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(July 2010) Perro Amor Format Romance - Action, Telenovela Created by Juana Uribe Andres Salgado Developed by Telemundo Studios, Miami Directed by David Posada Luis Manzo Starring Carlos Ponce Ana Lucía Domínguez Maritza Rodriguez Khotan Fernandez Theme music composer Carlos Ponce Joel Someillan Opening theme "Perro Amor" interpreted by Carlos Ponce Country of origin Colombia (1998) - United States (2010) Language(s) Spanish No. of episodes 129 Production Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol Producer(s) Jairo Arcila Editor(s) Hader Antivar Duque Carlos Sarda Location(s) Miami, Florida Camera setup Multi-camera Running time 42 minutes Broadcast Original channel Telemundo Picture format HDTV 1080i Audio format Stereophonic sound Original run January 11, 2010 (2010-01-11) – July 19, 2010 (2010-07-19) (U.S.) Chronology Preceded by Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres Followed by El Fantasma de Elena External links Website Perro Amor is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo that originally ran in the United States from January to July 2010. This is a Colombian soap opera remake of the 1998 Cenpro Television daily telenovela Perro Amor, written by Natalia Ospina & Andrés Salgado. As with most of its other soap operas, Telemundo will broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.This telenovela was sold to 19 countries around the world. Contents 1 Plot 2 Main cast 3 Crew 4 Broadcasting 5 External links 6 References Plot Perro Amor tells the story of two lovers: Antonio "el perro" Brando (Carlos Ponce) and Camila Brando (Maritza Rodriguez), who are also cousins. Since they were teens they have been playing at love. Now they are two lovers trying to live a life full of adventure, passion, conquests and bets. Anything Goes: making love in a window in the bathroom of their office, or on Camilla's bed. All under one condition: no love between them, nor for anyone else. Love is a game, and the one who falls in love loses. Antonio is all set to marry Daniela (Maritza Bustamante), the daughter of his father's business partner. But on their wedding day Camila makes him one of her famous bets: he wouldn't dare leave the bride at the altar. Antonio accepts the bet and goes through with it, refusing to say "I do" regardless of the likely consequences: Daniela's dad is the largest investor in the Brando family's construction company. Antonio's offensive behavior jeopardizes an important development project in which the Brando family's fortune is tied up, leaving the Brandos on the brink of bankruptcy. Also, on the day of the wedding, while preparing for the wedding (and after making love to Camilla), he spots Sofia (Ana Lucía Domínguez), through the window, whose mother is the caterer for the wedding and Sofia her assistant. Parallel to this, the cash-pressed Brando family business deceives and defrauds Dagoberto (Gerardo Riveron), who represents a group of poor homeowners, who are said to benefit from the project that Daniela's father is investing in, but the Brandos (notably Camilla, and her husband Gonzalo (Rodrigo de la Rosa) as the other members of the family are not familiar with the real master plan, as Camilla is the head of the project) take possession of the houses in the neighborhood and then refuse to pay for them. This drives Dagoberto to take his own life rather than face the neighbors who trusted him. His son, Rocky (Khotan Fernandez) swears revenge. Rocky is an honest young man who dreams of being a musician, a promising pop singer who is in love with Sofia, offering her a sincere love without lies or bets. But Antonio and Camilla have gone too far, regardless of Sofia. The economic future of the construction company is at stake, along with a whole neighborhood, a family and the happiness of Rocky. But something will change: Antonio's father, Pedro (Victor Camara), puts Antonio out on the street for being irresponsible. Antonio decides to marry Sofia and show his father that has matured, but