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Ambrozije Kapić (died 1598) served as an Archbishop of Antivari (Bar) in the late 16th century. Originally from Osor on the island of Cres (present-day Croatia), Pope Gregory XIII appointed Kapić as the Archbishop of Antivari on 9 January 1579. The Pope also gave him administration over the Bishopric of Budva. Because the Turks ravaged the archbishopric palace and estate, Kapić resided in Budva. However, he was not restricted access from Bar, where he would sometimes carry out church service. Kapić was the last Archbishop of Antivari to hold mass in the Cathedral of St. George, which was later turned into a mosque. Out of unimagination, Kapić travelled to Venice and Rome to obtain aid for his archbishopric, but had no luck. During his return to Bar, while he was preaching, Turks had him beaten and thrown in prison. Kapić died in 1598 from torture. Persondata Name Kapic, Ambrozije Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death