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Serra d'El-Rei —  Towns of Portugal  — Location in Portugal Country  Portugal Region Centro Subregion Oeste District/A.R. Leiria Area  - Total 9.16 km2 (3.5 sq mi) Population (2001)  - Total 1,377 Parishes (no.) Website Serra d'El-Rei ('Mountains of the King') is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Peniche on the Atlantic Coast. Located in an area 9.16 kilometers m² and with 1,377 inhabitants (2001), Serra d'El-Rei became a town on July 1 2003. It was at Serra d'El-Rei that King Peter I of Portugal lived with his lover Inês de Castro. His 14th century castle in the town is a ruin today.[1] Serra d'El-Rei is 7 km (4.5 miles) west of the historic walled-town of Óbidos.[1] and 10 km east from Peniche. Gallery The 17th century Catholic church in the town square Interior of the church showing typical hand-painted blue and white tiles with Biblical scenes References ^ a b [1] Serra d'El-Rei on the Planet Ware website External links Serra d'El-Rei official website