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Unmol Horse Country of origin Asia Horse (Equus ferus caballus) The Unmol Horse is a rare breed of horse from Asia. It is extremely rare and is verging on extinction, if not already extinct. In spite of all the efforts made some years ago by the Army Remount Department to save this breed, it is doubtful that any purebreds are left. Some breeders in the Punjab states have horses referred to as Unmol, but it is believed that today all of them have blood of imported Arabians. The various families of the Unmol breed are known as Harna, Hazziz, Morna, and Sheehan, all of which are referred to as Unmol. Unmol means "priceless" and indicates the great value and preference put upon this breed. The Unmol is described as very strong, elegant, and "shapely", possessing a long mane and tail and compact body. Predominant colour are gray and bay, and stands around 15.1 hands high. Tradition has it that the ancestors of the breed were brought by Alexander the Great when he invaded India. If that is the case the Unmol was originally from Turkmenian blood. References Breeds and their Legal/Common colors Hendricks, Bonnie. International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds, page 430 This horse-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e v · d · eEquine Equine science and management Equine anatomy · Equine nutrition · Horse behavior · Horse care · Horse breeding · Equine conformation · Equine coat color · Horse gait Equestrianism and sport Glossary of equestrian terms · List of Equestrian Sports · Horse tack · Bit · Bridle · Saddle · Harness · English riding · Western riding · Driving · Horse training · Horse racing · Equestrian at the Summer Olympics (medalists, venues) · Horse show · Equitation Evolution and history Domestication · In warfare · In the Middle Ages · Horses in East Asian warfare · History of the horse in South Asia · Horses in the Napoleonic Wars · Horses in World War I · Horses in World War II  · History of the horse in Britain Horse breeds, types and other Equidae Horses List of horse breeds · Wild horse · Feral horse · Stock horse · Gaited horse · Draft horse · Warmblood · Sport horse Other Equus List of donkey breeds · Donkey · Zebra · Onager Hybrids Hinny · Mule · Zebroid Category: Equidae