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The Vanishing Dagger Directed by Edward A. Kull John F. Magowan Eddie Polo Written by Jacques Jaccard Hope Loring Milton Moore George W. Pyper Starring Eddie Polo Thelma Percy Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co. Release date(s) 7 June 1920 Running time 18 episodes Country United States Language Silent English intertitles The Vanishing Dagger is a 1920 adventure film serial directed by Edward A. Kull, John F. Magowan and Eddie Polo. Cast Eddie Polo - John Edward Grant Thelma Percy - Elizabeth Latimer C. Norman Hammond - Sir George Latimer Laura Oakley - Lady Mary Latimer Ray Ripley - Prince Narr Karl Silvera - Prince Zan Ruth Royce - Sonia, Narr's Favorite Thomas G. Lingham - King Claypool Peggy O'Day - Nell (as Peggy O'Dare) Texas Watts - Len, Grant's Man Arthur Jarvis - Sir Richard Upton Leach Cross Leslie T. Peacocke J. P. McGowan See also List of film serials List of film serials by studio External links The Vanishing Dagger at the Internet Movie Database v · d · eUniversal serials  Serials Silent Serials (1914-1929) Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery • The Master Key • The Trey o' Hearts • The Black Box • The Broken Coin • Graft • Under the Crescent • The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring • Liberty • The Mystery Ship • The Red Ace • The Gray Ghost • The Voice on the Wire • The Brass Bullet • Bull's Eye • The Lion's Claws • Lure of the Circus • The Red Glove • The Great Radium Mystery • The Lion Man • The Midnight Man • The Flaming Disc • The Moon Riders • King of the Circus • The Vanishing Dagger • The Dragon's Net • The Diamond Queen • Do or Die • The Secret Four • Terror Trail • The White Horseman • Winners of the West • The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe • In the Days of Buffalo Bill • Perils of the Yukon • The Radio King • With Stanley in Africa • Around the World in Eighteen Days • Beasts of Paradise • The Eagle's Talons • The Ghost City • In the Days of Daniel Boone • The Oregon Trail • The Phantom Fortune • The Social Buccaneer • The Steel Trail • The Fast Express • The Fighting Ranger • The Iron Man • The Riddle Rider • Wolves of the North • Ace of Spades • The Great Circus Mystery • The Scarlet Streak • Fighting with Buffalo Bill • Strings of Steel • The Winking Idol • Blake of Scotland Yard • The Fire Fighters • The Return of the Riddle Rider • The Trail of the Tiger • Whispering Smith Rides • Haunted Island • Tarzan the Mighty • The Vanishing Rider • The Diamond Master • A Final Reckoning • The Pirate of Panama Part-sound Serials (1929-1930) The Ace of Scotland Yard • Tarzan the Tiger • The Jade Box • The Lightning Express • Terry of the Times • The Indians Are Coming Pre-war Sound Serials (1931-1942) Finger Prints • Heroes of the Flames • Danger Island • Battling with Buffalo Bill • The Spell of the Circus • Detective Lloyd • The Airmail Mystery • Heroes of the West • The Jungle Mystery • The Lost Special • Clancy of the Mounted • The Phantom of the Air • Gordon of Ghost City • The Perils of Pauline • Pirate Treasure • The Vanishing Shadow • The Red Rider • Tailspin Tommy • Rustlers of Red Dog • The Call of the Savage • The Roaring West • Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery • The Adventures of Frank Merriwell • Flash Gordon • The Phantom Rider • Ace Drummond • Jungle Jim • Secret Agent X-9 • Wild West Days • Radio Patrol • Tim Tyler's Luck • Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars • Flaming Frontiers • Red Barry • Scouts to the Rescue • Buck Rogers • The Oregon Trail • The Phantom Creeps • The Green Hornet • Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe • Winners of the West • Junior G-Men • The Green Hornet Strikes Again! • Sky Raiders • Riders of Death Valley • Sea Raiders War-time Serials (1942-1945) Don Winslow of the Navy • Gang Busters • Junior G-Men of the Air • Overland Mail • The Adventures of Smilin' Jack • Don Winslow of the Coast Guard • Adventures of the Flying Cadets • The Great Alaskan Mystery • Raiders of Ghost City • Mystery of the River Boat • Jungle Queen • The Master Key • Secret Agent X-9 Post-war Serials (1945-1946) The Royal Mounted Rides Again • The Scarlet Horseman • Lost City of the Jungle • The Mysterious Mr. M  See also Film serials List of film serials • List of film serials by studio This article about a silent film is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e