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Buchegg Castle is a castle in the Swiss municipality of Kyburg-Buchegg in the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. Today's castle stands on the site of the former castle of the Counts of Buchegg. The original castle, first mentioned in 1267 as sub castro Buhecke, was burned by the Counts of Kyburg in 1383. In 1546, Solothurn built a square tower with a high hipped roof, on the site of the original castle. Until the 18th Century, it served as a prison. It was privatized in 1863. Then, in 1938 it was renovated by the castle preservation society. Since 1956, the castle has served as museum.[1] See also List of castles and fortresses in Switzerland References ^ Buchegg in German, French and Italian in the online Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. v · d · eCastles and Fortresses of the Canton of Solothurn Balmfluh  · Alt-Bechburg CastleAlt-Bechburg  · Neu-Bechburg  · Blumenstein  · Buchegg  · Dorneck  · Alt-Falkenstein  · Neu-Falkenstein  · Frohburg  · Gilgenberg  · Rotberg  · Steinbrugg  · Sternenberg  · Neu-Thierstein  · Waldegg Castles of Solothurn  · Castles of Switzerland  · Castles of Europe Coordinates: 47°8′29.31″N 7°30′33.85″E / 47.141475°N 7.5094028°E / 47.141475; 7.5094028 This article about a castle in Switzerland is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e