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Agnes Jones Sarah Brown as Agnes Jones (2009) The Bold and the Beautiful Portrayed by Sarah Brown Duration 2009–2011 First appearance Episode 5686 November 5, 2009 Last appearance Episode 6001 February 8, 2011 Created by Bradley Bell Profile Nickname(s) Aggie[1] Aliases Sandy Sommers (alias when she appeared) Gender Female Occupation Assistant at Jackie M Designs Residence Los Angeles, California Relationships Sibling(s) Oliver Jones (brother) Romances Nick Marone Children Unnamed child (miscarriage; surrogate for Nick and Bridget Marone) Grandparents Whipple Jones Sr. Aunts and uncles Whipple Jones Jr. Joy Jones First cousins Whipple Jones III Agnes "Aggie" Jones[2] (formerly Sandy Sommers)[3] is a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. The character has been originated and portrayed by three time Daytime Emmy award winning actress Sarah Brown since November 5, 2009.[4] She debuted on The Bold and the Beautiful a day after Brown vacated her previous role on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital. Contents 1 Character Development 1.1 Dealing with Past Demons 2 Storyline 2.1 Surrogate for Nick and Bridget Marone 2.2 Uncomfortable around Men 2.3 Whip's connection to Aggie 2.4 Aggie becomes pregnant 2.5 She hasn't been truthful about her past 2.6 Bridget and Aggie become friends 2.7 Nick tells Brooke about Aggie's dislike for men 2.8 Bridget becomes a Tyrant 2.9 Aggie loses the baby 2.10 The baby dies and Bridget blames Nick 2.11 Aggie goes after Nick after discovering Bridget's affair 2.12 Nick leaves Bridget & becomes involved with Aggie 2.13 Hidden Competition and Karma: Amber Moore her friend 2.14 I'll never forget a friend betrayed me 2.15 No more Amber 2.16 Aggie's warning to Whip: Don't mess with the Forresters 2.17 Nick has cancer 3 References Character Development When the character of Sandy was first introduced to Brown by head writer Bradley Bell she felt very strongly about the role and was excited to play the character. [5] In two different interviews with Brown, she describes the character: Dealing with Past Demons "as someone who is recovering from real trauma, "[Sandy] is not really herself when the audience first meets her. She's on a journey, sort of trying to find her bearings. And, she's a bit of a mess when she [first arrives]."[6] "She is very timid to me, and even has food delivered to her trailer where the grass does not grow. She is not trying to get anywhere with her life and that is what is really sad."[7] Brown has also expressed her excitement over playing the role. She is looking forward to the challenges of playing this character and really expressing the tragedy and trauma that the character has experienced in a new light. On playing the role of Sandy, Brown was quoted in an interview as stating this: "It is hard material to look at, to think about, to work on, to mull over and digest, and to try to find beauty in. I'm totally loving the job. I really believe in what I'm doing."'[8] Storyline Surrogate for Nick and Bridget Marone The character of Agnes Jones debuted on The Bold and the Beautiful as a potential surrogate for Nick and Bridget Marone. In an attempt to make herself more marketable to potential couples, Aggie, who had changed her name to Sandy Sommers, lied on her surrogate profile. When looking over the profile Bridget took a liking to it and considered Aggie as a potential surrogate. Aggie was first seen as mysterious, a bit unkempt and saddened in her mobile home, but immediately livens up after receiving a call from Bridget asking her for a meeting to discuss the potential surrogacy. She sets up a meeting with Bridget and dies her hair from dark brown to blonde before going to the meeting with Nick and Bridget. After the meeting, Aggie was selected to be their surrogate. Although Aggie presented herself as the perfect candidate and promised the Marones that she was living a healthy lifestyle, she did not take too well to all of the guidelines that came with becoming a surrogate for instance the healthy eating that is involved and opted to eat junk food. When Bridget called to make sure that she had been eating healthy Aggie lied and said that she was while eating a candy bar. Uncomfortable around Men Aggie took a liking to Bridget but pulled away from Nick, seemingly uncomfortable around men. On November 17, she was implanted with Nick and Bridget's embryo and clung excitedly to Bridget during the procedure but did not