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Whitny Braun (b. April 22, 1982) is an American bioethicist known for her research with regard to the Jain practice of Sallekhana[1][2] and the Parsi practice of Dakhmenashini. She is also affiliated with the Center for Christian Bioethics at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California and currently studies philosophy and ethics at the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. She has also published on the topic of healthcare in the American prison system, specifically with regard to organ donation and the death penalty.[3] Her current research focuses on Christian, Jewish and Muslim philosophical approaches to artificial reproductive technology, specifically heterologous embryo transfer. Personal life Braun was born in Redlands, California and raised between Downey, California and Coulterville, California in the Seventh-day Adventist church and is currently an associate scholar of the Seventh-day Advenstist run Center for Christian Bioethics at Loma Linda University, however her writings and opinions most often reflect a secular humanist position and her interests lie in the application of under represented ethnic groups' normative ethics in a clinical setting. She often refers to herself as a pragmatist. Braun is of Scottish, Dutch, Czech Jew and Native American descent. She is also the goddaughter of prominent ethnohistorian Matthew Restall. At 18 she was the youngest contestant to ever compete on the American trivia game show Win Ben Stein's Money.[4] Braun is currently single and divides her time between Southern California, Yosemite National Park and Murcia, Spain. References ^ Braun, W. M. (2008). "Sallekhana: the ethicality and legality of religious suicide by starvation in the Jain religious community." Medicine and Law 27(4): 913-924. ^ Braun, W. (2007). "Sallekhana: Consideraciones Eticas Y Juridicas Sobre El Suicidio Por Inanicion en la Comunidad Religiosa Jainita." Anales de Derecho - Universidad de Murcia 25: 415-428. ^ The Eighth Amendment Dichotomy: The Clinical and Legal Debate Over Prisoner's Constitutional Right to Healthcare and Organ Transplantation. (2009). In Francisco Manuel García Costa & María Magnolia Pardo López (Eds.), Retos Del Derecho En El Siglo XXI (pp. 131-155). Valencia, Spain: Ediciones de la Universidad De Murcia. ^ Persondata Name Braun, Whitny Alternative names Short description Bioethicist Date of birth April 22, 1982 Place of birth Redlands, California Date of death Place of death This biography of an academic is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e