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CBKST (semi-satellite of CBKT Regina, Saskatchewan) City of license Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Branding CBC Television Slogan Canada Lives Here Channels Analog: 11 (VHF) Digital: allocated 17 (UHF) Translators see below Affiliations CBC Owner Canadian Broadcasting Corporation First air date October 17, 1971 Call letters' meaning Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Henry Kelsey Saskatoon Television[1] Sister station(s) CBK (AM), CBKS-FM Transmitter power 325 kW Height 239.6 m Transmitter coordinates 52°10′28″N 106°26′5″W / 52.17444°N 106.43472°W / 52.17444; -106.43472 Website CBC Saskatoon CBKST is the television call sign for the CBC's television station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is a semi-satellite of CBKT in Regina, but airs separate commercials. The station will be going off the air on August 31, 2011. Contents 1 History 2 Transmitters 3 Digital television 4 See also 5 References 6 External links History The station was launched on October 17, 1971. CFQC, the previous Saskatoon CBC affiliate which began broadcasting a combined CBC/CTV schedule in 1969, switched exclusively to CTV with CBKST's launch. The station's studios were originally located on the fifth floor of CN Towers, an office block located above Saskatoon's Midtown Plaza shopping centre. In August 1976 it was temporarily knocked off the air for several days when a several-ton chunk of concrete fell off the side of CN Towers and went crashing into the mall below, killing one person.[2] For several years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, CBKST used the brand "Saskatoon 11/12" on-air and in print, reflecting the station's respective over-the-air and cable positions in the city. At the time, the CBKST logo consisted of the name Saskatoon with the station's channel numbers contained within the O's. In December 1990, nationwide cutbacks at the CBC resulted in many staff being laid off and its supper hour newscast cancelled. In the early 2000s, the station moved into a new storefront studio facility, taking over the heritage Hutchinson Building, a few blocks away, on 2nd Avenue South, which it shares with its Radio-Canada counterpart, CBKFT. In 2002, CBC purchased former Prince Albert, Saskatchewan affiliate CKBI from previous owner Bell Globemedia (parent company of CTV), turning CKBI into a rebroadcaster of CBKST. CBKST also has ties to the CBC's longest-running import, Coronation Street — according to the 2002 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, CBKST acquired 1,144 episodes of the British soap from Granada Television on May 31, 1971, the largest number of TV shows ever purchased in one transaction.[3] On May 16, 2008, CBKST was given approval by the CRTC to delete the following transmitters:[4] CBKST-TV-12 Big River, Saskatchewan CBKST-TV-14 Tisdale, Saskatchewan Viewers that have been served by the two stations are served by two other CBKST transmitters, CBKST-TV-3 Leoville and CBKST-TV-11 Greenwater Lake. Transmitters Map of all coordinates from Google Map of all coordinates from Bing Export all coordinates as KML Export all coordinates as GeoRSS Map of all microformatted coordinates Place data as RDF Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates Notes CBKST-1 Stranraer 9 (VHF) 323 kW 367 m 51°40′49″N 108°42′57″W / 51.68028°N 108.71583°W / 51.68028; -108.71583 (CBKST-1) CBKST-2 