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The Bloc Québécois Shadow Cabinet of the 39th Canadian parliament is listed below. Its composition was announced on February 15, 2006. Modifications were made on September 12, 2006. [1] Portfolio Critic Caucus Officers Leader (Critic for the Prime Minister of Canada) Gilles Duceppe (1997–) Chief Whip Michel Guimond (2006–) Deputy Whip Pauline Picard (2006–) House Leader and Critic for the Minister responsible for Democratic Reform Michel Gauthier (1997–2007) Pierre Paquette (2007–) Deputy House Leader Monique Guay (2006–2008) Bloc Québécois Caucus Chair Louis Plamondon (2006–) Critics for Ministers of departments Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food André Bellavance (2006–) Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women (Canadian Heritage) Maka Kotto (2004–2008) Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women (Status of Women) Maria Mourani (2006–2008) Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Meili Faille (2004–2008) Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec Jean-Yves Laforest (2006–2008) Minister of the Environment Bernard Bigras (2000–) Minister of Finance Pierre Paquette (2006–2008) Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Raynald Blais (2006–) Minister of Foreign Affairs Francine Lalonde (1999–) Minister of Health Christiane Gagnon (2006–2008) Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Yves Lessard (2004–) Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Marc Lemay (2006–) Minister of Industry Paul Crête (2002–2009) Minister for International Cooperation Caroline St-Hilaire (2006–2008) Minister of International Trade Serge Cardin (2006–) Minister of Justice and Attorney General Réal Ménard (2006–) Minister of Labour Carole Lavallée (2004–2008) Minister of National Defence Claude Bachand (2000–) Minister of National Revenue Robert Bouchard (2004–2008) Minister of Natural Resources Claude DeBellefeuille (2006–2008) Minister of Public Safety Serge Ménard (2006–) Minister of Public Works and Government Services Jean-Yves Laforest (2006–2008) President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Paule Brunelle (2006–2008) Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Mario Laframboise (2006–) President of the Treasury Board Richard Nadeau (2006–) Minister of Veterans Affairs Gilles-A. Perron (2006–2008) Critics for Special Ministerial Responsibilities Minister responsible for La Francophonie and Official Languages Vivian Barbot (2006–2008) Minister for Sport Luc Malo (2006–2008) Critics for Policy Areas for which there is no specific minister Asia-Pacific Diane Bourgeois (2006–2008) Latin America and Africa Johanne Deschamps (2006–) Housing Christian Ouellet (2006–) Seniors Nicole Demers (2006–2008) Youth Thierry St-Cyr (2006–2008) See also Cabinet of Canada Official Opposition (Canada) Shadow Cabinet Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (Canada) New Democratic Party Shadow Cabinet