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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) A conical measure is a type of laboratory glassware which consists of a conical cup with a notch on the top to allow for the easy pouring of liquids, and graduated markings on the side to allow easy and accurate measurement of volumes of liquid. They may be made of plastic, glass, or borosilicate glass. The use of the conical measure usually dictates its construction material. Plastic conical measures, commonly referred to as measuring cups are used by patients to measure liquid medicaments for oral administration. Glass and borosilicate conical measures are commonly used when compounding by the pharmacy profession. Conical measures are the most commonly used item of glassware used in the preparation of extemporaneous medicaments. They are not as precise as graduated cylinders for measuring liquids, but make up for this in terms of easy pouring and ability to mix solutions within the measure itself. History During his experiments, Abū al-Rayhān al-Bīrūnī (973-1048) invented the conical measure,[1] in order to find the ratio between the weight of a substance in air and the weight of water displaced, and to accurately measure the specific weights of the gemstones and their corresponding metals, which are very close to modern measurements.[2] References ^ Marshall Clagett (1961). The Science of Mechanics in the Middle Ages, p. 64. University of Wisconsin Press. ^ M. Rozhanskaya and I. S. Levinova, "Statics", in R. Rashed (1996), The Encyclopaedia of the History of Arabic Science, p. p. 614-642 [639], Routledge, London. (cf. Khwarizm, Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation.) v · d · eLaboratory equipment Glassware Beaker · Boston round (bottle) · Büchner funnel · Burette · Cold finger · Condenser · Conical measure · Cuvette · Dropping funnel · Eudiometer · Gas syringe · Graduated cylinder · Pipette · Petri dish · Pycnometer · Separatory funnel · Soxhlet extractor · Watch glass Flasks Büchner · Erlenmeyer · Fleaker · Florence · Retort · Round-bottom · Schlenk · Volumetric Tubes Boiling · Ignition · NMR · Test · Thiele · Thistle Other Agar plate · Aspirator · Autoclave · Biosafety cabinet · Bunsen burner · Calorimeter · Chemostat · Colony counter · Colorimeter · Laboratory centrifuge · Crucible · Eyewash · Fire blanket · Fume hood · Glove box · Homogenizer · Hot air oven · Incubator · Laminar flow cabinet · Magnetic stirrer · Meker-Fisher burner · Microscope · Microtiter plate · Picotiter plate · Plate reader · Retort stand · Safety shower · Spectrophotometer · Static mixer · Stir bar · Stirring rod · Scoopula · Teclu burner  · Thermometer · Vacuum dry box · Vortex mixer · Wash bottle See also Instruments used in medical laboratories