft II, Mayor of Cincinnati Norman Thomas (politician) (Marion) David Tod (governor) (Youngstown) James Traficant (politician, U.S. representative) (Youngstown) Clement Vallandigham (politician, activist) (Dayton) George Voinovich (politician) (Cleveland) Brand Whitlock (politician, diplomat) Jay Williams, (mayor) (Youngstown) Mary Ellen Withrow, (U.S. Treasurer) (Marion) Victoria Claflin Woodhull (first woman to be nominated President) (Homer, Licking County) Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, etc. William Jacob Baer (painter) George Bellows (painter) (Columbus) Charles E. Burchfield, (painter) (Ashtabula Harbor) Joseph DeCamp, (painter) (Cincinnati) Jim Dine (painter, sculptor) (Cincinnati) Carl Gaertner (painter) (Cleveland) Ann Hamilton (artist) (Lima) Robert Henri (painter) (Cincinnati) Jenny Holzer, (conceptual artist) (Gallipolis) Joseph Kosuth, (conceptual artist) (Toledo) Maya Lin (sculptor) (Athens) Robert E. L. Rainey (artist) (North Canton) Herb Roe (painter) (Portsmouth) Alice Schille (painter) (Columbus) Fred Schrier (comic book artist) (Kirtland) Dave Sheridan (comic book artist) (Cleveland) Lily Martin Spencer (painter) (Avondale/Marietta) Tom Tsuchiya (sculptor) (Cincinnati) John Henry Twachtman (painter) (Cincinnati) Tom Wesselmann (pop artist) (Cincinnati) Clarence White (photographer) (West Carlisle/Newark) Worthington Whittredge (painter) (Springfield) Dare Wright (photographer, children's author) Actors, models, and miscellaneous performers Jake Abel (actor) (Canton) Josh Radnor (actor) (Bexley) Lola Albright (actor) (Akron) Tom Aldredge (actor) (Dayton) Louis Aldrich (actor) (unknown)[1] Corey Allen (actor) (Cleveland) Catherine Bach (actor) (Warren) Jim Backus (actor) (Cleveland) Kaye Ballard (actor) (Cleveland) Gerry Bamman (actor) (Toledo) Lisa Banes (actor) (Chagrin Falls) Theda Bara (actor) (Avondale) Majel Barrett (actor) (Columbus) Billy Bass (broadcaster) (Cleveland) Vanessa Bayer (actor, comediene) (Cleveland) Ned Bellamy (actor) (Dayton) Halle Berry (actor, fashion model) (Cleveland) Jonathan Bennett (actor) (Rossford) David Birney (actor) (Cleveland) John Bixler (actor) (Shaker Heights) Susan Blackwell (actor) (Dayton) Nina Blackwood (veejay) (Cleveland) Tina Bockrath (model) (Dayton) J. Paul Boehmer (actor) (Dayton) Mark Boone Junior (actor) (Cincinnati) Andrea Bowen (actor) (Columbus) Bill Boyd (actor) Bob Braun (talk show host) (Cincinnati) Thom Brennaman (sportscaster) (Cincinnati) Richard Brooks (actor) (Cleveland) Charles Brown (actor) (Cleveland) Clancy Brown (actor) (Urbana) Woody Brown (actor) (Dayton) Jarrod Bunch (actor, ex-football player) (Ashtabula) Michelle Burke (actor) (Defiance) Brandy Burre (actor) (Sandusky) Steve Burton (actor) (Cleveland) Ralph Byrd (actor) (Dayton) Marion Byron (actor) (Dayton) Mary Katherine Campbell (Miss America 1922, 1923) Drew Carey (actor, comedian) (Cleveland) Rocky Carroll (actor) (Cincinnati) Nancy Cartwright (voice performer) (Kettering/Dayton) George Chakiris (actor) (Norwood) Damian Chapa (actor) (Dayton) Justin Chambers (actor) (Springfield) Dave Chappelle (comedian, actor) (Yellow Springs) Marguerite Clark (actor) (Avondale) Mystro Clark (actor) (Dayton) George Clooney (actor) (Cincinnati) Ray Combs (game show host) (Hamilton) Tim Conway (actor, comedian) (Willoughby) Chuck Cooper (actor) (Cleveland) Laura Cover (model) Yvonne Craig (actor) (Columbus) Catalina Cruz (former fitness model turned porn star) Beverly D'Angelo (actor) (Columbus) Dorothy Dandridge (actor) Frank Daniels (actor, Captain Jinks) (Dayton) Doris Day (actor) (Cincinnati) Carmella DeCesare (model) (Avon Lake) Ruby Dee (actor) (Cleveland) John Diehl (actor) (Cincinnati) Phyllis Diller (actor, comedian) (Lima) Jim Dine (painter, sculptor) (Cincinnati) Phil Donahue (talk show host) (Cleveland/Dayton) Brian Donlevy (actor) (Cleveland) Mike Douglas (actor) (Cleveland) Sue Downey (Miss USA 1965) Hugh Downs (broadcaster) (Lima, Akron) Keir Dullea (actor) (Cleveland) Ryan Dunn (actor) (Medina) Carmen Electra (model, actor) (Cincinnati/White Oak) Joe Estevez (actor) (Dayton) Angie Everhart (fashion model) (Akron) Sean Faris (actor, model) (Parma) Jamie Farr (actor) (Toledo) Suzanne Farrell (dancer) (Cincinnati) Susan Floyd (actor) (Cincinnati) Joe Flynn (actor) (Youngstown) Alan Freed (radio show host, namer of "Rock 'n Roll") (Cleveland) Clark Gable (actor) (Cadiz) Mike Gallagher (syndicated talk radio host) (Dayton) Teri Garr (actor) (Lakewood) Dorothy Gish (actor) Lillian Gish (actor) (Springfield) Carlin Glynn (actor) (Cleveland) Maggie Grace (actor) (Columbus) David Graf (actor) (Lancaster) Joel Grey (actor, singer, dancer) (Cleveland) Julie Hagerty (actor) (Cincinnati) Kathryn Hahn (actor) (Cleveland Heights) Arsenio Hall (comedian, talk show host, actor) (Cleveland) Porter Hall (actor) (Cincinnati) Margaret Hamilton (actor) (Cleveland) Scott Hamilton (ice skater) (Bowling Green) Dorian Harewood (actor) (Dayton) Woody Harrelson (actor) (Lebanon) Rachael Harris (actress/comedienne) (Worthington) Steve Harvey (comedian/actor) (Cleveland) Taylor Hayes (cheesecake model) Patricia Heaton (actor) (Bay Village) Anne Heche (actor) (Aurora) Eileen Heckart (actor) (Columbia) Tim Henson (Internet Microcelebrity) (Ashtabula) Hugh Hewitt (radio talk show host) (Warren) Tiffany Hines (actress, singer) (Cincinnati) Michael Hitchcock (actor) (Defiance) John Hockenberry (broadcaster) (Dayton) Stephanie Hodge (actress) (Wilmington) Hal Holbrook (actor) (Cleveland) Lindsay Hollister (actress) (Columbus) John Holmes (adult entertainment performer)(Ashville) Katie Holmes (actor) (Toledo) Bob Hope (comedian, actor) (Cleveland) John Howard (actor) (Cleveland) Terrence Howard (actor) (Cleveland) Chrissie Hynde (musician) (Akron) Dean Jagger (actor) (Columbus Grove) Elsie Janis (actor) (Columbus) Allison Janney (actor) (Dayton) Ken Jenkins (actor) (Dayton) Ron Jeremy (Porn Star) (Clintonville) Toccara Elaine Jones (contestant on America's Next Top Model)(Dayton) Gordon Jump (actor) (Dayton) Carol Kane (actor) (Cleveland) Melina Kanakaredes (actor) (Akron) Michael Kent (comedian/magician) (Urbana) Perry King (actor) (Alliance) Scott Klace (actor) (Westerville) Robert Knepper (actor in Prison Break)(Maumee) Heather Kozar (model) (Akron) Allie LaForce (Miss Teen USA 2005) (Vermilion) Eric Lange (actor) (Hamilton) A. J. Langer (actor) (Columbus) Dick Latessa (actor) (Cleveland) Joshua LeBar (actor) (Cincinnati) Reggie Lee (actor) (Cleveland) Rex Lee (actor) (Warren) Hudson Leick (actor) (Cincinnati) Braeden Lemasters (actor) (Warren) Ted Levine (actor) (Parma) Mitchell Lichtenstein (actor) (Cleveland) John Lithgow (actor) (Yellow Springs) Traci Lords (actress) (Steubenville) Todd Louiso (actor) (Cincinnati) Chad Lowe (actor) (Dayton) Rob Lowe (actor) (Dayton) Paul Lynde (actor) (Mount Vernon) Mike Malloy (radio talk show host) (Toledo) Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (reality television star)(Youngstown) Marie Masters (actor) (Cincinnati) Dean Martin (actor) (Steubenville) Jacquelyn Mayer (Miss America 1963) (Sandusky) Diane McBain (actor) (Cleveland) Gates McFadden (actor) (Cuyahoga Falls) Maeve McGuire (actor) (Cleveland) Robin Meade (news anchor, Miss Ohio 1992) (New London) Burgess Meredith (actor) (Cleveland) Marilyn Meseke (Miss America 1938) Mark Metcalf (actor) (Findlay) W. Chrystie Miller (actor) (Dayton) Walter Miller (actor) (Dayton) Ryan Mitchell (actor) Debra Monk (actor) (Middletown) Greg Morris (actor) (Columbus) Martin Mull (comedian, actor) (North Ridgeville) John Newland (actor) (Cincinnati) Paul Newman (actor) (Cleveland) Stephen Nichols (actor) (Cincinnati) Don Novello (comedian, actor) (Ashtabula) Ed O'Neill (actor) (Youngstown) Maila Nurmi, Vampira (actor) (Ashtabula) Annie Oakley (markswoman) (Greenville) Jack Paar (talk show host) (Canton) Lawanda Page (actor) (Cleveland) Adrianne Palicki (actor) (Toledo) Eleanor Parker (actor) (Cedarville) Sarah Jessica Parker (actor) (Cincinnati/Nelsonville) Dan Patrick (sportscaster, talk show host) (Mason) Robert Patrick (actor) (Cleveland) Scott Paulin (actor) (Steubenville) Austin Pendleton (actor) (Warren) Ce Ce Peniston (model, Miss Black Arizona 1989) (Dayton) Susan Perkins (Miss America 1978) Max Perlich (actor) (Cleveland) Luke Perry (actor) (Fredericktown) Tom Poston (actor) (Columbus) Monica Potter (actor) (Cleveland) Tyrone Power (actor) (Cincinnati) Nicole Pulliam (actor) (Columbus) Victor Raider-Wexler (actor) (Toledo) Marge Redmond (actor) (Cleveland) Sy Richardson (actor) (Cincinnati) Raven Riley (adult entertainment performer) Jess Robbins (actor) (Dayton) Jenny Robertson (actor) (Cincinnati) Roy Rogers (actor) (Cincinnati/Lucasville) Ted Ross (actor) (Dayton) Mike Rotch (porn star) Alan Ruck (actor) (Cleveland) Jeffrey D. Sams (actor) (Cincinnati) Gary Sandy (actor) (Dayton) Sherri Saum (actor) (Dayton) Kim Seelbrede (Miss USA 1981) Joe Seneca (actor) (Cleveland) Molly Shannon (comedian) (Shaker Heights/Cleveland) Martin Sheen (actor) (Dayton) Victor Slezak (actor) (Youngstown) Candace Smith (actress / model) (Dayton) Mamie Smith (singer) (Cincinnati) Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder (sports handicapper) (Steubenville) Hal Sparks (actor) (Cincinnati) Jerry Springer (television talk show host/former mayor of Cincinnati) (Cincinnati) Dina Spybey (actor) (Columbus) Jeff Staron (actor) (Cleveland) Mark Stevens (actor) (Cleveland) Shannon Niquette Stewart (model) (Franklin) Alyson Stoner (actress/dancer) (Toledo) Brandy Talore (porn star) (Toledo) Amanda Tepe (actor) (Cincinnati) Philip Michael Thomas (actor) (Columbus) Andrea Thompson (model, broadcaster) Howard Thurston (Magician/Illusionist) (Columbus) Vera-Ellen (actress) (Norwood) Daniel von Bargen (actor) (Cincinnati) David Wain (comedian, actor) (Shaker Heights) Lucille Ward (actor) (Dayton) Jerry Wasserman (actor) (Cincinnati) Jack Weston (actor) (Cleveland) Lee Wilkof (actor) (Canton) Fred