La Ronge 12 (VHF) 0.75 kW 44.2 m 55°7′22″N 105°17′3″W / 55.12278°N 105.28417°W / 55.12278; -105.28417 (CBKST-2) CBKST-3 Leoville 12 (VHF) 78.5 kW 146.9 m 53°36′25″N 107°33′19″W / 53.60694°N 107.55528°W / 53.60694; -107.55528 (CBKST-3) CBKST-4 Stanley Mission 8 (VHF) 1.498 kW 26.8 m 55°23′47″N 104°35′27″W / 55.39639°N 104.59083°W / 55.39639; -104.59083 (CBKST-4) CBKST-5 Montreal Lake 11 (VHF) 1.2 kW 36.9 m 54°2′45″N 105°46′58″W / 54.04583°N 105.78278°W / 54.04583; -105.78278 (CBKST-5) CBKST-6 Pinehouse Lake 10 (VHF) 0.009 kW NA 55°31′24″N 106°34′33″W / 55.52333°N 106.57583°W / 55.52333; -106.57583 (CBKST-6) CBKST-8 Southend 13 (VHF) 1 kW 50.3 m 56°20′0″N 103°21′36″W / 56.333333°N 103.36°W / 56.333333; -103.36 (CBKST-8) CBKST-9 Prince Albert 5 (VHF) 100 kW 236.6 m 53°3′26″N 105°50′30″W / 53.05722°N 105.84167°W / 53.05722; -105.84167 (CBKST-9) formerly CKBI-TV CBKST-10 North Battleford 7 (VHF) 55.3 kW 159 m 52°45′31″N 108°33′57″W / 52.75861°N 108.56583°W / 52.75861; -108.56583 (CBKST-10) formerly CKBI-TV-2 CBKST-11 Greenwater Lake 4 (VHF) 17 kW 222.5 m 52°27′58″N 103°30′14″W / 52.46611°N 103.50389°W / 52.46611; -103.50389 (CBKST-11) formerly CKBI-TV-3 CBKST-13 Spiritwood 2 (VHF) 21.1 kW 163.6 m 53°12′5″N 107°30′53″W / 53.20139°N 107.51472°W / 53.20139; -107.51472 (CBKST-13) formerly CKBI-TV-6 CBKST-15 Nipawin 10 (VHF) 8 kW 143.6 m 53°20′7″N 104°8′57″W / 53.33528°N 104.14917°W / 53.33528; -104.14917 (CBKST-15) formerly CKBI-TV-4 CBKAT Uranium City 8 (VHF) 0.059 kW 110.3 m 59°34′41″N 108°35′46″W / 59.57806°N 108.59611°W / 59.57806; -108.59611 (CBKAT) formerly relayed CBC North CBKAT-2 Fond du Lac 10 (VHF) 4.935 kW 56 m 59°22′52″N 107°8′39″W / 59.38111°N 107.14417°W / 59.38111; -107.14417 (CBKAT-2) formerly relayed CBC North CBKAT-3 Stony Rapids 7 (VHF) 2.511 kW 177.7 m 59°11′10″N 105°55′33″W / 59.18611°N 105.92583°W / 59.18611; -105.92583 (CBKAT-3) formerly relayed CBC North CBKBT Beauval 7 (VHF) 7.78 kW 108.5 m 55°2′59″N 107°45′28″W / 55.04972°N 107.75778°W / 55.04972; -107.75778 (CBKBT) CBKCT Ile-a-la-Crosse 9 (VHF) 0.795 kW 136.3 m 55°30′25″N 107°58′52″W / 55.50694°N 107.98111°W / 55.50694; -107.98111 (CBKCT) CBKDT Buffalo Narrows 11 (VHF) 1.08 kW 144 m 55°56′40″N 108°33′40″W / 55.94444°N 108.56111°W / 55.94444; -108.56111 (CBKDT) CBKDT-1 Palmbere Lake 8 (VHF) 1.38 kW 77.7 m 56°19′30″N 109°4′29″W / 56.325°N 109.07472°W / 56.325; -109.07472 (CBKDT-1) CBKDT-2 La Loche 13 (VHF) 5.29 kW 38.2 m 56°29′2″N 109°26′14″W / 56.48389°N 109.43722°W / 56.48389; -109.43722 (CBKDT-2) CBKPT Patuanak 5 (VHF) 0.01 kW NA 55°55′0″N 107°43′21″W / 55.916667°N 107.7225°W / 55.916667; -107.7225 (CBKPT) Digital television Transmitters in Saskatoon are required to go digital or be taken off the air by the transition deadline of August 31, 2011. CBC has decided that none of its rebroadcasters in mandatory markets will transition to digital. Despite having separate studios, CBKST is licensed as a rebroadcaster of CBKT. As such, the CBC has decided to shut down both CBKST and CBKFT-1, the Radio-Canada repeater for the city. Saskatoon viewers will receive CBKT via cable and satellite.[5] CBC Saskatoon building on 2nd Avenue South See also List of CBC television stations. References ^ Canadian Communications Foundation - Fondation Des Communications Canadiennes ^ Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, August 17, 1976 ^ Guinness World Records 2002. Guinness. 2001. p. 160. 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