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[v · d · e]  Beaudesert Line  The disused Beaudesert railway line with the remains of Veresdale station in the background Line length: 43 km (27 mi) Gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) Legend Beaudesert Tramway 43 km Beaudesert 37 km Gleneagle 34 km Veresdale 32 km Woodhill 28 km Cedar Grove 23 km Mount Lindesay Highway 22 km Jimboomba Canungra Line 11 km Logan Village 3 km Waterford 0 km Beenleigh Line at Bethania The Beaudesert railway line is a disused branch railway in South East Queensland, Australia. Overview The 43 km-long line branches off the Beenleigh Line at a triangular junction immediately south of Bethania station 35 km south of Brisbane, then progresses generally south-west to Jimboomba and then generally south to its terminus at Beaudesert. The line, which carried passengers and agricultural produce, opened in 1885.[1] The Beaudesert line connected to a tramway at the terminus, the Beaudesert Tramway, which was operated by the local shire council. The two-line tramway opened in 1902 and linked the railway to branches with termini at Lamington and Rathdowney.[2] Regular service on the railway ceased in 1996, but the line was reopened as a tourist attraction by Beaudesert Rail, a rail heritage organisation which operated trains between Logan Village and Beaudesert.[3] An excursion train on the Beaudesert line derailed on the afternoon of 28 June 2003 approximately 3 km south of Bethania. Queensland Transport found that the derailment was due to the right rail shifting laterally outwards, causing the locomotive's left-hand wheel to drop off the rail. Queensland Transport found that the ultimate cause was the poor condition of the track brought on by inadequate maintenance and organisational inefficiency.[4] The line attracted national media attention in early 2005, when it was alleged that the Commonwealth government had given Beaudesert Rail a $600,000 grant under the "regional partnerships" funding scheme, even though the company was alleged to be insolvent.[1][5] Though the Beaudesert branch has not been officially closed, QR Limited, the state-owned rail operator, no longer has an official interest in the line. In July 2006, the former Beaudesert Shire Council commenced negotiations with Queensland Transport to secure a sublease of the rail corridor, with QT advising that the Beaudesert Rail sublease was being terminated.[6] See also Queensland portal Rail transport in Queensland References ^ a b Koutsoukis, Jason (17 February 2005). "PM admits rail line was not viable". The Age. Retrieved November 30, 2008.  ^ Elsmore, David (1997). "Beaudesert Tramway - Passenger Tickets". Retrieved 30 November 2008.  ^ A.C. Lynn Zelmer (24 April 2005). "Queensland's Rail Heritage: Beaudesert Rail". Retrieved 30 November 2008.  ^ Queensland Transport (27 November 2008). "Beaudesert derailment". Retrieved 30 November 2008.  ^ Townsend, Ian (25 February 2005). "Sabotage suspected in Beaudesert railway problems". Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 30 November 2008.  ^ Beaudesert Shire Council (11 July 2006). "Media Release: Talks on rail corridor underway". Retrieved 19 March 2009. [dead link]