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Science Accelerator is a web-based gateway to science information (Academic databases and search engines) including research results from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The information is provided as a free public service by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), within the Office of Science. The Science Accelerator uses federated search technology to search DOE-generated and DOE-related science information databases and collections. Federated search technology allows the information customer to search multiple data sources with a single query in real time. It provides simultaneous access to "deep web" scientific databases, which are typically not searchable by commercial search engines. Contents 1 Content 2 Features and Capabilities 3 History 4 External Links Content Science Accelerator returns results from 12 DOE databases of science information and research results. Users can find: Electronic full-text research reports (including DOE scientific and technical information) Energy citations (going back to the Manhattan Project era) Patents Ongoing research project summaries DOE accomplishments including Nobel Laureates Collections of DOE non-text data E-prints (journal article pre-publication drafts and scholarly papers) Proceedings and papers from science conferences See Academic databases and search engines. Features and Capabilities A basic search and an advanced search are provided. The advanced search allows searching by author, title, and/or date, and/or selecting any of the resources or subsets of those resources. Science Accelerator provides a variety of features and capabilities, including: Clustering of results by subtopics or dates to help users target their search Wikipedia results related to user search terms Eureka Science News results related to user search terms RSS service Email option for sending results to friends and colleagues Enhanced information related to the user's real-time search Alerts service XML service Tag cloud information Widget History Science Accelerator was developed by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) and launched in April 2007. Through this initiative, OSTI introduced scalability in federated government search technology. Science Accelerator is the DOE contribution to and, and searches 12 DOE databases. External Links Science Accelerator Resource Descriptions Office of Scientific and Technical Information