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Siege of Bonn Part of the Franco-Dutch War Date November 3-12, 1673 Location near Bonn, present-day Germany Result Allied victory Belligerents  France Bishopric of Münster  Dutch Republic  Holy Roman Empire  Spain Commanders and leaders William III of Orange Raimondo Montecuccoli v · d · e Franco-Dutch War and Third Anglo-Dutch War Solebay – Groenlo – Groningen – Schooneveld – Texel – Maastricht – Bonn – Acadia – Seneffe – Turckheim – Fehrbellin – Salzbach – Konzer Brücke – Stromboli – Augusta – Palermo – Valenciennes – Tobago – Cassel – Saint-Denis The Siege of Bonn took place from November 3 - 12, 1673, in Bonn, Germany, during the Franco-Dutch War. Having forced the armies of Louis XIV to retreat, the Dutch in 1673 went on the offensive. At Bonn, a garrison consisting of troops from France and the Electorate of Cologne was besieged by a force from the Dutch Republic (commanded by stadtholder William III), Spain, and the Holy Roman Empire (commanded by Raimondo Montecuccoli). The allied forces captured the garrison following a nine-day siege.