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Franz Seraphin Lauska[1] (born Brno, 13 January 1764; died Berlin, 18 April 1825) was a Moravian pianist, composer, and teacher of Giacomo Meyerbeer.[2] Lauska was considered "one of the most brilliant executants of his time."[3] Contents 1 Biography 2 Works 3 Notes 4 Sources Biography Lauska may have been a student of Johann Georg Albrechtsberger while studying in Vienna in 1784. He also spent time in Italy, played chamber music while serving at the Bavarian court in Munich, taught in Copenhagen from 1794 to 1798, and then moved to Berlin.[4][5] There he performed as a pianist, wrote music, and was a piano teacher of the Prussian royal family and the young Giacomo Meyerbeer. He conducted the Sing-Akademie in rehearsals while Carl Friedrich Zelter was away in 1802 and later became a member of Zelter's Liedertafel. Lauska probably knew Beethoven, for whom he read proofs, and was friends with Carl Maria von Weber,[4] who dedicated his second sonata in A-flat major to Lauska.[3] Works Lauska wrote a great deal of piano music (approximately 25 sonatas, rondos, variations, polonaises, capriccios, etc.), much of it technically undemanding and intended for beginners, amateurs, and his pupils. His music is uncomplicated and typical of the musical style at the time.[4] The following list of works is incomplete. Piano music: Grande Sonate, Op. 1, for harpsichord or piano (Hamburg, ca. 1795) OCLC 497820429 and 165292651 Menuette varié, for piano, on a theme from Sonata, op. 1 (Copenhagen, no date) OCLC 165292653 and 474081654 Grande Sonate, Op. 4, for harpsichord or piano (Hamburg, ca. 1797) OCLC 300130484 and 658645635 Eine grosse Sonate für's Pianoforte, Op. 6 (Hamburg, 1797) OCLC 254804106, 658645649 and 478681395 OCLC 165292654 Sonata, Op. 7, for piano (Hamburg, 1797) OCLC 658645663 Eight variations for piano on the air "Ich küsse dich o Schleier" from Geister Insel by Reichard (Munich, 1799) OCLC 497820508 Grande Sonate, Op. 9 (Hamburg, ca. 1800) OCLC 497820468 Grande Sonate, Op. 10 (Hamburg, ca. 1800) OCLC 497820474 Sonata, Op. 20, for piano (Leipzig, ca. 1812) OCLC 180641536, 122399892 and 165292656 Polonaise, Op. 23 (Leipzig, ca. 1815) OCLC 315226638 Polonoise, Op. 25 (Leipzig, ca. 1809) OCLC 165278132 Sonata, Op. 26 (Leipzig, ca. 1810) OCLC 315226921 Rondeau and polonaise, Op. 27 (Berlin, ca. 1815) OCLC 632794135 Deux grandes polonaises en forme de rondeau, Op. 29 (Berlin, ca. 1812) OCLC 634045589, 315223658 and 497820411 Capriccio, Op. 32, for piano (Leipzig, ca. 1815) OCLC 180641485 and 165292640 Grande Sonate, Op. 34 (Berlin, no date) OCLC 165292660 Sonata, Op. 35 (Berlin, no date) OCLC 165292661 Capriccio and Polacca, Op. 36, for piano (Leipzig, ca. 1819) OCLC 165292638 and 315227820 Sonate brillante, Op. 37 (Leipzig, ca. 1818) OCLC 315227464 and 165292663 Polonoise, Op. 42, for piano (Leipzig, no. date) OCLC 165292644 Rondeaux brillants et agréables, Op. 44 (Leipzig, ca. 1820) OCLC 165292649 Sonate agreeable, Op. 46 (Leipzig, no date) OCLC 165292665 Der Fackeltanz, for piano four hands (Berlin, ca. 1823) OCLC 315785836 and 230131300 Chamber music: Sonate facile, Op. 18, for piano and violin (Munich, 1802–1803)[4] Sonata, Op. 28, for piano and cello (Berlin, ca. 1812) OCLC 56763134, 315223723 and 497820495 Introduzzione e rondoletto for piano and cello (Berlin, ca. 1818–1819)[4] Concerto for harpsichord or piano and orchestra[4] Vocal music: Neun deutsche Lieder und Variationen, Op. 2, for voice and piano (Hamburg, 1792)[4] OCLC 475178942, 165292641 and 473129820 Lied von den Militair-Eleven (Munich, 1806) OCLC 644149184 Twelve songs for voice and guitar (Hamburg, before 1821)[4] OCLC 610971586 Fünf Tafel-Lieder für Männerstimmen,[4] for the Liedertafel in Berlin (Berlin, ca. 1826) OCLC 315231028 Mass[4] Quando corpus morietur for 4 voices (1825)[4] Notes ^ Lauska has also been spelled Louska and Lausca. Alternative forenames include Franz Seraphicus, Franz Seraphim, Franz Seraphinus, and František Ignác. See Wagner 2001; Seraphin and Seraphim at WorldCat. ^ Wagner 2001; Letellier 1999, p. 171; Brzoska 2001; Thompson 1975, p. 1221. ^ a b The Monthly Musical Record (1 September 1891). View at Google Books. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k Wagner 2001. ^ Letellier 1999, pp. 171, 255. Sources Brzoska, Matthias (2001). "Meyerbeer [Beer], Giacomo [Jakob Liebmann Meyer]" in Sadie 2001. Meyerbeer, Giacomo; Letellier, Robert Ignatius, editor (1999). The Diaries of Giacomo Meyerbeer, Volume 1, 1791–1839. Madison, New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. ISBN 9780838637890. Thompson, Oscar; Bohle, Bruce, editors (1975). The International Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians (tenth edition, edited by Bruce Bohle). New York: Dodd, Mead. ISBN 9780396070054. Sadie, Stanley, editor (2001). The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edition. London: Macmillan. ISBN 9781561592395 (hardcover). OCLC 419285866 (eBook). Wagner, Undine (2001). "Lauska [Louska, Lausca], Franz [Franz Seraphicus; Franz Seraphinus; František Ignác]" in Sadie 2001. Persondata Name Lauska, Franz Seraphin Alternative names Franz Louska, Franz Lausca, František Ignác (Czech) Short description Moravian piano teach and composer Date of birth 13 January 1764 Place of birth Brno Date of death 14 April 1825 Place of death Berlin