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Laguna Petrel Petrel Lake, on October 4, 2010. Coordinates 34°22′47.35″S 71°59′59.75″W / 34.3798194°S 71.9999306°W / -34.3798194; -71.9999306Coordinates: 34°22′47.35″S 71°59′59.75″W / 34.3798194°S 71.9999306°W / -34.3798194; -71.9999306 Basin countries Chile Surface elevation 0 feet (0 m) Petrel Lake (Spanish: Laguna de Petrel or Laguna Petrel) is a salt lake located in Pichilemu beach, Chile, in front of Pichilemu railway station.[1][2] It contains a high percentage of sea water, and it was formerly one of the main attractions of Pichilemu.[1] It is named after the hacienda San Antonio de Petrel, located nearby Pichilemu.[2] References Pichilemu portal Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Petrel Lake ^ a b Washington Saldías. "Categórica y fundada respuesta da el jóven alcalde" (in Spanish). Pichilemu News. Retrieved 1 September 2010.  ^ a b Pichilemo (Puerto de) entry at Diccionario Geográfico de la República de Chile (1899) at Wikisource, by Francisco Astaburuaga Cienfuegos. (Spanish) v · d · e Pichilemu History · Coat of arms · Flag · Notable people Government Town Hall · Mayor (Roberto Córdova) · City Council (Aldo Polanco · Andrea Aranda · Viviana Parraguez · Juan Cornejo · Marta Urzúa · Patricio Morales) · Police · Public Safety Agency · Fire · Library · Education Attractions Agustín Ross Cultural Centre · Agustín Ross Park · Railway Station · Túnel El Árbol · Caballo de Agua · Agustín Ross Hotel · Agustín Ross Balcony · Cáhuil · La Cruz Hill · Los Navegantes · Punta de Lobos Colleges and Schools Agustín Ross Edwards High School · Charly's School · Colegio Preciosa Sangre · Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar See also 1985 Pichilemu earthquake · 2003–2009 Pichilemu political controversies · 2010 Pichilemu earthquake · Los Restos Indígenas de Pichilemu Category:Pichilemu • Portal:Pichilemu This Pichilemu-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e