Willard (actor) (Shaker Heights) Katt Williams (comedian, actor) (Dayton) Wendy Barrie-Wilson (actress) (Loveland) Debra Winger (actor) (Cleveland Heights) Jonathan Winters (comedian, actor) (Dayton/Springfield) Ray Wise (actor) (Akron) Daniel Wisler (actor) (Fairfield) Amy Yasbeck (actor) (Cincinnati) Barrie Youngfellow (actor) (Cleveland) Chad Zumock (comedian, radio personality) (Kent) Miscellaneous celebrities Clyde Beatty (animal trainer) (Chillicothe) Tina Bockrath (cheesecake model) (Dayton) Deanna Brooks (cheesecake model) Mary Katherine Campbell (Miss America 1922, 1923) Brenda Carlin (television producer, wife of George Carlin) (Dayton) Laura Cover (cheesecake model) Jack Craciun (promoter/entrepreneur) Carmella DeCesare (cheesecake model) (Avon Lake) Sue Downey (Miss USA 1965) Carmen Electra (cheesecake model, actor) (Cincinnati/White Oak) Leo Ford (adult entertainment performer) (Dayton) Felicia Fox (adult entertainment performer) (Springfield) Jack Hanna (zoo director, animal expert) (Columbus) Taylor Hayes (cheesecake model) John Holmes (adult entertainment performer) Toccara Elaine Jones (contestant on America's Next Top Model)(Bucyrus) Heather Kozar (cheesecake model) (Green) Allie LaForce (Miss Teen USA 2005) (Vermillion) Jacquelyn Mayer (Miss America 1963) Marilyn Meseke (Miss America 1938) The Naked Cowboy (entertainer) (Cincinnati) Ce Ce Peniston (model, Miss Black Arizona 1989) (Dayton) Susan Perkins (Miss America 1978) (Monroe) Christopher Pfaff (producer/actor/clothing designer) (Akron) Judith Resnik (astronaut) (Akron) Danielle Reyes (contestant on Big Brother 3) (Dayton) Matthew Rush (adult entertainment actor) (Columbus) Kim Seelbrede (Miss USA 1981) Dean Roll (professional wrestler) (Dayton) Jake Whittenberg (Reporter) Singers, musicians, composers, songwriters, conductors, etc. Steven Adler (musician, original drummer for Guns N' Roses) (Cleveland) Anointed (musicians) (Columbus) Ray Anthony (musician) (Cleveland) Joseph Arthur (musician) (Akron) Dan Auerbach, Guitarist and Singer of the Black Keys, (Akron) Avant (musician) (Cleveland) Albert Ayler (musician) (Cleveland) David Baerwald (musician) (Oxford) Bobby Bare (singer) (Ironton) Lou Barlow (musician) (Dayton) John Bassette (singer, musician) (Cleveland) Stiv Bators (musician) (Youngstown) Kathleen Battle (singer) (Portsmouth) Andrew Biersack Vocalist in Black Veil Brides, (Cincinnati) Cindy Blackman (musician) (Yellow Springs) Bone Thugs N Harmony (musicians) (Cleveland) Crystal Bowersox (musician) (Toledo) Bow Wow (musician) (Reynoldsburg) Jim Brickman (musician, songwriter) (Cleveland) Glen Buxton (guitarist for the original Alice Cooper band) (Akron) Jerry Brightman Formerly with Buck Owens (producer, musician) (Akron) Eric Carmen (musician) (Cleveland) Patrick Carney, drummer and producer of the Black Keys (Akron) Lionel Cartwright (musician, singer) (Gallipolis) Tracy Chapman (musician) (Cleveland) Gilby Clarke (musician) (Cleveland) Tammy Cochran (singer) (Austinburg) David Allan Coe (singer, musician) (Akron) Bootsy Collins (musician) (Cincinnati) Earl Thomas Conley (singer) (Portsmouth) Cowboy Copas (singer) (Adams County) Susan Cowsill (Singer) Canton Gavin Creel (Broadway Star) (Findlay) Kid Cudi (musician) (Cleveland) Tadd Dameron (jazz composer) (Cleveland) Dead Poetic (band) (Dayton) Kim Deal and Kelley Deal of The Breeders (musicians) (Huber Heights/Dayton) Bill DeArango (jazz guitarist) (Cleveland) Jay DeMarcus, singer, bassist and keyboardist of Rascal Flatts (musician, singer) (Columbus) Jerry DePizzo, saxophonist of O.A.R. (musician) (Youngstown) Rick Derringer (singer) (Fort Recovery) The Devil Wears Prada (band) (Dayton) Devo (band) (Akron) Frank DeVol (composer/Actor) Canton Bethany Dillon (Christian singer/songwriter) (Bellefontaine) Martin Dillon, Tenor and Professor of Music at Rutgers University (Portsmouth) Jerry Douglas (musician) (Warren) Greg Dulli (singer, musician) (Hamilton) Halim El-Dabh (composer, musician, ethnomusicologist) (Kent) ekoostik Hookah (band) (Columbus) James Emery (jazz guitarist) (Youngstown/Shaker Heights) Donald Erb (composer) (Youngstown) Michael Feinstein (Columbus) Jim Ferguson, classical/jazz guitarist, composer, author, educator, music journalist (Dayton) Craig Fuller (musician) (Waverly/Columbus) Sonny Geraci (Cleveland) Andy Graham (musician) (Cuyahoga Falls) Macy Gray (musician) (Canton) Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters (musician) (Warren) Henry Fillmore (composer) (Cincinnati) Screamin' Jay Hawkins (musician) (Cleveland) Howard Hewett (singer) (Akron) Hit The Lights (band) (Lima) Chrissie Hynde (musician) (Akron) Tommy James (musician) (Dayton) Lyfe Jennings (R&B musician) (Toledo) Howard Jones, lead singer of Killswitch Engage (singer) (Columbus) Maynard James Keenan (musician, lead singer for Tool (band), A Perfect Circle, etc.) (Ravenna) Kid Cudi (musician) (Cleveland) Roland Kirk, musician (Columbus) Chris Kirkpatrick (singer) (Dalton) Mark Kozelek (singer, musician) (Massillon) Nick Lachey (musician) (Cincinnati) Jani Lane (musician) (Akron) John Legend (musician) (Springfield) Gerald Levert (R&B singer) (Cleveland) James Levine (conductor, musician) (Cincinnati) Gary LeVox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts (Columbus/Lewis Center) Lexi, (gospel singer) (Canton) Robert Lockwood Jr. (Grammy award winning Bluesman) (Cleveland) Lux Interior (musician) (born Erick Purkhiser, Stow) Marilyn Manson (musician) (Canton) Brad Martin (singer) (Greenfield) Dean Martin (singer, actor) (Steubenville) Billy Mason (drummer) (Fairborn) Maureen McGovern (singer) (Youngstown) Allen McKenzie (bass guitar, vocals, FireHouse) (Jackson) Andrew McMahon (musician, lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin) (Bexley) The Mills Brothers (band) (Piqua) Miss May I (band) (Troy) Junie Morrison (Original Lead Singer Ohio Players) (Dayton) Bob Mothersbaugh (musician) (Akron) Mark Mothersbaugh (musician) (Akron) Mushroomhead (band) (Cleveland) Shirley Murdock (singer) (Toledo) Phil Ochs (protest singer) (Columbus) The Ohio Players (Band) (Dayton) The O'Jays (band) (Canton) Benjamin Orr (musician) (Lakewood) Gary Patterson (musician) (Cleveland) Johnny Paycheck (singer) (Greenfield) Danielle Peck (singer) (Coshocton) Robert Pollard (composer) (Dayton) Pure Prairie League (band) (Columbus) Joshua Radin (singer, songwriter) (Shaker Heights) Raspberries (band) (Cleveland) Relient K (band) (Canton, Ohio) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (musician) (Cleveland) Marty Roe, lead singer of Diamond Rio (singer) (Lebanon) Roy Rogers (singer, actor) (Cincinnati/Portsmouth/Lucasville/McDermott) JD Samson of Le Tigre (musician) (Cleveland) Scott Savol (singer) (Cleveland) Boz Scaggs (singer, songwriter) (Canton) Tom Scholz (musician, inventor) (Toledo) Jimmy Scott (jazz singer) (Cleveland) Scott Shriner of Weezer (musician) (Toledo) Eric Singer of KISS (musician) (Cleveland) Connie Smith (singer) (Marietta) Hale Smith (jazz composer) (Cleveland) Joe Solo (musician, songwriter, record producer, composer) (Cleveland) Michael Stanley (musician) (Cleveland) Billy Strayhorn (musician) (Dayton) Rachel Sweet (musician) (Akron) Art Tatum (musician) (Toledo) David Thomas (musician) (Akron) Jeff Timmons (singer, songwriter, producer) (Cleveland) Joe Trohman, guitarist of Fall Out Boy (musician) (South Russell) Roger Troutman (composer) (Hamilton) Joseph Victor (composer) (Cincinnati) Kate Voegele (singer, songwriter, musician) (Bay Village) Joe Walsh (musician) (Cleveland) Scott Weiland (musician) (Cleveland) Vesta Williams (singer) (Coshocton) Nancy Wilson (singer) (singer) (Chillicothe) Yankee Grey (band) (Cincinnati) Frank Yankovic (musician) (Cleveland) Dwight Yoakam (singer, actor) (Columbus) Soldiers, sailors, etc. "Mad" Ann Bailey (scout and spy for pioneers) (Harrison) George Custer (cavalry officer) (New Rumley) Dominic S. Gentile (WWII flying ace, 1st to break Rickenbacker's wartime kill record) (Piqua) Ulysses S. Grant (Civil War general, politician) (Point Pleasant, Ohio) Andrew L. Harris (Civil War general, U.S. Commissioner, Ohio Governor) Simon Kenton (soldier, frontiersman, friend of Daniel Boone) (Urbana) Isaac C. Kidd (Rear Admiral USN) (Killed on USS Arizona, Medal of Honor) (Cleveland) Ernest Joseph King (Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations (COMINCH-CNO) during World War II) (Lorain) Justin LeHew (Gunnery Sergeant USMC) (Hero of Nasiriyah - Awarded the Navy Cross, Bronze Star, Nominated for the Medal of Honor) (Columbus Grove) Curtis LeMay (Founder of Strategic Air Command) (Columbus) Eddie Rickenbacker (pilot) (Columbus) Robert C. Schenck (Civil War general, politician, diplomat) (Dayton) Philip Sheridan (Civil War general) (Somerset) William Tecumseh Sherman (Civil War general, politician) (Lancaster) Tecumseh (soldier) Paul Tibbets (pilot-Enola Gay WWII) (Columbus) Rodger Young (WWII soldier) (Fremont) Architects, inventors, explorers, adventurers, astronauts, aviators, spies, etc. Conrad Keene Allen (exploration geologist) (Norwalk) Neil Armstrong (astronaut) (Wapakoneta/Lebanon) George Bartholomew (inventor) Mark N. Brown (astronaut) (Dayton) Charles Brush (inventor, industrialist) (Cleveland) Guion S. Bluford Jr. (astronaut) Nancy Currie (astronaut) Thomas Edison (inventor) (Milan) Donn F. Eisele (astronaut) Harvey Firestone (inventor, industrialist) (Columbiana/Akron) Dave Canterbury (Co-star of *Dual Survival) Michael L. Gernhardt (astronaut) Dominic S. Gentile (WWII flying ace, 1st to break Rickenbacker's wartime kill record) (Piqua) Cass Gilbert (architect) (Zanesville) Paul Gilger (architect, set designer, playwright) (Mansfield) John Glenn (astronaut, politician) (Cambridge/New Concord) Michael T. Good (astronaut) Elisha Gray (inventor) (Barnesville) Greg Harbaugh (astronaut) (Cleveland) Karl G. Henize (astronaut) Thomas J. Hennen (astronaut) Terence T. Henricks (astronaut) Tom Henricks (astronaut) Charles O. Hobaugh (astronaut) (North Ridgeville) Philip Johnson (architect) (Cleveland) Charles Kettering (inventor) (Loudenville/Dayton) Whitmore Knaggs (soldier, spy) Jim Lovell (astronaut) (Cleveland) G. David Low (astronaut) {Cleveland) Garrett Morgan (inventor) (Cleveland) Russell C. Newhouse (inventor) (Clyde) Robert F. Overmyer (astronaut) Ronald A. Parise (astronaut) James Polshek (architect) (Akron) Judith Resnick (astronaut) (Akron) Eddie Rickenbacker (aviator, race car driver) (Columbus) Ron Sega (astronaut) (Cleveland) Howard Dwight Smith (architect) (Dayton/Columbus) Oberlin Smith (engineer) (Cincinnati) Robert C. Springer (astronaut) (Ashland) Kathryn D. Sullivan (astronaut) Don Thomas (astronaut) Paul Tibbets (aviator-Enola Gay) (Columbus) Ernest H. Volwiler (inventor) (Hamilton) Carl Walz (astronaut) (Cleveland) Mary Ellen Weber (astronaut) (Cleveland) Alexander Winton (inventor) (Cleveland) Granville Woods (inventor) (Columbus/Cincinnati) Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright (inventors) (Dayton) Athletes, coaches, etc. Chad Billingsley Dave Blaney Jim Brown Brent Celek Chris Chambers Roger Clemens Rollie Fingers Sarah Fisher Ken Griffey, Jr. Lebron James Don King Bobby Knight Paul O'Neill Kurt Abbott (baseball player) (Zanesville) Will Allen (football player) (Dayton) Allan Anderson (baseball player) (Lancaster) Eddie Arcaro (jockey) (Cincinnati) Randy Ayers (basketball coach) (Springfield) Luke Babbitt (basketball player) (Cincinnati) Coy Bacon (football player) (Ironton) Chris Bando (baseball player) (Solon) Sal Bando (baseball player) (Cleveland) Mike Barnett (baseball coach) (Columbus) Tim Belcher (baseball player) (Mount Gilead) Chad Billingsley (baseball player) (Defiance) Chase Blackburn (football player) (Marysville) Todd Blackledge (football player/announcer) (North Canton) Dave Blaney (race car driver) (Hartford) Jerry Blevins (baseball player) (Arcadia) Brock Bolen (football player) (Germantown) Stan Boroski (baseball coach) (Martins Ferry) Earl Boykins (basketball player) (Cleveland) Andrew Brackman (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Bob Brenly (baseball player, manager) (Coshocton) Robert Brewster (football player) (Cincinnati) Diyral Briggs (football player) (Mount Healthy) Matt Brown (UFC fighter) (Xenia) Mike Brown (basketball head coach) (Columbus) Paul Brown (football coach) (Norwalk) Ray Brown (baseball player) (Alger) Jim Brown (football player) (Cleveland) Jarrod Bunch (football player) (Ashtabula) Dave Burba (baseball player) (Springfield) Dom Capers (football coach) (Cambridge) George Cappuzzello (baseball player) (Youngstown) Bobby Carpenter (football player) (Lancaster) Rob Carpenter (football player) (Junction City) Butch Carter (basketball player, coach) (Middletown) Cris Carter (football player) (Middletown) Drew Carter (football player) (Solon) Howard Cassady (Football Player) (Columbus) Brent Celek (football player) (Cincinnati) Chris Chambers (football player) (Cleveland) Ezzard Charles (boxer) (Cincinnati) Maurice Clarett (football player) (Warren) Roger Clemens (baseball player} (Dayton) Barry Cofield (football player) (Cleveland Heights) Trent Cole (football player) (Xenia) Kurt Coleman (football player) (Clayton) Marco Coleman (football player) (Dayton) Cris Collinsworth (football player) (Dayton) John Conner (football player) (Cincinnati) Daequan Cook (basketball player) (Dayton) Shawn Crable (football player) (Massillon) Tom Crabtree (football player) (Columbus) Sylvia Crawley (basketball player/coach) (Steubenville) Larry Csonka (Hall-of-fame football player) (Stow) Jeff Cumberland (football player) (Youngstown) Scott Cursi (baseball coach) (Columbus) Ben Curtis (golf player) (Columbus) Alissa Czisny (US Figure Skater) (Bowling Green) Thom Darden (football player) (Sandusky) Nate Davis (football player) (Bellaire) Len Dawson (football player) (Alliance) Dan Dierdorf (HOF football player/announcer) (Canton) Andy Dorris (football player) (Bellaire) Hugh Douglas (football player) (Mansfield) James "Buster" Douglas (boxer) (Columbus) Bob Dove (lineman, College Football Hall of Fame) (Youngstown) Dave Dravecky (baseball player) (Youngstown) Rob Dyrdek (skateboarder) (Kettering) Marc Edwards (football player) (Norwood) Ray Edwards (football player) (Cincinnati) Nat Emerson (tennis player) (Cincinnati) Evan Eschmeyer (basketball player) (New Knoxville) Billy Evans (Hall-of-Fame umpire) (Youngstown) James Farragher (football player, coach) (Youngstown) Bruce Fields (baseball player, coach) (Cleveland) Rollie Fingers (baseball player) (Steubenville) Sarah Fisher (race car driver) (Columbus) Wayne Fontes (football coach) (Canton) Matt Fox (baseball player) (Columbus) Rich Franklin (UFC Champion) (Middletown) Brad Friedel (soccer goalkeeper) (Lakewood) Charlie Frye (football player) (Willard) Mike Furrey (football player) (Grove City) Joey Galloway (football player) (Bellaire) Jason Garrett (football player) (Hunting Valley) Ted Ginn, Jr. (football player) (Cleveland) Terry Glenn (football player) (Columbus) Bob Golic (football player, actor) (Cleveland) Mike Golic (football player, sports talk host) (Cleveland) Anthony Gonzalez (football player) (Cleveland) Ken Griffey, Jr. (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Archie Griffin (football player) (Columbus) Lou Groza (football player) (Martins Ferry) Jon Gruden (football coach) (Sandusky) Matt Guerrier (baseball player) (Cleveland) Harvey Haddix (baseball Player) (Medway/Springfield) Roy Hall (football player) (South Euclid) Andy Hampsten (cyclist, Only American to win Giro d'Italia) (Columbus) Jim Harbaugh (football player) (Toledo) Ron Harper (basketball Player) (Dayton) James Harrison (football player) (Akron) Kevin Hartman (soccer player) (Athens) Ben Hartsock (football player) (Chillicothe) Mickey Hatcher (baseball player, coach) (Cleveland) John Havlicek (basketball player) (Martins Ferry) A.J. Hawk (football player) (Centerville) Wynn Hawkins (baseball player) (Youngstown) Woody Hayes (football coach) (Clifton/Newcomerstown/Upper Arlington) Dirk Hayhurst (baseball player) (Canton) Tommy Henrich (baseball player) (Massillon) Kim Herring (football player) (Solon) Tyrone Hill (basketball player, coach) (Cincinnati) Larry Hisle (baseball player) (Portsmouth) Domenik Hixon (football player) (Whitehall) Marty Hogan (baseball player) (Youngstown) Derek Holland (baseball player) (Newark) Lou Holtz (Football coach) (East Liverpool) Sam Hornish, Jr. (NASCAR driver, 3-time IRL champion, winner of 2006 Indianapolis 500) (Defiance) Desmond Howard (football player) (Cleveland) Dummy Hoy (deaf baseball player) (Houcktown) Brian Hoyer (football player) (North Olmsted) Aubrey Huff (baseball player) (Marion) Bob Huggins (basketball coach) (Gnadenhutten) Jim Jackson (basketball player) (Toledo) LeBron James (basketball player) (Akron) Vic Janowicz (football player) (Elyria) Home Run Johnson (baseball player) (Findlay) Lance Johnson (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Cal Jones (football player) (Steubenville) David Justice (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Rich Karlis (football player) (Salem) Larry Kehres (football coach)(Diamond) Don King (fight promoter) (Cleveland) Bobby Knight (basketball coach) (Massilon/Orrville) Jack Kralick (baseball player) (Youngstown) Bernie Kosar (football player) (Boardman) Jack Lambert (HOF football player) (Mantua) Kennesaw Mountain Landis (first baseball commissioner) (Milleville) Barry Larkin (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Dante Lavelli (football player) (Cleveland) Trevor Laws (football player) (Philadelphia Eagles) (Dayton) Dick LeBeau (football coach) (London) Jim Leyland (baseball manager) (Perrysburg) Frank Lickliter (proffesional golfer) (Franklin) Matt Light (football player) (Greenville) Jon Link (baseball player) (Columbus) Jeff Linkenbach (football player) (Sandusky) Jerry Lucas (basketball player) (Middletown) Mike Nugent (football player) (Centerville) Barry Mackay (tennis player, broadcaster) (Cincinnati) Paul Maguire (football player, announcer) (Youngstown) Ray Mancini (boxer, former WBA lightweight champion) (Youngstown) Nick Mangold (football player) (Centerville) Mario Manningham (football player) (Warren) Kevin Martin (basketball player) (Zanesville) Justin Masterson (baseball player) (Beavercreek) Scott May (basketball player) (Sandusky) Bill Mazeroski (baseball player) (Tiltonsville) Jimmy McAleer (baseball player) (Youngstown) Will McEnaney (baseball player) (Springfield) Josh McDaniels (football coach)(Barberton/Canton) Mike McGlynn (football player) (Austintown) Deacon McGuire (baseball player) (Youngstown) Urban Meyer (football coach) (Ashtabula) Doug Mientkiewicz (baseball player) (Toledo) Mike Mizanin (Billed as 'The Miz' in WWE, professional wrestler) (Cleveland) Antwaun Molden (football player) (Warren) Lance Moore (football player) (Westerville) Edwin C. Moses (runner) (Dayton) Marion Motley (HOF football player) (Canton) Byron Mullens (basketball player) (Canal Winchester) Thurman Munson (baseball player) (Canton) Nick Nemeth (Billed as 'Dolph Ziggler' in WWE, professional wrestler) (Cleveland) Don Nehlen (college football coach) (Mansfield) Jack Nicklaus (golfer) (Columbus) Joe Niekro (baseball player) (Blaine) Phil Niekro (baseball player) (Blaine) Jon Niese (baseball player) (Lima/Defiance) Dustin Nippert (baseball player) (Beallsville) Chuck Noll (football coach) (Cleveland) Joe Norman (football player) (Millersburg) Joe Nuxhall (baseball player and announcer) (Hamilton) Al Oliver (baseball player) (Portsmouth) Paul O'Neill (baseball player) (Columbus) Jerry Olsavsky (football player) (Youngstown) Jesse Owens (runner) (Cleveland) Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (football player) (Columbus) Orlando Pace (football player) (Sandusky) Alan Page (HOF football player/MN Supreme Court