Sofia already knows what he is, and does not want to have anything to do with him. Camilla, meanwhile, tries to recover Antonio by making life impossible for both him and Sofia, without acknowledging she is in love with him. Meanwhile, behind the scenes it's discovered by some, that Camilla is NOT a Brando after all, and that her mother and "father" were just friends, as her "father" was in reality gay. Her biological father is a man named Luigi Dorado, who was a drifter who mostly would take advantage of women, and be a "playboy" of sorts. He was hidden for 30 years, despite apparently knowing the truth, blackmails her with money demands in return of his silence. At the same time, Luigi begins to have a relationship with Cecilia (Zully Montero), Antonio's grandmother, and matriarch of the Brando family, but this relationship was mostly as a ploy to scare Camilla, to avoid telling Cecilia the truth of Camilla's paternity. (Although, later in the novel, its revealed that Cecilia knew all along that her son wasn't Camilla's father). Cecilia suspecting that Luigi's intentions weren't genuine, asks Rosario (Sofia's mother and daughter of Cecilia's best friend Ligia)to act as a decoy, to try to find out what Luigi is up to. But, the plan gets exposed by Luigi, and he attempts to rape her, before police arrive. Luigi was sentenced to jail for the attempted rape, and Camilla, tired of Luigi's blackmails, decides to have him killed. As a result, he was attacked by Alejandro Vallejo, a fellow prisoner, who was contracted by Jairo Chaparro in exchange for his freedom. In the end, Luigi wasn't killed, though injured, and Chaparro never intended to free Vallejo, and used him for his "dirty work". Later on, Camilla unsuccessful with the plot to kill Luigi, pays for Luigi's bail, in hopes that he forgives and forgets about everything that transpired. Around the same time, Antonio realizes he truly is in love with Sofia, and he no longer wants to have a relationship with Camilla, or any relationship with anyone else so he decides to go to counseling for his sex addiction. Six months pass, Sofia is ready to deliver her child (with Antonio), and Antonio returns from rehab and is seemingly cured from his addiction and is ready to be the model father and husband that Sofia dreamed he would be. But, Sofia has grown tired of Antonio's past antics and is determined to divorce him. But Nany comes back in town and discovers she has AIDS, causing a big problem as Antonio was one of her many partners. After a slight scare, and after several blood tests, it's discovered that everyone (Antonio, Gonzalo, Daniela, and Tamayo) is negative. (Camilla claims to be positive but that was just a plot to get Gonzalo closer to her, after he seemed to falling for Daniela). Camilla and Gonzalo realize that their scheming is catching up to them, so as a result they plan one final big heist, by selling multiple properties twice, and defrauding every 2nd buyer (being that the first buyer would be the legitimate buyer, and everyone after that, invalid) and keeping the money. But, the plot is exposed, as a result Gonzalo winds up in jail and Camilla is kept free, after she put the blame of the fraud all on him, when it reality it was more her idea, and he was just an accomplice. While Gonzalo is in jail, Camilla, now working alone, enlists the help of Chaparro once again. Chaparro decides they need to put all the fraud money that Camilla and Gonzalo embezzled and put it into a bank account in the Bahamas, under a fake name, the fake name being "Alejandro Vallejo", the same prisoner who he promised earlier to release from jail, and didn't. A problem arises, when the prisoner finds this information out, and blackmails Chaparro, as a result Chaparro calls for Vallejo's death, making it look like a suicide. Gonzalo who had just been in the room with Vallejo, realizes that it wasn't a suicide after all, and that he was ordered to be killed. At the same time, Luigi who has since, struck a legitimate relationship with Clemencia (Antonio's mother and