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The following is a list of notable people who were born in, lived in or are associated with the city of Bartow, Florida. Contents 1 Entertainment 2 Government and Politics 3 Military 4 Sports 5 Other 6 References // Entertainment Jaime Faith Edmondson - Playboy playmate; born in Bartow.[1][2] Karen Olivo - Tony Award winning actress.[3] Matt West - born in Bartow. Government and Politics Charles O. Andrews - U.S. Senator from 1938-1946; raised in Bartow. [4] Frank Clark - Former Bartow City attorney, U.S. Representative for the 2nd District 1905-1925.[5] Stephen H. Grimes- a former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice.[6] Katherine Harris- Former U.S. Congressman, Florida 13th District; Florida's Secretary of State during the controversial Florida Recount of 2000[7] Spessard Holland- Former Florida governor and U.S. senator.[8] Adam Putnam- the current U.S. Congressman of Florida's 12th District.[9] Jacob Summerlin- the "King of the Crackers", first baby born in Florida after it was ceded from Spain to the United States. He was the founder of both Bartow and Orlando, Florida.[10] Military Albert H. Blanding- General[11] Evander McIvor Law- Confederate general during War Between the States.[12] James Van Fleet - General during Korean War.[13] Sports Johnny Burnett - MLB player for the Cleveland Indians snd St. Louis Browns from 1927-1935. Darryl Carlton - NFL player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); born in Bartow: June 24, 1953 Desmond Clark - NFL player (Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears), born in Bartow: April 20, 1977.[14] Marcus Floyd - NFL player New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers, born in Bartow: Oct 12, 1978 Kenneth Gant - born in Bartow: April 18, 1967. Torrian Gray - NFL player (Minnesota Vikings), born in Bartow March 18. 1974.[15] Alonzo Highsmith NFL player, born in Bartow.[16] Lance Leggett - Wide receiver for the Miami Hurricanes and Cleveland Browns 2008-2009.[17] Ray Lewis - NFL linebacker (Baltimore Ravens), born in Bartow: May 15, 1975[18] Tracy McGrady - NBA player (Detroit Pistons), born in Bartow: May 24, 1979[19] Jason Odom - Former NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996-1999. Graduated from Bartow High School.[20] Ken Riley- Born in Bartow: August 6, 1947. a former NFL cornerback with the Cincinnati Bengals.[21] James Roberson - NFL football player, born in Bartow. Sam Silas - NFl football player for the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers from 1964 to 1970. Born in Homeland in 1940, graduated from Union Academy.[21] Jerry Simmons - NFL offensive tackle from 1965-1974. Graduated from Union Academy.[22] Theron Smith - NBA player (Charlotte Bobcats), born in Bartow: Oct 3, 1980 James "Bubba" Stewart was born in Bartow and is now the worlds foremost Supercrosser.[23] Keydrick Vincent - NFL player (Baltimore Ravens), born in Bartow: Apr 13, 1978[24] Rick Wilson NASCAR driver[25] Other Robert McGrady Blackburn - Methodist bishop.[26] Armando Gutierrez, banker, owner of WQXM, spokesman for family of Elian Gonzalez Sean Patrick Hopwood, Linguist, owner of Day Translations, international language developer.[27] Marshall Ledbetter, photographer, psychedelics enthusiast, iconoclast and unconventional protester; born in Bartow. Nelson Serrano- Infamous murderer. Charlie Smith - Famous centenarian, claimed to be the oldest person in American history(137 years).[28] Ossian Sweet - Detroit physician best known for the Sweet Trials, defended by Clarence Darrow. Born and raised in Bartow.[29] Michael Tomasello - Developmental psychiatrist[30] Barbara (Belt) Wolfe - 2008 Public Storage "Making a Difference" Award winner. Born in Bartow, January 1969. References ^ "Jaime Faith Edmondson From The Amazing Race in Playboy". Retrieved 2010-09-23.  ^ "Jaime Faith Edmondson". IMDb. Retrieved 2010-09-23.  ^ "Karen Olivo". San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 2010-09-23.  ^ "ANDREWS, Charles Oscar". Retrieved 2010-11-11.  ^ "CLARK, Frank, (1860 - 1936)". U.S. Congress. Retrieved 2010-11-12.  ^ "Justice Stephen H. Grimes". Florida Supreme Court. Retrieved 2010-10-01.  ^ "Women in Congress:Katherine Harris". Retrieved 2010-09-24.  ^ "A Guide to the Spessard L. Holland Papers". University of Florida. Retrieved 2010-09-24.  ^ "Congressman Adam H. Putnam". 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