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Turin tramway network Turin tram no 2885. Operation Locale Turin, Piedmont, Italy Horsecar era: 1871 (1871)–ca. 1900 (1900) Track gauge 1,445 mm (4 ft 8.9 in) Propulsion system(s) Horse Electric era: since 1893 (1893) Routes 13 (on 9 lines) Operator(s) GTT Track gauge 1,445 mm (4 ft 8.9 in) Propulsion system(s) Electric Electrification 600 Volts DC Track length (total) over 220 km (140 mi) Website GTT (English) The Turin tramway network (Italian: Rete tranviaria di Torino) is an important part of the public transport network of the city and comune of Turin, in the Piedmont region, northwest Italy. In operation since 1871, the network is the longest in Italy. It is presently about 220 km (140 mi) long, and comprises 9 lines. Contents 1 The network 1.1 Urban lines 1.2 Light rail 2 See also 3 References 4 External links The network Urban lines The Turin tramway network has 9 lines (for a total of 13 routes): 3 Piazza Hermada - Viale dei Mughetti (9.7 km) 4 Strada del Drosso - Via delle Querce (18 km) 7 cs Piazza Castello (circular) (6,9 km) (operated solely by heritage trams) 7 cd Piazza Castello (circular) (6,9 km) (operated solely by heritage trams) 9 Piazza Stampalia - Corso Massimo D'Azeglio (9,4 km) 10 feriale Rondò Forca - Piazzale Caio Mario (limited operations due to track work) (11 km) 13 Piazza Gran Madre di Dio - Piazza Campanella (6,8 km) 13/ Piazza Gran Madre di Dio - Piazza Statuto (line operated with heritage trams on special occasions) (3,2 km) 15 Via Brissogne - Piazza Coriolano (11,5 km) 16 cs Piazza Sabotino (circular) (12 km) 16 cd Piazza Sabotino (circular) (12 km) 18 feriale Piazza Sofia - Corso Settembrini (15 km) (currently operated by bus due to the presence of Metro line 1 construction sites) 18 festivo Piazza Sofia - Piazzale Caio Mario (14 km) (currently operated by bus due to the presence of Metro line 1 construction sites) Sassi-Superga Railway Piazza Gustavo Modena - Basilica di Superga (3 km) On the occasion of events at the Stadio delle Alpi, lines 3 and 9 used to be diverted, with special runs in the direction of the stadium. Subsequently, these special diversion routes were removed and a single special line 9/ was established on almost the same route of line 9, but with a slightly different route that passed the Torino Porta Nuova railway station, and even previously served the Torino Porta Susa railway station. During the reconstruction of the Stadium this line is not operating. Light rail Of the urban lines, lines 3 and 9 were created as a light rail tram system in the 1980s. Today, line 3 is called a "fully protected" route, while line 9 is considered an ordinary tramway. Line 4 has characteristics similar to line 3, although ánother type of tram vehicle is used. In any case, this line also includes long stretches of reserved sections to permit higher speeds. See also Trains portal Italy portal List of town tramway systems in Italy History of rail transport in Italy Rail transport in Italy References Brignole, Claudio; Schwandl, Robert (2010). Metros in Italien / Metros in Italy. Berlin: Robert Schwandl Verlag. ISBN 978 3 936573 22 0.  (German) (English) External links Media related to Trams in Turin at Wikimedia Commons Images of the Turin tramway network, at Images of the Turin tramway network, at v · d · e Urban public transport networks in Italy Commuter rail Bari · Cagliari · Catanzaro · Messina · Milan · Naples · Palermo · Perugia · Potenza · Reggio Calabria · Rome (FR) · Rome–Giardinetti · Rome–Lido · Rome–Viterbo Rapid transit Catania · Genoa · Milan · Naples · Rome · Turin Trams Bergamo–Albino · Cagliari · Florence · Messina · Mestre (Venice) · Milan · Milan–Desio · Milan–Limbiate · Naples · Padua · Rome · Sassari · Turin · Trieste–Opicina Trolleybuses Ancona · Bologna · Cagliari · Chieti · Genoa · La Spezia · Milan · Modena · Naples · Parma · Rimini–Riccione · Rome · Sanremo People movers Milan · Perugia · Venice