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Enterprise Switch Manager ESM Map Developer(s) Nortel (now Avaya) Stable release 6.3 / 23 March 2009 Preview release 6.3 Operating system MS-Windows, Linux, and Solaris Type Network configuration and management Website ESM Web Page Enterprise Switch Manager (ESM) in computer networking is the name of a GUI software program created by Nortel (now acquired by Avaya) for configuration and management of Nortel enterprise products. The older versions of the software was named Optivity Switch Manager (OSM). ("Optivity" is a registered trade mark) ESM is a Java based network management program that visualizes the network topology map and equipment. Contents 1 History 2 Functionalities 3 See also 4 External links // History Version 6.3 is the current release Versions 5.0 and newer are called ESM (renamed) Versions 1.0 to 4.1 were called OSM Functionalities Error Management Trap Receiver Syslog Server Management Tools VLAN Manager Multi-link Trunking Manager or (link aggregation manager) Multicast Manger Device Manager Security Manager File/Inventory Manager Trap and Log Manager SNAS Manager Routing Manager Performance management SNMP real time statistics RMON statistics. Further functionalities: Visualization topology map and equipment interconnecting General color coding of the indicated network management information Searches and finding MAC or IP addresses in the Network Find configurations not saved SNMP real time LOGGING TFTP service Task Scheduling See also Avaya Nortel External links Enterprise Switch Manager Other Nortel management tools Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager Enterprise Network Management System Enterprise Policy Manager Proactive Voice Quality Management (PVQM) Optical Network Manager v • d • e Avaya Data telecommunications systems Routers Switches VSP-9000 • ERS-8800 Systems • Metro ERS-8600 System • ERS-8600 Systems • ERS-8300 Systems ERS-5600 Systems • ERS-5500 Systems • ERS-4500 Systems • ERS-2500 Systems Secure Routers Secure Router 8000 Systems  • Secure Router 4134 • Secure Router 3120  • Secure Router-2330  • Secure Router 1000 Systems Security Identity Engines • Secure Network Access (NAC)  • VPN Router Unified Communications     Avaya Aura Servers AS5300 CS2100 CS1000E CS1000M S8730 S8720 S8710 Media Gateways G860 G700 G650 G450 G350 G250 Aura Systems/Applications Agile Communication Environment System Manager Communications Manager Communication Manager Messaging Application Enablement Services Presence Services Small/Medium UC Business Communication Manager (BCM) • IP Office SIP Devices Flare (video/conferencing)  • 1165E • 1150E • 1140E • 1120E • 1120SA • 9620 • 9630 • 9640 IP Phones i2007 • i2004 • i2002 • 5621 • 5610 Digital Phones 3512 • 3519 • 2400 Series Digital Telephones  • 8400 Digital Voice Terminals • 7400 Digital Voice Terminals  • 6400 Series Digital Telephones  • 5410 • 5420 Management Tools Avaya Site Administration • Unified Communications Management • Visualization Performance & Fault Manager • Enterprise Switch Manager • Device Manager • VLAN Manager • Multicast Manager • Security Manager • File & Inventory Manager • Routing Manager • Multi-link Trunking Manager • Proactive Voice Quality Management • Enterprise Policy Manager Protocols Auto Detection Auto Configuration • Auto Unit Replacement • FAST Stacking • Digital Communications Protocol  • Nortel Discovery Protocol • MLT • DMLT • SMLT • DSMLT • RSMLT • IST • Simple Loop Prevention Protocol • PBT • UNIStim • VLACP Retired Products 1A2 Key System • CallMaster • Call Director • Definity • Dimension • Merlin • System 2600 • Spirit • System 85 • System 75 • System 25 • Horizon • ComKey • 2500 based telephones Avaya Professional Credential Program This article related to a type of software is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e This network-related software article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e