Justice) (Canton) Ara Parseghian (football coach) (Akron) Kelly Pavlik (WBC champion, boxer) (Youngstown) Jim Paxson (basketball player) (Dayton) John Paxson (basketball player) (Dayton) Jay Payton (baseball player) (Zanesville) Mike Pelfrey (baseball player) (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) Bo Pelini (football coach) (Youngstown) Carl Pelini (football coach) (Youngstown) Tony Pike (football player) (Cincinnati) Antonio Pittman (football player) (Akron) James Posey (basketball player) (Cleveland/Twinsburg) Taylor Price (football player) (Hilliard) Brady Quinn (football player) (Columbus/Dublin) Chris Quinn (basketball player) (Dublin) Bobby Rahal (race car driver) (Medina) Dominic Randolph (football player) (Amelia) Tim Rattay (football player) (Elyria) Jeff Reboulet (baseball player) (Kettering) Michael Redd (basketball player) (Columbus) Tim Richmond (race car driver) (Ashland) Branch Rickey (baseball manager) (Stockdale) Javon Ringer (football player) (Dayton) Jamal Robertson (football player) (Springfield) Ryne Robinson (football player) (Toledo) Brian Robiskie (football player) (Cleveland) Ben Roethlisberger (football player) (Findlay) Pete Rose (baseball player, manager) (Cincinnati) Edd Roush (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Mike Rupp (hockey player) (Cleveland Heights) Gary Russell (football player) (Columbus) Bo Schembechler (football coach) (Barberton) Mike Schmidt (baseball player) (Dayton) Herb Score (baseball player) George Shuba (baseball player) (Youngstown) Don Shula (football coach) (Painesville) Rob Sims (football player) (Macedonia) Frank Sinkwich (Heisman Trophy recipient) (Youngstown) George Sisler (baseball player) (Manchester) Brad Smith (football player) (Youngstown) Joe Smith (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Katie Smith (female basketball player) (Logan) Steve Smith (baseball coach) (Canton) Troy Smith (football player) (Cleveland) Andy Sonnanstine (baseball player) (Barberton) Tim Spencer (football player, coach) (Martins Ferry) Roger Staubach (football player) (Cincinnati) George Steinbrenner (owner of NY Yankees) (Rocky River) Shannon Stewart (baseball player) Steve Stone (baseball player; All-Star pitcher & Cy Young Award winner) (South Euclid) Tyrell Sutton (football player) (Akron) Nick Swisher (Baseball Player) (Worthington) Bill Talbert (tennis player) (Cincinnati) Ben Taylor (football player) (Bellaire) Kent Tekulve (baseball player) (Hamilton) LaSalle Thompson (basketball player, coach) (Cincinnati) Steve Tovar (football player) (Elyria) Tony Trabert (tennis player) (Cincinnati) Jim Tracy (baseball player, manager) (Hamilton) Gary Trent (basketball player) (Columbus) Jim Tressel (football coach) (Mentor) Lee Tressel (HOF college football coach) (Ada) Mike Trgovac (football coach) (Youngstown) Mel Tucker (football coach) (Cleveland) Brandon Underwood (football player) (Hamilton) Louie Vito (Snowboarder) (Bellefontaine) Mike Vrabel (football player) (Akron/Cuyahoga Falls) Bill Walker (basketball player) (North College Hill) Moses Fleetwood Walker (baseball player) (Mount Pleasant) Randy Walker (college football coach) (Troy) Paul Warfield (football player) (Warren) Nate Washington (football player) (Toledo) Nick Weatherspoon (basketball player) (Canton) Beanie Wells (football player) (Akron) Rick White (baseball player) (Springfield) Sol White (baseball player, manager, executive) (Bellaire) Matt Wilhelm (football player) (Lorain) Jeff Wilkins (football player) (Youngstown) Herb Williams (basketball player/coach) (Columbus) Jawad Williams (basketball player) (Cleveland/Lakewood) Kevin Youkilis Antoine Winfield (football player) (Akron) Gene Woodling (baseball player) (Akron) Charles Woodson (football player) (Fremont) Mike Wright (football player) (Cincinnati) Kevin Youkilis (baseball player) (Cincinnati) Cy Young (baseball player) (Gilmore/Newcomerstown) Don Zimmer (baseball player, coach) (Cincinnati) Ron Zook (football coach) (Loudonville) Michael Zordich (football player) (Youngstown) Businesspeople, entrepreneurs, etc. Henry D. Coffinberry (industrialist) (Cleveland) John R. Commons (economist) (Hollansburg) Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. (developer, real estate magnate) (Youngstown) Herbert H. Dow (chemist, industrialist) (Cleveland) John W. Galbreath (real estate mogul and former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Darby Dan Farm) (Columbus) B. F. Goodrich (industrialist) (Akron) Jeff Immelt (Chairman & CEO of GE) (Cincinnati) Charles Keating (banker, activist) (Cincinnati) Charles F. Kettering (Inventor/Industrialist/Philanthropist)(Loudonville/Dayton) Peter B. Lewis (prominent entrepreneur, political contributor, philanthropist, activist) (Cleveland) Carl Lindner (prominent entrepreneur, political contributor, philanthropist) (Dayton) Lance Mehl (Linebacker from N.Y. Jets) (Bellaire) Ransom Olds John H. Patterson (industrialist) (Dayton) William Procter (industrialist) (Cincinnati) Bruce Ratner (real estate developer and owner of the New Jersey Nets) (Cleveland) John D. Rockefeller (industrialist) (Strongsville/Cleveland) Frank Seiberling (industrialist) (Western Star) David Sinton (industrialist) (Cincinnati) George Steinbrenner (shipping magnate, sports club owner) (Cleveland) W. D. Twichell (Texas surveyor) (reared in Madison County; educated in Lebanon, Ohio) Publishers, media moguls, etc. Roger Ailes (president of Fox News) (Warren) James M. Cox (publisher of Dayton Daily News, founder of Cox Communications, politician) (Jacksonburg) Larry Flynt (publisher of Hustler adult magazine) (Cincinnati) Adolph Ochs (former owner of The New York Times) (Cincinnati) Ted Turner (founder of Turner Broadcasting, CNN) (Cincinnati) Jack Warner (co-founder of Warner Bros. Studios) (Youngstown) Les Wexner (chairman and CEO of Limited Brands) (Dayton) Activists, philanthropists, public agitators, advocates, lawyers, etc. Daniel Carter Beard (founder of The Boy Scouts of America) (Cincinnati) Elizabeth Blackwell (abolitionist, women's rights activist, and the first female doctor in the United States) (Cincinnati) John Brown (abolitionist) (Hudson) Clarence Seward Darrow (lawyer, leading member of the ACLU) (Kinsman) Ronald Daniels (activist) (Youngstown) Richard Dillingham (Quaker abolitionist) (Morrow County) Albert B. Graham (founder of 4-H) (Springfield, Clark County) Linda Hirshman (lawyer, feminist) (Cleveland) William Alexander Morgan (fought in the Cuban Revolution) (Cleveland/Toledo) Carl Oglesby (activist) (Akron) Achilles Pugh (Publisher of "The Philanthropist" and Anti-Slavery Activist) (Cadiz, Waynesville, Cincinnati) Jerry Rubin (60s/70s radical activist) (Cincinnati) Bob Smith (doctor) (founder of Alcoholics Anonymous) (Akron) Gloria Steinem (feminist) (Toledo) Lillian Wald (activist) (Cincinnati) Irvin F. Westheimer (founder of Big Brothers Big Sisters) Victoria Woodhull (activist, stock broker, journalist, politician) (Homer/Mount Gilead) Criminals Jeffrey Dahmer (serial killer) (lived in Bath) Donald DeFreeze (Patty Hearst kidnapper) (Cleveland) Thomas Dillon (serial killer) (Canton) Jimmy Fratianno (mobster) (Cleveland) James Oliver Huberty (murderer) (Massillon) Charles Manson (murderer, cult leader) (Cincinnati/Walnut Hills) Charles Makley (Bank Robber) (Saint Marys) Peter Milano (mobster) (Cleveland) Anthony Sowell (rapist and alleged serial killer)(Cleveland) Martin Frankel (a former American financier)(Toledo) Scholars, scientists, historians, theorists, philosophers, opinionists, etc. Gordon Allport (psychologist) (Cleveland) Walker Lee Cisler (mechanical engineer) (Marietta) John R. Commons (economist, historian) (Hollansburg) Thomas Alva Edison (scientist, inventor) William A. Fowler (physicist, Nobel Prize Winner) (The Ohio State University, Lima) Marye Anne Fox (organic chemist) (Canton) Charles Martin Hall (inventor, engineer) (Thompson) Samuel Dana Horton (monetary theorist) Charles Kettering (inventor, engineer) (Loudonville) Thomas Samuel Kuhn (philosopher of science) Arthur Laffer (supply-side economist) (Youngstown) Albert A. Michelson (physicist) (Case Institute of Technology) E. W. Morley (physicist) (Western Reserve University) Roy J. Plunkett (chemist) (New Carlisle) Willard Van Orman Quine (logician and philosopher) (Akron) Joseph Ransohoff (neurosurgeon, inventor) (Cincinnati) Charles Richter (physicist) (Hamilton) Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr. (historian) (Xenia) Thomas Sherwood (chemical engineer) (Columbus) Thomas J. Silhavy (molecular biologist) (Wauseon) Richard Smalley (chemist, Nobel Prize Winner) (Akron) Oberlin Smith (engineer, magnetic recording pioneer) (Cincinnati) George Smoot (astrophysicist, Nobel Prize Winner) (Upper Arlington) Sander Vanocur (commentator) (Cleveland) Michael S. Witherell – particle physicist, president of Fermilab (Toledo) Elizabeth Witherell – editor-in-chief of The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau (Toledo) Educators, religious leaders, lecturers, motivational speakers, self-help gurus, etc. Michael Brooks (historian, journalist) (Toledo) Don Hall (Historian) (Cincinnati) William Holmes McGuffey (educator, author) (Tuscarawas County/Oxford/Cincinnati) Raymond Moley (professor, member of FDR's "Brain Trust", author) (Berea) Norman Vincent Peale (author, professional speaker, clergyman) (Bowersville) William Strunk Jr. (educator, author) (Cincinnati) Tenskwatawa (Native American religious and political leader of the Shawnee Indians) (Ross County See also List of people from Akron, Ohio List of people from Cincinnati List of people from Cleveland, Ohio List of people from Columbus, Ohio List of people from Dayton, Ohio List of people from Shaker Heights, Ohio List of people from Toledo, Ohio List of people from Youngstown, Ohio References ^ Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, 1607–1896. 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