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Nikos (Νίκος) is a common given name in Greece and Cyprus. It originates from Greek Nikolaos, which means "victory of the people".[1] Although used as a proper first name, Nikos is also a popular nickname of the original Nikolaos (Greek) or Nicholas (English). Famous people named Nikos Nikos Alefantos, Greek football coach Nikos Aliagas, Greek TV host Nikos Anastopoulos, Greek footballer Nikos Arabatzis, Greek footballer Nikos Argiropoulos, Greek basketball player Nikos Babaniotis, Greek footballer Nikos Barboudis, Greek footballer Nikos Barlos, Greek basketball player Nikos Beloyannis, Greek communist and resistance leader Nikos Boudouris, Greek basketball player Nikos Boutzikos, Greek footballer Nikos Christodoulou, Greek conductor and composer Nikos Dabizas, Greek footballer Nikos Dimitrakos, American ice-hockey player Nikos Dimou, Greek writer Nikos Ekonomou, Greek basketball player Nikos Engonopoulos, Greek painter and poet Nikos Filippou, Greek basketball player Nikos Florentzos, Greek actuary Nick Galis, Greek basketball player Nikos Gatsos, Greek poet Nikos Ghalas, Greek footballer Nikos Gounaris, Greek singer and songwriter Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Greek artist, writer and academic Nikos Hadjinikolaou, Greek journalist Nikos Hatzis, Greek basketball player Nikos Hatzivrettas, Greek basketball player Nikos Kaklamanakis, Greek windsurfer and sailer Nikos Kaklamanos, Greek basketball player Nikos Kalafatis, Greek footballer Nikos Kalokairis, Greek footballer Nikos Karageorgiou, Greek footballer Nikos Karouzos, Greek poet Nikos Karvelas, Greek songwriter and singer Nikos Katsavakis, Greek footballer Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek writer and philosopher Nikos Kavvadias, Greek poet and writer Nikos Konstantopoulos, Greek politician Nikos Kostakis, Greek footballer Nikos Kostenoglou, Greek footballer Nikos Koundouros, Greek film director Nikos Kourkoulos, Greek actor Nikos Krotsidhas, Greek footballer Nikos Liberopoulos, Greek footballer Nikos Lorentzos, Greek informatics professor Nikos Machlas, Greek footballer Nikos Mastorakis, Greek filmmaker and radio producer Nikos Mihas, Greek singer and songwriter Nikos Nicolaides, Greek painter and writer Nikos Nicolaou (footballer born 1973), Cypriot midfielder Nikos Nicolaou (footballer born 1978), Cypriot defender Nikos Nikolaidis, Greek director and a writer Nikos Nikolaou, Greek artist Nikos Nioplias, Greek footballer Nikos Nisiotis, Greek basketball coach Nikos Pantidos, Greek footballer Nikos Papadakis, Greek fashion model and TV presenter Nikos Papadopoulos, Greek-born Swedish politician Nikos Papanikolaou, Greek basketball player Nikos Papatakis, Greek film director Nikos Pateras, Greek ship magnate Nikos Perakis, Greek writer and film director Nikos Ploumpidis, Greek communist and resistance fighter Nikos Poulantzas, Greco-French political sociologist Nikos Rizos, Greek actor Nikos Sampson, Cypriot coup d'état president Nikos Sarganis, Greek footballer Nikos Sergianopoulos, Greek actor Nikos Skalkottas, Greek composer Nikos Skarmoutsos, Greek footballer Nikos Spiropoulos, Greek footballer Nikos Stavropoulos, Greek basketball player Nikos Tselios, Irish-American ice hockey player Nikos Tsiantakis, Greek footballer Nikos Tsiforos, Greek writer and film director Nikos Tzogias, Greek actor Nikos Vakalis, Greek politician Nikos Vertis, Greek singer Nikos Xanthopoulos, Greek actor Nikos Xanthoulis, Greek musician and composer Nikos Xilouris, Greek singer and songwriter Nikos Xydakis, Greek songwriter, pianist and singer Nikos Zachariadis, Greek politician Nikolaos Zisis, Greek basketball player Other Nikos, a b-grade splatter film (2003) References ^ Liddell & Scott, Abridged Greek Lexicon