want Nick in the room. Later on in Aggie's room she has an encounter with Whipple Jones III, and he immediately recognizes her as his cousin Agnes Jones. At first she denies it but as Whip begins talking about how close they used to be she eventually revealed the truth and told him that she changed her name to Sandy for certain reasons. Whip's connection to Aggie When Aggie arrives with Nick and Bridget at the Adam and Eve photo shoot at Jackie M Designs, she is introduced as their surrogate and later makes it clear to Whip that she does not want Nick and Bridget to know that they are cousins so as to not complicate the situation. Aggie's mysterious past begins to appear when she gets upset by the photo shoot and has to leave the room. Later on the elevator she breaks down and cries imagining cameras flashing all around her. Aggie is having flashbacks of a certain time in her life when things were different. Aggie becomes pregnant Aggie seems haunted by the photo shoot as she can't seem to stop thinking about the camera flashes and as Whip visits her to check on her, he reveals that she used to love that kind of stuff. He asks her what happened but she blows him off, and even as he presses the issue knowing something is wrong she still would not reveal what happened to her. On December 3, she is officially announced pregnant, Nick and Bridget are thrilled but Aggie looks uncomfortable. As they try to show their appreciation, Aggie allows Bridget but yet again backs away from Nick. Nick begins to notice Aggie's apparent dislike of him, but Bridget simply brushes it off only wanting to worry about the baby. She hasn't been truthful about her past Nick later goes to Aggie's place wanting to discuss her behavior and discovers mail addresses to Agnes Jones and junk food in the cupboards. He quickly realizes that she is not all she claimed to be and wonders why she has not been truthful. She reveals that she hadn't been exactly truthful on her profile but promises to give Nick and Bridget a healthy baby. She reveals that the person she described on her profile was who she used to be and reminded herself of Bridget. She also tells him she wants to experience child birth but it would never happen for her, not with a man. This statement leads Nick to believe that she has problems with men in general and inquires as to what happened to her but she refuses to disclose any more information. Bridget and Aggie become friends Bridget and Aggie bond and become friends going to yoga classes together. They later meet Bridget's mom Brooke Forrester and Brooke notices how Aggie seems afraid of Nick and she later tells him that he needs to work on gaining her trust. After a day out with the Marones, Aggie freaks out when she returns home to find the door already open. It turns out it was just her cousin Whip there to fix her broken lights. Nick who had driven her home comes inside worried to find the lights still not on and sees Whip who soon after leaves. He immediately wondered what was going on and Aggie reluctantly admits that she & Whip are cousins. He demands to know her story knowing that whatever she is hiding was stressful and could cause harm to the baby. She finally decides to be honest with him and reveals that she had been date raped after leaving a bar with a photographer who was going to take head shots of her and doing tequila shots at an after party afterward. Her rape is revealed as being the root of her distrust and fear of men. Aggie assures Nick that she had all of her tests done and is physically clean but swears Nick to secrecy not wanting Bridget to know about her ordeal and worry. He agrees not to tell her and she thanks him feeling like a weight had been lifted off her shoulder and glad to have shared that information with someone. She and Nick start becoming friends. Nick tells Brooke about Aggie's dislike for men The next day in Nick's office Aggie overhears Nick disclosing her secret to Brooke. She confronts him wondering how he could have betrayed her trust. He assures her that he did not tell Bridget, but he does think she needs some help. Aggie then talks with Brooke about her ordeal as Brooke comforts her and gives her some advice on how to get on with her life after such a tragic ordeal. After their talk, Nick, Bridget and Stephanie Forrester come in offering Aggie the position as Stephanie's assistant at Jackie M Designs and she happily accepts the position. She later apologizes to Nick and tells him that she now trusts him and sees