Pedro's estranged wife) and realizes that Camilla may be the real criminal of everything that's going on. The day Vallejo was murdered, Luigi visits the prison and talks to Vallejo, and Vallejo tells him everything he knows, and that if he's killed, it'd be Chaparro's doing, (being that he himself was asked to kill Luigi earlier in the novel, he was fully aware of what Chaparro was capable of) and wrote on a piece of paper thae proof that Chaparro is behind the money laundering scheme. Also, in the past few months, Rocky Paris lets his fame go to his head, and he becomes arrogant to everyone he's dealt with in his life, only wanting two things, (1) Revenge on the Brandos for his father's suicide (which in reality was Camilla and Jairo Chaparro's doing) and (2) Sofia. Because, of this tired of Rocky's attitude, Benny quits the band. Antonio, realizing Sofia doesn't want to be with him, and refusing to go back to Sofia, meets and falls in love with Miranda, a vetenerian (Angelica Celaya). Sofia also gives in to Rocky's advances and falls in love then later agrees to marry him. Also around this time, Cecilia is suffering from heart disease and is in need for a transplant, this results in Sofia and Pedro to run the company trying to undo the bad deeds of Camilla and Gonzalo. Gonzalo later turning face by exposing Camilla and Jairo's plan. When Camilla gets word of the developments, she decides she needs to kill Cecilia in the hospital, and nearly succeeds, but is saved by both Antonio and Miranda, only to now need the heart transplant more urgent. Luigi, knowing all the truths, is ready to kill Jairo for all the missed deeds he committed, and it culminates into a shootout, where kills Luigi. Luigi turns out to be an organ donor, and his heart is given to Cecilia. Cecilia would fully recover, and is now ready for a new plan to fix the deception and resolve the issues of the poor homeowners. Antonio then gets a call from Alejandro "Alejo" (Sofia's brother) who is desperate for drugs, he refuses, and insteads insists to help him overcome his drug habit. A first step being a concert that supports recovery, only problem is its booked on the same date and time as a concert Rocky is planning to hold, being that Antonio (who was business partners with Rocky) didnt file the papers for approval on Rocky's concert and filed the paper for his own papers. Rocky attempts to sabotage Antonio's concert. Main cast Actor Character Known as Carlos Ponce Antonio "El Perro" Brando Main Hero, in love with Sofia Ana Lucía Domínguez Sofia Santana Main Heroine, in love with Antonio Maritza Rodriguez Camila Brando Main villain, cousin and lover of Antonio, later known that she is not his cousin, ex-wife of Gonzalo, villain commits suicide Khotan Fernandez Rocky Paris singer, in love with Sofia Maritza Bustamante Daniela Valdiri Fernando's daughter, in love with Gonzalo Zully Montero Doña Cecilia Brando grandmother of Antonio Elluz Peraza Clemencia Brando mother of Antonio, in love with Luigi, wife of Pedro, villain, later good Víctor Camara Pedro Brando father of Antonio, in love with Veronica, husband of Clemencia Rodrigo de la Rosa Gonzalo Caceres Camila's ex-husband, in love with Daniela Natalia Ramírez Rosario Santana Sofia's mother, in love with Angel Raul Arrieta Diego Tamallo Antonio's best friend, later his traitor, has his own radio show Martha Picanes Ligia Santana best friend of Cecilia, Sofia's grandmother Rosalinda Rodriguez Doña Beatriz Caparroso Benny's mother, having Don Juaco's baby Carlos Ferro Benny Caparroso "El Pastelito" singer, Rocky's best friend, in love with Veronica, Jenifer's ex lover Dayana Garroz Viviana On-air DJ, in love with Juan Camilo Silvana Arias Veronica Jessica Murillo "La Vero" best friend of Sofia, in love with Benny, had a fling with Don Pedro Manolo Coego Joaquin Valencia father of Jennifer and Lorena Lopez, in love with Doña Beatriz Fred Valle Fernando Valdiri Daniela's father Roberto Huicochea Giardinis Murillo Veronica's father Freddy Viquez Jairo Chaparro Camila's secret look out in Rocky's