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White Figure, White Ground   Author(s) Hugh Hood Original title White Figure, White Ground Cover artist Martin Handweiler Country Canada Language English Genre(s) Novel Publisher Ryerson Press Publication date 1964 Media type Print Pages 246 pages Followed by The Camera Always Lies White Figure, White Ground is the first novel by Canadian author Hugh Hood. It was first published in 1964 by Ryerson Press. Plot and setting The novel is set in Nova Scotia, Montreal and New York during the early 1960s. Alexander MacDonald, a talented young Canadian painter raised in Toronto but now based out of Montreal, travels with his wife Madeleine to his father's ancestral hometown of Barringford (based on Barrington, Nova Scotia) in search of inspiration for his increasingly sought-after paintings. He becomes acquainted with long-lost relatives and attempts to solve the mystery of his father's sudden departure from the town decades earlier.