him differently as Brooke has helped her gain a new perspective. Bridget becomes a Tyrant Bridget becomes infuriated after learning that Nick and Aggie have gone from being friends to having an emotional affair and that she's been leaning on her husband telling her about her feelings, her rape and crying to him on a regular basis and that Nick has been hiding her past about behind her back. Bridget considers it a betrayal since he had done the same thing with her aunt Katie and had gotten her pregnant but due to the loss of the baby they were able to reconcile. Bridget starts to harass Aggie, angrily reminding her that Nick is her husband and starts to ruthlessly monitor her taking of the prenatal vitamins and sticking to her vegetarian schedule telling her once she has the baby she wants her to get the "hell out of their lives." Aggie loses the baby Bridget and Aggie get into an argument after Nick invites Aggie to dinner to make amends between the once friends and due to the argument Aggie falls down two of the stairs and collapses as Bridget commence to walk up the stairs. However, Bridget becomes concerned for the baby after seeing her on the floor and started to hysterically cry as Nick and her try to rush Aggie to the hospital. The baby dies and Bridget blames Nick The baby dies and Bridget blames Nick for the situation which led to the argument and runs to Owen and cries hysterically and cries and lights candles for her dead child. Owen comforts her and hugs her and he talks about how he wants kids also but Jackie doesn't want them. Bridget tells him she's going to leave him and Owen tells her she's just upset now and she needs to go back home and talk to Nick which she refuses to do. She ends up kissing him and they end up having sex. Aggie goes after Nick after discovering Bridget's affair Aggie is now trying to win over Nick after finding out that Bridget cheated on him with Owen Knight. She revealed to him that his wife cheated on him the day she (Aggie) lost the baby and she (Bridget) had sex with Owen, his step-father. Nick is angered & disgusted by this revelation. Aggie feels horrible for Nick. Nick leaves Bridget & becomes involved with Aggie Nick leaves Bridget telling her that he refuses to raise another man's child. Bridget then is given divorce papers to sign the next day and he calls and invites Aggie out for dinner on his boat the same day. The following evening she gets her wish and on July 21, 2010 they become intimate. In September 2010, Nick & Aggie confess their love for each other. Hidden Competition and Karma: Amber Moore her friend Aggie is thrilled when Nick fires Bridget, Owen and Jackie from Jackie M Designs and feels as though Nick is all her own. However, she's unaware her new friend Amber Moore, who Nick has chosen to be the new head designer and face of Jackie M, is making her move on Nick. To show her appreciation and comfort him in his sadness after firing Bridget, Amber gives Nick a deep and lingering kiss. She apologizes and tells him she just got carried away. Whip overhears her apology and warns her that if she hurts Aggie, she'll have him to deal with. I'll never forget a friend betrayed me Amber sends Aggie off on a fruitless mini-business trip and joins Nick in the steam room in only a towel. She attempts to seduce him but he rejects her advances. Amber attempts to seduce him again while in the office by making bold flirtatious gestures towards him which Aggie catches. After Nick leaves Aggie walks in and warns her to "Stay away from my man!" She also tells Amber she'll never forget her betrayal. No more Amber Aggie is relieved to learn that Nick fired Amber after finding out about her stealing designs from Forrester Creations that were in Oliver's possession & passing them off as her own. Aggie's warning to Whip: Don't mess with the Forresters When Aggie learns from Whip the problems he's having with what he feels is Ridge interfering with his marriage to Taylor, she warns him not to mess with Ridge & his family. Whip, however, doesn't listen &, determined to save his marriage, begins a vendetta against Ridge. Nick has cancer Nick discovers he has a possible lung infection that could lead to cancer and is aided by an unusual supporter, Stephanie Forrester. Stephanie and Jackie then team up to help Nick quit smoking & change his life not just for himself but for his son Jack too. Aggie also joins in helping Nick when she finds out about his illness. 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