neighborhood, villain arrest by the cops Roberto Levermann Usnavy Murillo Brother of Veronica Jessica Murillo Frank Falcon Juan Camilo Lawyer of the Brando Family and boyfriend of Viviana Carlos Garin Angel Santana Sofia's father Adrian Carvajal Alejandro (Alejo) Santana Sofia's brother and dated Lorena, drug addict Marco Figueroa Marc sailor, husband of Jennifer Veronica Montes Lena singer, friend of Rocky and Benny, in love with Rocky Patricia de Leon Jennifer Lopez Marc's ex-wife, in love with Benny Paola Campodonico Lorena Lopez Jennifer's sister and dated Alejo, has feelings for Benny Special Cast Actor Character Known as Jencarlos Canela Jencarlos Canela himself Raul Izaguirre Luigi Dorad father of Camilla, lover of Clemencia ( shot 5 times by jairo died in the hospital) Yoly Dominguez sex-therapist of Antonio Angélica Celaya Miranda new girl of Antonio, gets attacked by Camila Alcira Gil Lidia mother of Jennifer, first wife of Joaquin, alcoholic Ariel Lopez Jorge Celedon Jorge Celedon Himself Jimmy Zambrano Jimmy Zambrano Himself Carmen Olivares Victor Corona Enrique Yina Velez Nany best friend of Camila, has AIDS Secondary Cast in Order of Appearance Gerardo Riveron .... Dagoberto Perez - Rocky's father, (shot him self dead) Jessica Caldrello .... Danira - receptionist, Camilla's assistant & accomplice Arianna Coltellacci .... Felipa Diana Franco .... Berta - bitter architect designer at Brando Constructora Shafik Palis Hector Alejandro Yeneyt Alonso Charles de la Rosa Yami Gallard||o Carlos Peña Ronald J. Herrera Alicia Giraldo Kevin Aponte Carlos Bauer Almircar Barros Robert Almanza Ariel Diaz Hector Fuentes Yina Velez .... Nany - best friend of Camila, (has AIDS) Lucy Gallardo Vivi Pineda ... Isabel Oscar de Moya Hector Eduardo Gonzalez Wilson Blass Onyx .... Onyx - "El Perro" Tony Feijoo .... Doctor Orduz Miriam Henriquez .... Silvia Castelo Crew Original Story Juana Uribe Andres Salgado Screenplay Adaptation Juana Uribe Maria Clara Lopez Ana Maria Parra Sebastian Sanchez Director of Writers Roberto Stopello Literary Direction Juan Marcos Blanco Central Theme "Perro Amor" Lyrics and Music Carlos Ponce Joel Someillian Original Music Juan Carlos Rodriguez Scripts Minu Chacin Ivette Rivero Action / Product Placement Maria Eugenia Fernandez Locations Lily Hurtado Scenography Oscar Cortes Hernando Gonzalez Ambientation Jose Del Pino Costume Designer Fiorella Garibaldi Makeup Shirley Nashiro Edition Hader Antivar Duque Carlos Sarda Musicalization Joaquin Fernandez F. Choreography Mayte Valiente Casting Gustavo Puerta Serrano VP of Talent Joshua Mintz Coordination of Production Patricia Uribe Studio Production Paola Alliegro Supervision of Production Jorge Giraldo Mariana Iskandarani Aimee Godinez Photography Direction Joseph Martinez Miguel Angel Font Art Direction Oscar Cortes Cortes Directors David Posada Luis Manzo Genera Production Jairo Arcila Executive Production Aurelio Valcarcel Carroll Realization Telemundo Studios Broadcasting Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end United States January 11, 2010 July 19, 2010 Albania May 17, 2010 November 12, 2010 Serbia June 28, 2010 December 7, 2010 Montenegro August 11, 2010 February 7, 2011 Slovenia September 3, 2010 March 11, 2011 Croatia September 27, 2010 March 24, 2011 Bulgaria bTV Coming Soon External links Lanzamiento de Perro Amor Seriesnow References v · d · eTelemundo's 2009-2010 telenovelas (USA) Más Sabe el Diablo · El Clon · Aurora · Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres · Perro Amor · El Fantasma de Elena · Victorinos · ¿Dónde Está Elisa? · La Diosa Coronada · Alguien Te Mira v · d · eTelemundo's 2010-2011 telenovelas (USA) 8:00pm El Clon · Aurora · Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán 9:00pm Perro Amor · El Fantasma de Elena · Los Herederos Del Monte 10:00pm ¿Dónde Está Elisa? · La Diosa Coronada · Alguien Te Mira · La Reina del Sur · La Casa de al Lado Announced Projects Flor Salvaje · Caidas del Cielo · Físico o Química · Un Amor de Película · Una Maid en Manhattan · Ojo Por Ojo