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Sleeping Lady from Anchorage, Alaska at dusk View of La Mujer Muerta, the dead woman, Segovia Province, Spain. The Sleeping Lady (sometimes called The Sleeping Maiden) is a nickname for the following mountains: Western United States (in both cases, the nickname is associated with an apocryphal Native American legend of "The Sleeping Lady"): Mount Tamalpais, near San Francisco, California Mount Susitna, near Anchorage, Alaska. Cambodia: Kong Rei Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl Thailand: Doi Nang Non Similarly-named mountains La Noyée (the drowned lady). A mountain range seen from Notre-Dame-des-Monts, Quebec. Local legend says the mountains are the silhouette of a Native American woman who drowned while swimming across Lac Nairne to meet her lover. In Western Mindoro, Philippines, there is a mountain known as Bundok ng Susong Dalaga, the "Maiden's breast mountain", that looks like a reclined woman.[1] Talim Island, Philippines, "Bundok ng Susong Dalaga" (Maiden's breast mountains) - two huge conical hills resembling the female breast, which are the highest peaks of the island. Sleeping Beauty, mountain in Kalinga province, northern Philippines. La Mujer Muerta (the dead woman). A mountain range located in the Sistema Central, Spain. Highest point La Pinareja, 2197 m. Further reading Dixon, Ann. (1994). The Sleeping Lady. Anchorage, AK : Alaska Northwest Books. ISBN 0-88240-444-X (hardbound) ISBN 0-88240-495-4 (paperback) Robertson, David (1991). "Mt. Tamalpais: The Legendary Birth of a Holy Mountain". California History 70 (2): 146–161.  Skolnick, Sharon. (1989). Dreams of Tamalpais. San Francisco: Last Gasp. ISBN 0-86719-357-3 References ^ Maiden's breast mountain, Occ. Mindoro